When Stars Collide (Light in the Dark Book 2)

By Micalea Smeltzer / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

When Stars Collide (Light in the Dark Book 2)

We were like two stars orbiting each other—dancing around the possibility that one day we might collide. When we finally did, we opened up a black hole, obliterating everything around us. No one would be the same.
Least of all, us.

Waking up in Vegas married to the guy of your dreams sounds like a good thing, right? Not when you’re Thea Montgomery and said guy is your brother’s best friend.

Thea and Xander have always avoided the connection between them because her brother would never approve. Now, they’re married— the strongest bond you can have as a couple—and they’re not even a real couple…unless they want to be.

Thea wants an annulment immediately, but Xander’s waited too long to see her become his and he won’t let her go easily.

If she wants a divorce, fine, but he wants the summer to convince her that he’s the one. If at the end of the summer she still wants to end their marriage he’ll sign the papers, but until then…

All is not fair in love and war.

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Dragon’s Guard: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Dragon Shifter’s Mates Book 1)

By Eva Chase / Genre: Horror

Dragon's Guard: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Dragon Shifter's Mates Book 1)

The last of her kind. Four hot alpha mates. A legacy of bloodshed.

When Ren Landis goes looking for excitement on her 21st birthday, getting kidnapped is a little more than she bargained for. So is finding out that shifters exist—and that she’s one too. As the last of the dragon shifters, she’s got a role to fulfill: Take the alphas of the four shifter groups as her mates and unite all shifter kind. No pressure, right?

Too bad Ren’s fate isn’t as simple as getting it on with four scorching-hot guys. Someone is out for dragon shifter blood, intent on finishing the massacre they started years ago. If Ren can’t figure out how to kickstart her buried powers, her life’s about to go down in flames.

*This steamy new reverse harem paranormal romance series is intended for readers 18+. Expect sexy situations, intense action, ongoing storylines, and a quartet of alluring wolf, bear, jaguar, and eagle alpha shifters you’ll wish you could make your mates.*

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The Three Brooches: Time Travel Romance (The Celtic Brooch Book 6)

By Katherine Lowry Logan / Genre: Time Travel, Romance

The Three Brooches: Time Travel Romance (The Celtic Brooch Book 6)

When Kit MacKlenna returned to her soul mate in the 19th century, Elliott Fraser thought he would never see his beloved goddaughter again.But when a message from Kit is discovered in a 135-year-old painting, Elliot must either ignore Kit’s request for help or test the Legend of the Three Brooches.Will the combined magic of the ruby, sapphire, and emerald open a door to the past, and who will volunteer for an experimental trip?David McBain volunteers to go, but he and Kenzie are expecting a baby.Braham McCabe volunteers to go, but he died in 1869.Kevin Allen volunteers to go, but he’s recovering from a recent gunshot.Jack Mallory volunteers to go, but he’s in the midst of planning an adventure back to 1909 to rescue Amy Spalding.Elliott Fraser volunteers to go, but everyone tells him it’s too dangerous and he can’t go by himself.So…Nine adults and five children recite the magic words and appear on Kit Montgomery’s doorstep at Montgomery Winery in 1881. Within a twelve-hour period, the travelers will be faced with decisions that could rip the clan apart. Hang on for a fast-paced time travel historical romance with mystery, suspense, and a bit of paranormal that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Cruz (Diablo’s Throne MMA Book 1)

By HJ Bellus / Genre: Sports

Cruz (Diablo's Throne MMA Book 1)

She hates fighting. He lives for it.

Layla’s vicious past drove her away from her hometown. She couldn’t live with all the reminders surrounding her—so she ran.

Cruz Felix found a new home, a place where he could get his head on straight, train, and fight match after match toward the end goal—the championship in Las Vegas. It’s the one thing in his life he wants more than anything, and it’s all in the name of his deceased father.

Until Layla returns home. Her dad owns the gym, and he’s the sole reason Cruz is fighting again.

The attraction is immediate, even though both of them are drowning in their own misery and secrets.

The thing about secrets is they always find a way out the darkness…and have the power to destroy.

Will their connection be worth fighting for?

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Oceanside (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances Book 3)

By Michelle Mankin / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Oceanside (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances Book 3)

Oscar night.
Rock star legend, Ashland Keys should be on top of the world, but the blond blue-eyed SoCal surfer is disillusioned with fame, done with drugs, bored with the groupies and sick of all the fake f*ckery.
A rising star, Fanny Bay is nominated for best original song in the same category as the Dirt Dogs band, but the novel redhead with the corkscrew curls and the slight Canadian accent would prefer to chart a course with a different destination.
Hollywood is not for her.
He’s full of regrets, darkness and secrets.
She’s full of hope and light and has mysteries of her own.
He’s her reserved hero.
She’s his gypsy rose.
He’s water. She’s fire. Together, they don’t make sense.
But he’s what she’s always wanted, and she just might be everything he needs.

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Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term (A Val Fremden Humorous Mystery Book 1)

By Margaret Lashley / Genre: Dark Comedy, Humor & Satire

Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term (A Val Fremden Humorous Mystery Book 1)

One crazy old lady. Two gin and tonics. Three derelict, beach-bum friends. Will Val’s fourth stab at starting over add up to a big fat zero?

Come along for the ride as Florida’s crazy-ometer spins off the charts!

St. Pete Beach attracts weirdos like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. After being raked over the coals in Europe, Val Fremden flies back to her old stomping grounds to find everyone and everything she knew squashed under the heels of change.

Seven years abroad has done a number on her finances, credit history, friends and social standing. Divorced, broke, and staring forty-five in its haggard face, Val’s got nothing left to go on but her own dry sense of humor and a pair of wobbly thighs.

Will the life coach advice of a beer-guzzling old lady she meets on the beach help Val find her way — or will it lead her even further astray?

Perpetually primed for disaster, starting over again won’t be easy for Val. But she soon discovers that in the world of the down and out, friends (and enemies) can come from very unexpected places….

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High School Boys (Plus: More His Kiss)

By Melanie Marks / Genre: Religious, Teen & Young Adult

High School Boys (Plus: More His Kiss)

This book includes the novel: HIGH SCHOOL BOYS (about Matt and Nicole). It also includes MORE HIS KISS (about Ally and Griffin).
Nicole and Matt have been best friends forever. Sure Nicole has always fantasized about being more than friends, but Matt goes through girlfriends like lightening. So, Nicole figures her heart is safer if they just stay buds. But then—gasp!—one night Matt kisses her. And it’s everything Nicole dreamed it would be—everything—hot, tender, perfect, everything … except now it seems their friendship is ruined. Nicole desperately wants things to go back to the way they were. But the kiss changed everything.

A romantic teen love story about a romantic teen couple–Ally and Griffin–and what happens when they first start dating. (Oh boy!!)
What has sweet Ally signed-up for dating the school bad-boy? A lot of romance and drama that she didn’t see coming, that’s what! But boy, his kiss makes it worth it!

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Uncommon Ground- Pleasant Hearts Christian Suspense Series-Book 1

By Joy Ohagwu / Genre: Christian, Contemporary Fiction

Uncommon Ground- Pleasant Hearts Christian Suspense Series-Book 1

Just. One. Day. Altered Stella’s family forever. 
Widowed and now single, Stella Heart juggled between managing her professional career and struggling to communicate with her teenage daughter, Sharon. Their common ground crumbled beneath their different beliefs about God. While Stella believed in God, her daughter didn’t. Sharon instead held strongly to what they taught her in school—until the day a disaster struck and the ground physically gave way—altering both their perspectives about each other, and more than one person’s resistance to God.
Stella’s concerns multiplied when she gets lost in search of Sharon. In the ensuing chaos, she runs into Michael, a Christian man with a mysterious past whom danger seemed to follow—and she wondered how many more unseen twists God trusted her her fragile heart to handle.
Can she trust Michael beyond what he appears to be hiding from her, or will her own fears cloud her judgement when extreme danger surfaces?———–
THE PLEASANT HEARTS Series unwraps the journeys of four orphaned Christian sisters, all in their thirties, and told they’ll never marry. To them, marriage did appear too distant as each struggled to build a career while single, and communication between the sisters was less than stellar. But when God stepped in, He showed that He could turn their struggles into triumphs—if they let Him. UNCOMMON GROUND , book 1 of The Pleasant Hearts Christian Suspense series, begins this exciting journey, focused on Stella, the eldest of the Hearts sisters.

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Savage Sourdough (Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 4)

By Mildred Abbott / Genre: Animals, Cozy, Mystery & Thrillers

Savage Sourdough (Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 4)

Opening the Cozy Corgi in Estes Park is a dream come true: small-town charm, fresh-baked bread, hours by the fire reading mysteries, and… murder. 
For Winifred Page and her devoted corgi, Watson, the puzzle pieces of life are falling into place as they settle into their home in the Colorado mountains. Surrounded by family and friends, Fred begins to relax into the charm and beauty of being the owner of a bookshop and bakery. 
The buzz of possible romance—though Fred wasn’t looking for a relationship—has quieted as one of her suitors is no longer a viable option while the other has moved into the friend zone. But all thoughts of romance, wanted or not, fly out the window when Fred finds a dead body in the Cozy Corgi bakery… again. 
Things get stickier when Fred’s main suspect turns out to be a family member of one of the local police officers—the one who already despises Fred and her little dog. Determined not to let past grievances cloud her judgment, Fred tips her detective hat and pokes deeper into the murder investigation. But in a mystery that becomes smoke and mirrors, nothing is as it seems. 
The revelations Fred unveils threaten not only her picture-perfect world but her very life….

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Murder is a Monkey’s Game: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

By Ruby Loren / Genre: Humor & Satire, British, World Literature

Murder is a Monkey's Game: Mystery (Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 3)

Falling from the sky is not a pleasant way to die.

Madi is horrified when she witnesses a strange, fatal paragliding incident. But when her private detective boyfriend, Lowell, arrives on the scene, he recognises the dead man right away.

Does someone know about Lowell’s dark past that he shared with the victim?

Who are the man and woman – who turn up in the village wearing suits and asking questions – really working for?

All of a sudden, Lowell is on the list of suspects for a crime where the only witness to murder is a monkey.

Pick up your copy of this mystery novel today, and see if you can crack the case before Madi does!

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Link’d Up (Dead Presidents MC Book 1)

By Harley Stone / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Link'd Up (Dead Presidents MC Book 1)

President Tyler “Link” Lincoln of the Dead Presidents MC, runs a club dedicated to helping military vets readjust to society. When his sergeant at arms is arrested for the attempted murder of a prominent Seattle figure, Link’s search for a lawyer brave enough to fight for justice leads him to an alluring defense attorney with a bleeding heart and a steel backbone.

This isn’t the first time Emily Stafford’s commitment to defending the falsely accused has put her in harm’s way. Smart, cautious, and independent, she knows how to defend herself. At least, she did until she joined forces with one sexy, overbearing, tattooed MC president.

Flames run hot as Link and Emily seek shelter in the club’s converted fire station, working against the clock to uncover the truth and save a somewhat innocent man.

Free as of 07/04/18 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Two Ways Home (Love that Counts Book 2)

By Sondra Kraak / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Two Ways Home (Love that Counts Book 2)

She’s about to lose her home. He never wanted to see his again. And a stalker is staking a claim . . .

Washington, 1892

Mary Smith was never one to back down from a challenge. Her father’s health may be failing, but their dairy farm was her mother’s dream, and Mary will do whatever it takes to keep her father from selling it—even if it means sneaking off to the next town to earn money by playing the piano in a questionable establishment. No one seems to understand why home is so important to her, least of all her childhood nemesis who’s just wandered back into town.

When injured Texas Ranger Luke Thomas is forced to return to Pine Creek, Washington, he’s hailed as a hero and thrust into the town’s first race for sheriff. But no one knows the secret he carried to Texas, nor the secret he’s brought home. Setting his perfect aim on returning south, he refuses to get tied down by the town’s admiration, his brother’s disapproval, or the spirited, hardworking dairy girl who’s less annoying than he remembers.

But strange things are happening at the Smith dairy and in Pine Creek, and Luke’s instincts tell him Mary is in far more trouble than she realizes. One thing is certain: “home” is about to get more complicated for them both.

Full of wit and romantic tension, this Christian historical love story sets forth the true meaning of coming home.

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Inferno (Dragons of Drake’s Crossing Book 1)

By Amelia Jade / Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Inferno (Dragons of Drake's Crossing Book 1)

Hollie Fowler has given up all hope of living a normal life when she returns to Drake’s Crossing. She lives for her job, operating a heavy duty borer, Big Betty. Hired to run a train line through the nearby mountains, she hopes to breathe life back into her hometown. What she doesn’t know, is she’s about to stumble upon an ancient beast, one who stirs up feelings she’s buried so deep even Big Betty couldn’t hope to reach them.

When dragon shifter Obsidian is awoken from a peaceful slumber, he’s determined to teach someone a lesson. So what if he’s been asleep for a few centuries too long, he’s a dragon, master of his own destiny. Until he sees her. Feisty and unafraid, this human holds his fate in her small but capable hands.

Sparks fly as Hollie and Obsidian clash. Drawn to each other, yet intensely independent, they must find a way to work together…because the dragon wasn’t the only thing buried under the mountain. Can Hollie work alongside the blunt dragon, from another time, and save the town from a dark danger that has awoken? Will she tame his brash, reckless nature? Or succumb to his unimaginable power, which makes her heart race, and her body pulse with an ancient need of its own.

This is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger and a HEA.

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Books for Kids: Grade School Super Hero: Kids Books, Children’s Books, Kids Stories, Kids Fantasy Books, Kids Free Stories, Kids Mystery Books, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6, 6-8, 9-12

By Justin Johnson / Genre: Intermediate Readers, Children’s eBooks

Books for Kids: Grade School Super Hero: Kids Books, Children's Books, Kids Stories, Kids Fantasy Books, Kids Free Stories, Kids Mystery Books, Series Books For Kids Ages 4-6, 6-8, 9-12

Ages 7—12 | Grade Levels: 2—6

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a super hero?

I’m JW, and I no longer have to ask myself that question…Because, you see, I am one. And I’ll tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you have super powers and all that jazz. But when you actually have to use them…it can get pretty scary.

This book is a fun filled fantasy adventure for kids of all ages and adults who are still secretly kids at heart!

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Gluten-Free Desserts: Quick and Easy Delicious Recipes

By Sophie Miller / Genre: Chocolate, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Gluten-Free Desserts: Quick and Easy Delicious Recipes

Gluten-free desserts can be made at home!

Reading this book you will find that going gluten-free is not as difficult as you might have once thought. Not only are there plenty of gluten-free food options available, but there are also plenty of gluten-free ingredients to choose from that make it easy for you to continue to enjoy your favorite treats.
You might not be able to pick up a box of cookies at your local bakery, but you can make some delicious gluten-free Christmas treats right in your own home.

In this book you will find a collection of gluten-free recipes for mouthwatering sweets including

  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Blondies
  • Lemon Squares
  • And many more… You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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