Sunshine & Whiskey

By R.L. Griffin / Genre: General Humor, Humor & Satire

Sunshine & Whiskey

Sometimes the best things in life come from the unexpected. So if you lower your expectations, then you’ll never be disappointed. Sound cheesy? It is, but it’s also true. Clichés come from a grain of truth…like a man with a Porsche is compensating for something, or once a cheater always a cheater—you get the idea. Sorry, I digress. I’m supposed to be telling you what this book is about.

I’m Megan Walker, a lawyer at one of the hottest boutique law firms in Atlanta. I’m on the fast track to making partner and have my entire life planned out…or I did.
We all know how that goes, right? Best laid plans and all that.
Life just threw me a couple curveballs, so I’ve set out to take things into my own hands. By throwing caution to the wind and getting out of my A-type personality bubble, I’m learning more about myself than I have in my twenty-seven years.
Sound like a chick flick, doesn’t it?
It’s not.

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The Long Black (The Black Chronicles Book 1)

By J. M. Anjewierden / Genre: Teen & Young Adult

The Long Black (The Black Chronicles Book 1)

Morgan always assumed that if she could survive growing up in the mines of Planet Hillman – feared for its brutal conditions and gravity twice that of Earth – she could survive anything.
That was before she became a starship mechanic. Now she has to contend with hostile bosses, faulty equipment, and even taking care of her friend’s little girl. Once pirates show up, it’s a wonder she can get any work done at all.

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Rachel and the Hired Gun (Men of Defiance Book 1)

By Elaine Levine / Genre: Historical Romance, Romance

Rachel and the Hired Gun (Men of Defiance Book 1)

When Rachel Douglas left her aunt’s house in Virginia for the wilds of the Dakota Territory, she knew the journey would be long and arduous. But she didn’t realize that she had been summoned west to be used as a pawn in a ranch war with her father’s neighbor–or that her fierce, sudden attraction to Sager, her father’s hired gun, would put her heart and her life in jeopardy.

Seducing Rachel and feeding a bitter feud between the two ranches was Sager’s plan of vengeance against those who slaughtered his Shoshone family. Instead, Rachel’s guileless mix of courage and vulnerability touches the conscience he thought he’d buried long ago, and draws them both into a passion without rules, without limits–one that will change their destinies forever. . .

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You Wreck Me (The Prospect Series Book 1)

By Glenna Maynard / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

You Wreck Me (The Prospect Series Book 1)

He’s an outlaw biker not prince charming…Wrecker
 The run was supposed to be a simple one. Pick up the girl and take her to the hideout until it was safe to return her home. There was one problem, she was my ex, the daughter of my club president. She hated me for what I did to her, but I still loved her and I intended on making her mine again. No matter what it costs me.  
 I had no choice but to call my father, Demon, president of the Blue Devils MC, when I realized someone was following me. I had walked away from him and his outlaw lifestyle five years ago along with the man who had wrecked my heart. When I looked up to see my protector on his motorcycle I wasn’t expecting it to be Wrecker. He was the last man I ever wanted to lay eyes on again. I had warned him if I ever saw him again I would shoot off his d*ck and I meant it. 

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Beloved by You: A Billionaire Second-Chance Romance

By Molly Sloan / Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction

Beloved by You: A Billionaire Second-Chance Romance

Andrew Atherton.
Flagrant playboy.
Heir to his family’s business.
Demanding jerk; or at least, he used to be.

When I walked out 10 years ago, he was partying next to supermodels – I never thought I’d see him again.

I travelled the world, fighting noble causes until I landed in Botswana to create a home for orphaned kids. Not sexy, but I’ve made a real difference.

I won’t lie, I totally missed his hypnotic eyes – deep kisses and his electric touch that would light me on fire for a good eight, maybe nine seconds, multiple times a night.

But I’ve moved on.

Until Andrew literally crashed back into my life.

I fought my feelings for him as long as I could, but I finally weakened and, Oh My God – that electric touch!

He says he’s changed; wants to help me, love me, never let me go.

That’s great…but our lives are on two different continents.
Most importantly, what will happen when he finds out I’m carrying his baby?

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Just Follow The Money (Hetta Coffey Series Book 9)

By Jinx Schwartz / Genre: Sea Adventures, Action & Adventure

Just Follow The Money (Hetta Coffey Series Book 9)

Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she’s not afraid to use it!

She’s been visiting France for a couple of months, barging on the Canal du Midi with her boyfriend, Jenks Jenkins She hit the hot spots in the South of France, ate great food, drank fine wine, and foiled a terrorist plot: all the usual stuff.

Now, she’s ready to leave for Mexico and back to her yacht in the Sea of Cortez, but not so fast! At the last minute she’s offered a mysterious and lucrative assignment by persons unknown, and jumps at it. After all, Jenks is back at work in Dubai, so why not stay in France a little longer and make some bucks, to boot? Never mind that she doesn’t know where she’ll be working, or for whom.

>>>Kidnapping on the Mediterranean

Ending up aboard a mega-yacht in the Mediterranean—with a surprising crew—she quickly finds herself embroiled in a kidnapping, and up to her neck in bad guys; the problem is, just who are the good guys?

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Gunslingers Don’t Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2)

By Wanda Ann Thomas / Genre: American, Historical Romance, Romance

Gunslingers Don't Die (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 2)

MAGGIE REED HAVEN, formerly known as Lady Lily, Female Bounty Hunter, once loved risk and adventure, but she has exchanged her reckless ways for a more stable life. Ready to begin her career as a teacher, she has the shock of her life when she discovers that the gunslinger she had foolishly married, and who she believed had promptly got himself killed in a shootout, is alive and well. The revelation presents an enormous, unavoidable problem—Boone Haven is the father of her three-year-old son. Determined to do right by her son and Boone she returns to Wyoming, where the wild allure of the West and the dark danger of the gunslinger tempt her to give up the new life she has created. Maggie finds herself torn between her tornado-like attraction for this deadly gorgeous man and her need for a safe, respectable future.

BOONE HAVEN hates his lonely life. But a man who makes his living as a hired gun, is bound to attract a passel of trouble. Hounded by outlaws, he can’t go home. But when Maggie, aka Lady Lily, explodes back into his life with his son and dog in tow, Boone has no good choices. If he stops running, he risks exposing his loved ones to danger. If he continues his wandering existence, his son might never know his father. And if he forgives Maggie, he risks falling under her powerful spell again.

Can the gunslinger escape his past, and learn to trust and love? What does the future hold for the teacher when she discovers…GUNSLINGERS DON’T DIE?

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Grave Danger: A Gripping Suspense Thriller (Rookie Club Book 4)

By Danielle Girard / Genre: LGBT

Grave Danger: A Gripping Suspense Thriller (Rookie Club Book 4)

When a San Francisco Police Department storage site is robbed, seventy-two guns go missing, setting off a wave of gun-related deaths in the city.Brought in to head up SFPD’s Computer Forensics Team, Mei Ling discovers something at the scene that doesn’t make sense—a hacking device.The police have no leads and no one can find the connection between the shooters.Convinced the device could be the key to the case, Mei begins to suspect that the burglary was only a distraction for the real motive.>>>“Mesmerizing.You will not want to put this book down!”When the bullets start flying through the window of her own home, Mei knows she’s on to something. Now it’s a race against time to identify the hacker.

Before she becomes the next victim sent to the grave.>>>Fans of Tess Gerritsen, Shari Lapena, JT Ellison, BA Paris and Paula Hawkins are going to love Danielle Girard.

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Crimson Tempest (Survival Wars Book 1)

By Anthony James / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

Crimson Tempest (Survival Wars Book 1)

Fifty-three years after it vanished, Earth’s only Super-Devastator warship, the ESS Crimson sends out a distress signal…

Humanity is fighting against an implacable foe. The Ghasts – a ruthless alien race – seem hell-bent on wiping out mankind. They have a vast warfleet and their technology is advancing at a terrible rate.

Captain John Nathan Duggan and his crew are given a mission – find the missing ESS Crimson and bring it home. Little does Duggan realise, this is no ordinary mission. As he struggles against enemies both within and without, he desperately tries to unlock the mystery surrounding the Crimson’s disappearance and the unknown weapons it carries. He soon discovers the missing warship might be the only hope for salvation that mankind has left.

When everything is veiled in secrecy nothing is easy, as Duggan is about to find out.

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Wifed Up By The Plug

By Traniqua Francis / Genre: Urban

Wifed Up By The Plug

Real love is the source of true happiness but in a world full of fakes, it’s not always easy to find someone real.   

Having loved and lost, Amina has dealt with enough no-good men to convince her that love is just not in the picture for her. It’s not until one deadly, unexpected, life-changing night leads her to meet a man by the name of Benz. Although he’s known as the man with no heart who has never considered love, Amina stops at nothing to be the woman to prove that Benz is capable of love. The problem is… she has no idea what awaits her once she’s wifed up by the plug. 

Benz has all the major cities in Texas on lock. Nothing moves without his say so. He always keeps a low profile and, when someone had the chance to meet him, they are most likely about to take their last breath. The power and respect that he possesses was acquired very early in his life, and he was taught that you can’t have a heart while in the game because love will get you killed. But when Amina charges into his life unexpectedly, it takes him by surprise and forces him to make the biggest decision he’s ever had to in his life. When the streets come calling, will he regret breaking the one rule he was raised to uphold?

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A is for Alpha (Homefront: Aloha, Sheridans Book 1)

By Kate Aster / Genre: Military, Romance

A is for Alpha (Homefront: Aloha, Sheridans Book 1)

Who put the “O” in Aloha? 

Yeah, that’s me.  Camden Sheridan.

A guy who will bring you to “O” faster than you can text it.

Former Army Ranger with the standard issue 8-pack.

And now, a bartender who’ll get you safely back to your hotel after too many margaritas… and you won’t want me to leave.

Believe me, you won’t.

I live life by my rules in my bachelor pad paradise here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Until a Ranger brother needs me to take care of his little girl while he deploys.

A four-year-old cockblock in pigtails.

My sex life comes to a screeching halt.

Then the babysitter shows up.


Smart, principled, good with kids. All the things I don’t look for in a woman.

I want her anyway.

Annie’s got a fortress of secrets surrounding her. But I’ll break it down and claim her as mine.

If this kid will just take a nap.

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Grumpy Dinosaur: (Childrens books about Anger, toddler, kids books, ages 3 5, dinosaurs) (Emotions & Feelings Book 2)

By Michael Gordon / Genre: Dinosaurs, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Grumpy Dinosaur: (Childrens books about Anger, toddler, kids books,  ages 3 5, dinosaurs) (Emotions & Feelings Book 2)

A little Dinosaur gets annoyed easily, sometimes for no reason at all!
Simple rhymes, cute characters in adorable settings, and sweet, comforting addition to your child’s nighttime routine.

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing kids book:

“This is really helpful for toddler. My 2 year old son is having some real issues with anger. ” — Kate

“The dinosaur story is so good. It has a perfect lesson for kids” — Josh

“This is a really sweet childrens book. It’s perfect for ages 3 to 5. My kids can really relate to the little Dinosaur ” — Amy

Boy has a friend Dinosaur. Dinosaurs represent all the kids: when they want something, they go out and get it.
Let’s be honest the Dino is having an ugly tantrum. Dinosaur battles against his friends, food and even grown-ups.

Warning: Cuteness Overload!
This book contains colorful dinosaur illustrations. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes.

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Meal Prep: Meal Prep For Beginners

By Matt Andriano / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Meal Prep: Meal Prep For Beginners

Meal preparation, sometimes called “meal prep,” is the process of planning and preparing meals. Most people will do meal preparation on Sunday, but there is an increasing trend of mid-week meal preparation, where meals are prepared once on Sunday, for Mon-Wed, then again on Wednesday for the rest of the week. If one is meal prepping with highly perishable items such as leafy greens, one may want to consider a mid-week meal prep routine.

You’ll learn about these topics, plus a whole lot more! Your nutrition cannot wait any longer. Get your copy right now!

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