Dirty Hearts: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 1)

By Khardine Gray / Genre: Anthologies, Romance

Dirty Hearts: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 1)

Be prepared to take a walk on the dark side.


Rule #1 of being mafia boss- Trust no one.
Rule # 2- Keep your friends and enemies damn close. In the underground world, friends and enemies could be the same thing. Don’t let them know who you love…

My story started out with a guy who liked a girl.
She looked like an angel to him.
I was the guy, Ava the angel.
But… my life turned into this world where I got married to her twin sister and Ava hated me.
Then I got caught in a game with the devil I didn’t want to play.
My enemies used my weaknesses against me, and killed my wife.
Ava could have died too so I stayed away.
The universe, however, had other ideas and threw her right back in my path.
An angel like her didn’t belong in the dark world of a Mafia boss.
I know that, except, I’m selfish.
I should leave her alone, but I can’t.
The problem is …history is repeating itself, and there’s an enemy in my circle.
It’s the same game as before and this time losing could get her killed.


Avoid him…
That was the most sensible thing to do.
Ten years ago, when I first met Claudius, I knew he was trouble.
He’d made me love’s fool and broke my heart in so many ways when he married my sister.
So, what was I doing running back into the arms of a man I shouldn’t be with?
Coincidence reunited us, but my heart did the rest.
My heart stifled the voice inside that told me to run away.
My heart made me selfish…
I wanted him for myself.
I knew I shouldn’t be with him, but I couldn’t leave him alone.
That very thing could be my downfall.

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Bound by Blood (Cauld Ane Series Book 1)

By Piper Davenport / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Bound by Blood (Cauld Ane Series Book 1)

Dr. Samantha Moore is one of the youngest and most acclaimed researchers in the world. Her specialty is blood and she has been recruited by the largest pharmaceutical company in Scotland. For what purpose she cannot begin to imagine, but in an attempt to break out of her painfully shy shell, she throws caution to the wind and leaves her family and best friend behind in Savannah.

Dr. Kade Gunnach is taking a chance hiring an outsider, but he’s desperate to find out how to help his sister. He believes the key lies in her blood, but so far, no one has found the answers. When the new researcher walks into his office, he’s unprepared for his reaction to her and the life-changing ramifications her arrival brings. They’re drawn together by a force neither is prepared for, but Kade is holding something back. Something that could scare her away.

When Samantha learns his secret, will she run?

Will Kade be able to live with the answers he’s been desperately searching for?

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By Serenity Woods / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction


You get what you pay for…

It’s my thirtieth birthday. It’s also Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure which one sucks most.

My best friend, Sarah, begged me to go out with her and her husband for dinner, but I’m not in the mood for celebration. I’ve worked hard all day, run for an hour, and now I plan to spend the evening alone playing video games and eating a whole tub of cookie dough ice cream.

But when I get home, I discover a man sitting on the carpet in the corridor outside my penthouse apartment.

He’s tall, gorgeous, wearing an expensive suit, and carrying the biggest bouquet of red roses I’ve ever seen.

He also has a huge red bow tied around his waist.

“I’m from Casanovas,” he says.

Hmm. That sounds vaguely familiar…

He gestures at the bow, and his smile turns mischievous. “Sarah says Happy Birthday.”

Oh. My. God.

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Beautifully Undone (The Beaumont Brothers Book 3)

By Susan Griscom / Genre: Family Life

Beautifully Undone (The Beaumont Brothers Book 3)

He was broken.

Full of hate and sorrow.

Asher Beaumont never asked for much in life. All he wanted was to play his guitar, write music, and be recognized and loved by his father. Unfortunately, that last desire was never realized. The bastard died when Asher was just a kid. Then thirteen years later, his mother dies of a brain tumor, shattering him even more and leaving him hating everyone around him, except for his two best friends, Melody Stevens and her brother, Teddy.

Melody Stevens has crushed on her best friend, Asher Beaumont her entire life. But it’s always been a secret passion. Never something she’d act upon. But when she tells Asher she’s prepared—and determined—to lose her virginity to a guy he considers to be nothing more than a cad who sleeps with anything that wears a skirt, her best friend offers her a proposition she can’t really refuse.

When Asher stumbles across a letter left by his mother before her death, begging him to seek out his half-brothers, he and Melody begin a journey of discovery. Their travels lead them to the two brothers he has spent his life despising because they had the life he always wanted. While on their trip, they discover a miracle they never, ever considered.

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Something I Am Not

By Cher Gatto / Genre: Orphans & Foster Homes, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

Something I Am Not

A father who never loved him…
A woman who stole his worth…
And a brother he couldn’t protect.
Where does someone run in the face of his deepest shame?

Billy McQueen works hard to keep his life together … and concealed. At seventeen, he dreams of an escape from the barroom, his father’s manipulation, and the advances of his father’s girlfriend. However, on his eighteenth birthday, Billy is introduced to a younger brother he never knew he had. An eight-year-old who is barely capable of navigating the corrupt world of his father’s boxing club.

In order to secure his freedom, Billy must fight for it. To save his little brother who is next in line for the slave trade … he must die for it.

SOMETHING I AM NOT is for anyone who has ever questioned who he is, why he is here, and whether the world would be a better place without him.

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Unnatural (Enlightenment)

By Joanna Chambers / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

Unnatural (Enlightenment)

Captain Iain Sinclair has looks, charm, military honours—even the favour of the king himself. He has everything—everything, that is, except the friendship of the one man whose good opinion he has ever cared for, scientist, James Hart.

James has loved Iain all his life, but after the last disastrous encounter between them, he vowed to accept no more crumbs from Iain’s table. If Iain cannot be the lover James wants, then James will have no more to do with him.

Disenchanted with his career, and miserable without James in his life, Iain decides to leave military service and embark upon a new career in India. Before he leaves England behind, though, he is determined to try one last time to reconcile with his dearest friend.

An invitation to a country house party from James’s sister provides the perfect opportunity to pin James down and force him to finally listen to Iain’s apology. But when Iain discovers that an apology is not enough—that James is not willing settle for less than a lover—he is forced to reconsider everything: his life, his future career, and most of all, his feelings for James.

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May You Be Blessed with Failure

By Mark Restaino / Genre: Christian, Religious Fiction, Children’s eBooks

May You Be Blessed with Failure

Why would parents want their children to fail?No matter how much we try, we can’t protect our children from every negative experience. So instead of shielding them from difficulties, we should be instilling in our children the wisdom to turn to God whenever they experience life’s trials.
This children’s book, written by youth minister, Mark Restaino, contains a lineup of backward blessings paired with cute illustrations that show how God works in our suffering.
Read this book while simultaneously praying these blessings over your children.May this story put a smile on your face and be a blessing to you, your family, and your church community. 

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Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners 2019-2020: The Ultimate Instant Pot Recipe Challenge| 800 Healthy and Delicious Recipes| 1000 Day Easy Meal Plan

By Jessica Howell / Genre: Essays & Writings, Baseball, Sports & Outdoors

Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners 2019-2020: The Ultimate Instant Pot Recipe Challenge| 800 Healthy and Delicious Recipes| 1000 Day Easy Meal Plan

★ Discover Instant Pot Cookbook filled with tasty and easy recipes for every day! ★With the Instant Pot, you can whip up your favorite comfort foods without breaking a sweat. With this nifty kitchen device, you will be able to prepare delicious meals any time of the day. Studies have shown that people who are actively cooking their own meals are more aware of what goes into their food thus they make healthy choices. As a result, diseases such as obesity and diabetes can be avoided.
Whether you are new to pressure cooking or a seasoned cook, you will enjoy making these flavourful recipes for your family. These easy recipes are just some of our family favourites and we hope they will be yours too.The book consists of 800+ delicious recipes that are so easy to make, specially picked out to help you master the instant pot from your very first meal. The ingredients are well listed. Each accompanied by a foolproof instruction to help you make amazing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without breaking a sweat.
The Cookbook includes recipes for:

  • Mouthwatering Breakfast Recipes
  • Delicious Egg Recipes
  • Stocks and Sauces Recipes
  • Seafood Recipes
  • Beef Recipes
  • Desserts Recipes
  • More and more

All recipes include:

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Ingredient list
  • Cook/Prep Time

Do not waste Your time looking for other options and grab Your copy today!

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