The Captain’s Confidant: A Regency Romance (Larkhall Letters Book 2)

By Ashtyn Newbold / Genre: Regency, Romance
The Captain's Confidant: A Regency Romance (Larkhall Letters Book 2)

An accidental letter, a long-lost love, and a slew of secrets.

For as long as Bridget Northcott can remember, she has loved her brother’s closest friend, Colin Foster. She loved him long before he grew up, became Captain Foster, and long before he left her behind for a life at sea. Although she knows her feelings will never be returned, Bridget cannot help but turn away every suitor in the hopes that one day Colin will come back to Larkhall and see her for what she has grown up to be—refined, elegant, and the precise opposite of the silly girl he once knew.

When family circumstances bring Colin’s unexpected return, he too has changed. Once carefree, he is now cold, hard, and distant. Determined to unravel the mysteries of Captain Foster, Bridget writes her thoughts in a note, one she never meant to send. As a hesitant friendship grows between them through their letters, Bridget determines to keep her heart uninvolved. But when her facade begins to break, she realizes the childhood silliness she abandoned might just be precisely what is needed to pull him back to shore.

Faced with a choice between loyalty and selfishness, love and letting go, Bridget must find the strength to confide her own feelings in Captain Foster before the man she loved is lost forever. But there is only so much she can do when she discovers a match between them is what she has always feared—forbidden.

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Hopeless Romantic: (McCabe Brothers Book 1)

By Julie Capulet / Genre: Sports, Romance
Hopeless Romantic: (McCabe Brothers Book 1)

When he falls, he falls hard.
Millie Baylin just moved to a new city to start college. Introverted and studious, she plans on spending most of her time holed up in the library working on her novel and keeping to herself. But when she gets dragged along to a school football game by her fun, football-mad new roommate, the hot alpha quarterback almost drops the ball at his very first sight of her.

Bo McCabe is saving himself. A hopeless romantic at heart, he’s holding out for the real thing. As soon as he lays eyes on the shy stranger with the striking gray eyes and the angel’s face, he’ll stop at nothing to find out if she’s the one he’s been waiting for all along. Millie thinks Bo’s insta-obsession is insanity and wants nothing to do with him. But Bo is determined. Because, somehow, Millie has already stolen his heart … and he is now utterly obsessed with winning hers.

Can Bo convince Millie he’s the man of her dreams?

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When We Talk

By Carrie Crafton / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
When We Talk

Lucy was born and bred in Chicago. She lives and breathes it. So when her husband, Joel, convinces her to move back to his home in Michigan, she doesn’t realize what she’s agreeing to. As her daughter starts kindergarten, Lucy’s world should be opening up. Instead she finds herself floundering. Small-town life with fewer opportunities and exclusive friendships is hard to navigate. And a mother-in-law who seems to judge her every move doesn’t help. Self-doubt creeps in and Lucy begins to question her own abilities as well as her marriage.
But just as her confidence seems to be deserting her, some unlikely acquaintances come her way.
When We Talk is a story of friendship. It’s about what happens when you take the time to see beyond initial appearances and take a chance at something more.

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Set: Gods of the Duat (Book 1): A Paranormal Egyptian Gods Romance (The Gods Universe 8)

By Alessa Thorn / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales, Literature & Fiction
Set: Gods of the Duat (Book 1): A Paranormal Egyptian Gods Romance (The Gods Universe 8)

Set thinks it’s going to be another boring day in Egypt when he’s asked to protect his boss’s secret daughter. Then he sees Doctor Ayla Neilos in the flesh and the god inside of him wakes for the first time in centuries.

Before he was known as a god of war, Set had been a god of protection, and he isn’t going to let anything happen to Ayla, no matter the cost.

As a doctor used to working in war zones, Ayla thought she would be prepared for the worst kind of conflict. That is until she’s kidnapped and then saved by a massive mercenary determined to keep her safe.

Not only does Ayla learn her father isn’t dead, but she’s also being baby sat by a god of war. A god who isn’t exactly acting like the villain that the stories have made him out to be.

Trying to hide from bounty hunters is hard enough, but neither Ayla or Set is going to be prepared for what they awaken in each other. With half of Egypt wanting them dead, they will both pay the ultimate price to keep each other safe.

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The King’s Commander (Kingdoms of Meria Book 1)

By Cecelia M / Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction
The King's Commander (Kingdoms of Meria Book 1)

He cared only for duty—until he met the one woman who could claim his heart.

My mission is clear.

I’m to go to Murwood End, the land of the Voyagers, to retrieve the king’s secret son. With the heir dead, it’s our only hope for saving our kingdom from those who would destroy us.

But complications arise from the start. No one knows when the king’s son will return from his latest mission, or at least no one will say. And his closest friend—a woman, a Garra—seems to loathe me on sight. A further complication: I’m completely captivated by her. In Meria, Garra practice their healing arts in secret, but there’s nothing covert about this bold, beautiful woman.

In the beginning, I tell myself I’m only pursuing Aedre Lorenson for her connection to the king’s son, but I know it for a lie. She has awakened something in me, and I’m torn between doing my duty as the king’s commander and following my heart.

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Barbie & Benz: A Thug Love Story

By Princess Diamond / Genre: Urban, Genre Fiction
Barbie & Benz: A Thug Love Story

A Thug

A Virgin

A Drunken Night Together

Barbie Bennett is a young, stunning, ex model turned real estate mogul. She had everything going for her except for one thing. Her love life sucks. Secretly, she is in love with her best friend Benz. She had been in love with him since forever. The problem was she never told him because Benz was a certified bad boy who loved the ladies. He avoided commitment like the plague. Although, deep down inside, Barbie felt like Benz hasn’t settled down because none of the women that he dated were right for him. None of them were her.

Brysen “Benz” Sorensen has always liked the fast life. Fast money, fast cars, street dealings, and multiple women. He went from dope boy to the leader of one of the most notorious crews in Chicago. They served a quality product and flipped a lot of money. Life for Benz was sweet. He was fine, single, and rich with no kids.

What could go possibly go wrong?

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The Billionaire’s Mistress

By N’Dia Rae / Genre: Urban, Genre Fiction
The Billionaire's Mistress

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — except for the secret baby created by Sapphire and Blaise after one passionate night.

When Sapphire, a budding upscale swimsuit designer, discovers she is pregnant from a one-night stand with billionaire Blaise, her world becomes undone.

With no knowledge of who he really is and where he lives, she is resigned to raise her ailing son alone. Born with a heart defect, her family turns on her, leaving her to bare the brunt of her decisions all on her own.

Years later, Sapphire is working hard to maintain her son’s health and her mental sanity. When her sister goes missing and she loses her job at a boutique, she is forced to work at Crown, a high-end gentlemen’s club. Which is the last place her sister was seen.

Thrusted into a new world, she meets many new people including her child’s father who has a closet of secrets all on his own. Secrets that could harm her if they were ever revealed.

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Hot Target (The Echo Platoon Series, Book 4)

By Marliss Melton / Genre: Military, Romance
Hot Target (The Echo Platoon Series, Book 4)

Private Investigator Teams with Navy SEAL to Track Spy’s Murderer in Hot Target a Romantic Suspense by Marliss Melton

–Northern Virginia, Present Day–

A cruise-ship romance with Navy SEAL Tristan Halliday was one thing, but now he’s back, wanting more. His can-do attitude—and mouth-watering sex appeal—make him hard to resist, and she could use his special skills to hunt down her parents’ murderer. But Private Investigator Juliet Rhodes prefers being single, and working alone.

Unfazed by Juliet’s bristling independence, Tristan helps her scour San Francisco’s art district, finding and confronting top suspects. The deeper they dig, the greater the danger, and just as they close in on their target, Juliet slips through his fingers, leaving her vulnerable to the killer’s revenge.

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The Countess Invention (Lords and Undefeated Ladies Book 2)

By Judith Lynne / Genre: Regency, Romance
The Countess Invention (Lords and Undefeated Ladies Book 2)

She needs a man’s help to protect her secret identity.
She doesn’t need to fall in love.
Can he help without drawing her into his own tangled web?

London inventor Mr. Cullen is actually Miss Cassandra Cullen, happy hiding behind her letters. When some new customers want to meet face to face, she has to trust Dr. Burke, her favorite correspondent, to help keep her secrets.

Trusting Oliver Burke might not be entirely wise. Dr. Burke occupies himself with women and gin, trying to forget his soul-crushing family and the nightmares of the war. He’d rather distance himself from polite society as much as possible.

One too many indiscretions, and Cass’ father insists: Marry. Now. Nothing less than an earl will do. He doesn’t realize his mostly deaf daughter will turn for help to the one man she thinks she knows.

Can a woman who’s given up on love and a man who’s given up on hope find a future together?

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Make your own Mini Top Hats: Plus 8 Mini Top Hat templates (Happythought Crafts Book 1)

By Ellen Deaki / Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home, One hour (33-43 pages), Kindle Short Reads
Make your own Mini Top Hats: Plus 8 Mini Top Hat templates (Happythought Crafts Book 1)

8 fantastic paper craft creations for you to make and wear. Templates included at the back of your book – A classic black top hat, a Steampunk top hat, a Burlesque number, a Circus ring master’s hat, a lucky St Patrick’s day hat, a Valentine’s day hat and a spooky Bug Halloween hat.

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A Sibling, a Friend for Life!: Siblings’ bond recipe

By Mirette N Hanna / Genre: New Baby, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life
A Sibling, a Friend for Life!: Siblings' bond recipe

“A Sibling, A Friend for Life” isn’t only a heartwarming story, but also a parenting tool that promotes siblings’ bonding.
A sweet story that prepares the firstborn “Gio” for having a baby sister “Zita”.
Perfect for children age 2 to 8, however, it is valuable for all ages – adults too.
The sweet story helps prepare both, the firstborn and the parents/caregivers, to adjust smoothly and embrace the changes that happens when a new member joins the family in a loving healthy way. It is highlighting the ups of having a sibling, and navigates through the bumps that might face the family in a humorous way & shows how Gio & his family handled it.
The book is a conversation opener! It encourages the children to express their feelings & thoughts to their parents/caregivers. It also gives the parents/caregivers the opportunity to understand the firstborn’s perspective and explain anything that needs clarification, all while enjoying a sweet series of events accompanied with some giggles.

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Single Sweets: Delicious, Allergen-Free, Microwave Desserts

By Kristin Osika / Genre: Microwave Cookery, Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Single Sweets: Delicious, Allergen-Free, Microwave Desserts

What if, in less than ten minutes, you could bake a delicious, allergen-free dessert for one?

Single Sweets makes this dream a reality by bringing you the joy of single-sized, allergen-free baking without the hassle of hours in the kitchen.

Using just a few, well-known ingredients, Single Sweets advocates easy, simple baking. You won’t see any complicated cooking tactics, or obscure, hard-to-find ingredients. With a tablespoon of this, a pinch of that, and several seconds in the microwave, your dessert is ready. That’s it!

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