Rock Revenge: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Rock Revenge Trilogy Book 1)

By Cari Quinn / Genre: Collections & Anthologies, Romance

Rock Revenge: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Rock Revenge Trilogy Book 1)

A stranger with my face. My voice. My name.

Simon Kagan is on tour overseas with his band Oblivion when he sees his mirror image singing on a TV talent competition.

A man who’s trying to capitalize on his fame and everything he’s built.

Not if Simon has anything to say about it. But first, he has to find the bastard…

Too many secrets.

Margo Kagan is hiding one of her own. And the timing couldn’t be worse, since no one knows why Simon’s supposed brother picked now to show up.

Family reunion? Or something far more sinister…

A debt repaid.

Ian Kagan is sick of living in the shadows. The dirty secret. The time has come for him to take his place in the limelight, and he’ll do whatever it takes to end up where he rightfully belongs. Stardom was never part of the unholy agreement he made, but he won’t back down now.

No matter who gets hurt.

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Child of Water: A Lunar Medallion Short

By Lela Grayce / Genre: Mythology, Mythology & Folk Tales

Child of Water: A Lunar Medallion Short

Soon a day would come when light would overtake the dark. All it takes is a spark.

Elara Rivers is broken.

With each whispered threat and hidden abuse, she shatters just a little bit more. Breaking the heart of Kadence Falls University’s resident heartthrob has made her public enemy number one. Too bad nobody seems to care that he was breaking her, in more ways than one.

She seeks refuge at Kadence Falls. A place of myth and wonder. A place which filled her father’s bedtime stories. The stories of far off worlds shrouded by moonlight always thrilled her. But Elara is about to learn that sometimes stories are more than legend. Life isn’t as it seems, because one thing her father always told her remains true.

Water never lies.

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A Pinch of Salt (Three Sisters Catering Book 1)

By Bethany Lopez / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

A Pinch of Salt (Three Sisters Catering Book 1)

For the past year, talented chef Millie has been consumed with running her new catering business with her sisters, Dru and Tasha. It isn’t until Jackson walks through their door that she realizes something may be missing in the recipe of her life.

For the past year, Jackson has been dealing with the fallout of his wife’s abandonment. He’s had to learn how to be a single father to their eight-year-old daughter, and will do anything to fill the void her mother left. It isn’t until he commissions Millie for his daughter’s birthday party that he realizes he’s forgotten that he’s not only a father, but a man.

They both think they’re content in their lives, but sometimes the right amount of spice can turn an okay dish into a magnificent one. A Pinch of Salt may be all that’s needed to bring Millie and Jackson the flavor they’ve been missing.

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Wren’s Nest (The Phoenix Connection Book 1)

By Deanne Durrett / Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Christian Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles, Religion & Spirituality

Wren's Nest (The Phoenix Connection Book 1)

During a late-night thunderstorm, Joe Chandler open his cottage door to a young man hovering over his sister. They’re drenched and shivering, and she’s in labor. Joe, a retired cop, assists the birth. As the newborn gasps his first breath, Joe vows to protect the child and his mother from whatever drove them to his door.

Joe soon learns that Sherman promised to protect his sister while her husband is deployed. Now, they’re on the run after a surrogate mother disappeared and an unscrupulous lawyer altered his files to name Loren (Wren) as the surrogate. A ruthless gangster with hired thugs is in pursuit of the child he mistakenly believes to be his grandson. While Joe and his team of retired cops guard Loren and her baby, Sherman teams up with Blake Adams (the Phoenix Connection) to intercept the hired thugs as they follow a trail that leads straight to Joe’s cottage (Wren’s nest).

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Bound to You (At Your Service Book 1)

By Shawntelle Madison / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Bound to You (At Your Service Book 1)

You want it, you got it…

Whether it’s tickets for special events or reservations for hotels and restaurants, Sophie Ashton is a networking ninja. As a personal concierge for the rich and elite, she has very little personal time and no desire for romance, but she always time for sex—except at work. A lesson she learned the hard way. But when she meets her new client, a sexy-as-hell CEO, she knows she’s in trouble. Worse, she knows she’ll like it.

Xavier Quinn needs Sophie. Her skills as a concierge make her the only person with enough finesse and connections to help him win a coveted contract. The problem is the attraction between them is too strong to fight. Mixing work and play never ends well, but what’s a little risk when the rewards are so delicious? Flipping caution the bird, Xavier convinces Sophie to surrender to their erotic desires, but the stakes have never been higher.

Pleasing a billionaire client like Xavier could change the game for Sophie, but if she loses the contract, her reputation might not be the only thing broken.

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Last Breath (Sam Archer Book 8)

By Tom Barber / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Last Breath (Sam Archer Book 8)

When is violence necessary?

A Federal manhunt is underway across the United States. A sniper has killed three people in three different cities during the last seventy two hours and he’s gone to ground somewhere in Washington D.C. No-one can find him, and riots have erupted on the streets in response to the shootings.

The lead suspect is a police officer.

As the search for the cop intensifies, the violence engulfing the U.S capital means nowhere and no-one is safe, especially the police, who are being targeted by rioters and gangs are making the most of the opportunity and taking over the streets. With the killer on the loose, individuals are taking the law into their own hands. A fourteen year old boy moves through the riot zone, determined to find the killer. A reporter tries to make her way into the city despite the rioting, wanting to get to the suspect before anyone else.

And NYPD Detective Sam Archer arrives in the city visiting family.

Or so it would appear.

In the eighth instalment of the Sam Archer thriller series, the young NYPD cop finds himself drawn into a situation far beyond his control, in a city being torn apart by rioting and violence. Forced to fight or die and to protect others in danger on the streets, his focus is reduced to the absolute, most basic human instinct: survive.

And as long as Archer has breath in his lungs, he can still fight back.
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A Royal (Fake) Engagement (Second Chance Fairy Tale Book 3)

By Julia Keanini / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

A Royal (Fake) Engagement (Second Chance Fairy Tale Book 3)

A warrior mom, a prince in disguise, and the fake engagement that will protect them both…But what will protect their hearts when real feelings emerge? 

Callie Rodriguez will do anything to keep her daughter safe, including paying her soon-to-be ex-husband an enormous sum of money to keep him and his unsavory friends away. But when Callie’s ability to pay that money is threatened, she is desperate for a solution. 

Channing Turner, aka Prince Chandler Torre, has been living a double-life as a typical citizen of the United States. But his jig is up. Channing’s royal mother is calling him home to Litiana just in time to strut him in front of all the princess wannabes and their title-scheming mothers at his brother’s wedding. To keep that distasteful scenario from happening, Channing tells his mother he’s engaged to his friend Callie. The only problem? Callie has no idea. 

Channing has the money to make Callie’s problem disappear and Callie is the only one who can save Channing from the royal rumble that will ensue if Channing comes home as a single, eligible prince. Their solution seems simple … a temporary pretend engagement … until the lines between fictitious and real in their royal fake engagement become blurred. Is the idea of a happily ever after just as make-believe as their engagement? 

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Ben’s Adventures: A Day at the Beach

By Elizabeth Gerlach / Genre: Imagination & Play, Children’s eBooks

Ben's Adventures: A Day at the Beach

Join Ben on this uplifting & fun adventure to the beach with his family. He builds sand castles, flies with kites and plays with crabs. Doing all the fun beachy things kids like to do!

Ben’s Adventures is a sweet story about a young boy who LOVES adventures. He enjoys the sun on his face and the wind in his hair. And he has cerebral palsy. But he doesn’t let that define him. He can dream, he can play, and he can interact and have meaningful experiences.

In this first book, he shows that he is just a kid who likes to do normal kid things. It’s a simple book that will introduce disability to young children and show that everyone can be a friend.

Ben’s Adventures was inspired by the author’s son Benjamin who had cerebral palsy. In writing it, Gerlach wanted to show that all kids are capable and able to do great (or even simple) things. She understands that some may be nervous around disability, but that’s OKAY. She just hopes this book can begin to break the barriers and show that kids are just kids.

It’s ideal for kids ages two through eight, has beautiful illustrations and offers an important message for both special needs and typical families.

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The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Delicious Low Fat Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet (Free Gift): Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss (Souping Diet Detox and Cleanse Book 1)

By Alissa Noel Grey / Genre: Soups & Stews, Meals, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Delicious Low Fat Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet (Free Gift): Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss (Souping Diet Detox and Cleanse Book 1)

From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, busy mom and fitness enthusiast Alissa Noel Grey, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make family soup recipes that will make you healthier, happier and more energetic than ever.
This time she offers us her comforting and enjoyable everyday soups inspired by the Mediterranean diet and full of your favorite vegetables, meats and legumes that are simple and easy to cook whether you need a quick weeknight supper or a delicious weekend dinner.
The Everyday Soup Cookbook: Delicious Low Fat Soup Recipes Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet is an invaluable and delicious collection of healthy soup recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.
If you’re looking for delicious everyday soup recipes that are not too complicated and are budget-friendly – this cookbook is for you.

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