Cyclone: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone

By Janie Crouch / Genre: Medical

Cyclone: A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone

“One rule,” he said against her lips.

“Anything makes you nervous, brings back bad memories–you tell me right away. You don’t try to power through anything. We go as slow as you need.”

Meet Zac Mackay. Military codename: Cyclone.
He’s a widower, a protector, a hero.

And the person who could destroy Anne’s life.

Doctor Anne Griffin is back in Oak Creek, Wyoming, only because she has no other options. Here, she was always the shy, stuttering girl, invisible to everyone.

Except Zac. The very reason she left in the first place.

Zac’s years in Special Forces taught him survival skills, and he’s created a company–Linear Tactical–to teach those skills to others, so they never have to live in fear.

Then why is Annie, the last person he’d ever want to hurt, afraid of him?

Zac’s determined to wipe the fear from the eyes of the woman who has never been far from his mind. And fix the mistakes–his mistakes–that put that look there in the first place.

But a predator has set his sights on Annie. And now survival skills will become much more than lessons…

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A Guardian for the Ravishing Countess: A Historical Regency Romance Book

By Henrietta Harding / Genre: British, Historical Fiction

A Guardian for the Ravishing Countess: A Historical Regency Romance Book

Despite being born of English parents, Amelia Wright had lived all her life in Madras, India. She had never stepped a foot in England and never expected to do so. To her surprise, this changes when the news of the deaths of only living relatives arrive. Her uncles had left no heirs behind, which makes Amelia the rightful person to take over the title of Countess. Until she marries though, the handsome Duke Wentworth has been assigned as her guardian. But what happens when the person who captures all her attention is the dashing Duke and not her intended? Will she give into this powerful temptation, defying all consequences?

Alexander Wentworth lost his wife to childbirth a year ago. It had been a loveless marriage, yet, he had respected and cared for her. When he is asked to be guardian to Amelia Wright, the daughter of the his mentor, he does not hesitate to leave his duchy behind. He is willing to be everything the new heiress is in need of. But when he sets his eyes upon her though, sparks fly! Her beauty is irresistible, her sight captivating. Will he chase a chance to be with her, even though she is promised to another man?

One kiss proves that the fire between them burns bright, and they cannot stay apart from this fierce chemistry. Forces rise against them though, and they soon realize that they have to join hands, if they want to find a way to be together. Will they make it, against all odds?

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Point of Impact: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Nuclear Dawn Book 1)

By Kyla Stone / Genre: Men’s Adventure, Action & Adventure

Point of Impact: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (Nuclear Dawn Book 1)

In a matter of seconds, nuclear bombs devastate multiple American cities. Utter chaos erupts. Millions flee the destruction as the fallout descends…

Dakota Sloane, a tough-as-nails former foster kid, has spent her life running from the past. Logan Garcia, a man haunted by secrets, has only one goal: to drink himself into oblivion.

They’re two strangers in a bar–until the news reports nuclear bombs in New York City and D.C. Fearing that Miami might be next, Dakota’s first thought is to grab her little sister and escape to her prepper friend’s homestead in the Everglades.

Then everything explodes. Trapped in the burning city, Logan and Dakota have less than ten minutes to seek shelter before the lethal fallout reaches them.

But Dakota’s sister is still out there. To rescue her, Dakota will need Logan’s help, but can she trust him? And how far is she willing to go to save the only family she has left?
Surviving the blast is only the beginning…

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Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans Book 6)

By Kym Grosso / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Dimitri (Immortals of New Orleans Book 6)

An erotic paranormal romance…
Dimitri LeBlanc, sexy and charismatic beta of Acadian Wolves, survives a brutal attack after his wolf succumbs to a dark force, threatening his very existence. Waking up, tied to a bed, his amusement transforms into lust as a beautiful stranger heals his beast. Intrigued by his mysterious savior, the tables quickly turn, when in the heat of a dark desert night, he rescues her from a barbaric Alpha. Dimitri is inexplicably drawn to the alluring woman, and the discovery that she’s his mate rouses his hunger to claim her as his own.

Gillian Michel, a New York City photographer, conceals a secret hybrid past and mystical abilities. An entire lifetime, she’s deliberately avoided wolves, but a seductive encounter with an irresistible beta leaves her craving his touch, his lips on hers. Passion ignites her desire, leaving her yearning to submit to the powerful wolf who tests her limits.

Deep in the heart of New Orleans, Dimitri and Gillian seek a cure to the parasite maligning his mighty beast. Still on the run from a malevolent force, they lure their enemy into the bayou. Will Gillian sacrifice her gifts to save the man she loves, destroying her own immortality? And will Dimitri eradicate the evil that has invaded his soul while protecting his mate from an adversary who threatens to kill them both?

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All In: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

By Cassie Cole / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

All In: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance

It was supposed to be just a sizzling one-night stand.
Some dripping hot fun with my sexy coworker.
But then my new lover introduced me to his two gorgeous friends and their Ocean’s Eleven style plan.

Getting into my pants isn’t Bryce’s primary goal.
My new lover tells me a secret.
The casino where we work is a front for the Russian mafia.
$12 million worth of dirty money is cleaned every week.
Money that is lightly guarded.
It’s there for the taking for anyone with the guts to try.

Like the four of us.

Bryce, the flirty blackjack dealer with a panty-dropping smile and wit as sharp as a razor.
Eddie, the blunt security guard covered with dangerous muscle.
Xander, the country music singer who strums his guitar with corded-muscle arms and lust in his eyes.

But the stakes are high.
If we’re caught, we’ll end up buried in a shallow Las Vegas grave.
Can we escape with the money—and our lives?

ALL IN is a thrilling, sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

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Perilous Treasure (Jack Turner Suspense Series Book 4)

By Dan Walsh / Genre: Historical, Mystery & Thrillers

Perilous Treasure (Jack Turner Suspense Series Book 4)

Young history Professor Jack Turner is settling into his new position at Culpepper University, when he gets a surprise visit from his friend, police Sgt. Joe Boyd. Joe has started a new hobby, a fun pastime that’s also helping him lose some weight — metal detecting. Joe asks if he can do this on Jack’s lakefront property, which includes over a dozen acres of woods. Intrigued by a hobby that combines physical exercise and Jack’s love of history, Jack asks to tag along. Neither man has any idea that this seemingly harmless hobby will cause their paths to cross with a 70-year-old mystery involving tragedy, smuggling, multiple murders and stolen Nazi loot. It’s just an innocent hobby Jack tells his wife, Rachel. Really, what could go wrong?

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Bayside Wishes: A Man in Uniform Romance (The Hunters Book 6)

By Stacy Claflin / Genre: Murder, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Bayside Wishes: A Man in Uniform Romance (The Hunters Book 6)

She’s guarding a family secret. He’s investigating a murder. Will a second homecoming lead to true love?

Freya Hunter is living the fabulous life. The west-coast girl rakes it in as a fashion model in New York City, but everything changes after she returns home for a quick visit.

The reunion with friends and family in Enchantment Bay is sweet, especially when she hits it off with Nico Valentin, a ruggedly handsome police sergeant. As Nico investigates the death, Freya learns a family secret big enough to turn her world upside down.

Freya is torn between her new life and her hometown — the life she loves vs. the brother who needs her and the sergeant who wants her. When her decision doesn’t go nearly as well as she planned, she wonders if she can help her brother and keep her growing feelings for Nico at bay before they consume her.

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Spellcrest Academy

By Michael Pierce / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

Spellcrest Academy

Keep your enemies close…

Maeve Rhodes is not your typical Good Samaritan. However, when she stumbles upon a fallen, elderly woman, she stops and tries to do the right thing. Little does she know that this chance encounter will forever change the direction of her life.

Marked with a new tattoo emblazoned across her chest and struggling to control a whole host of new powers, Maeve finds her life spiraling out of control. That is, until one more chance encounter offers an explanation… and a privileged opportunity to attend Spellcrest Academy.

Paired with a shy elf and a moody Nephilim, Maeve quickly takes to her new home at the premier magical institution, not to mention the dreamy senior advisor whom, for some idiotic reason, she can’t stop thinking about. Love at first sight is sappy sh—crap for fairy tales, not real life. However, she can’t deny the instant connection.

As the school year progresses, Maeve discovers her invitation to the Academy might not have been so innocent after all. Sinister forces want her unique abilities and are willing to kill for them.

Maeve doesn’t just need to survive her classes, she must survive the plots against her, a decades-old magical war, and following her own capricious heart. She’s never been averse to diving into danger, but this time, she might be in over her head.

Free as of 09/18/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

It’s In His Song (A Red River Valley Novella Book 6)

By Shelly Alexander / Genre: Satire, Humor & Satire

It's In His Song (A Red River Valley Novella Book 6)

They’re both back in Red River for good, and the chemistry is stronger than ever. But will her secret tear them apart all over again?

Dylan McCoy is restless to take over Red River’s favorite watering hole—Cotton Eyed Joe’s—when his Uncle Joe retires. First, he’s got to prove he has what it takes to carry on Joe’s legacy. Finally able to put the painful scars from his days working in L.A.’s trendy music scene behind him, he sets out to host a weekend workshop for songwriters. He calls in a favor and lines up some of the biggest musicians in the biz to attend. Life is good. Until the business owners who occupy the commercial space next door threaten to ruin his establishment right before the rock star lineup of attendees are scheduled to blow into town.

Hailey Hicks left Red River six years ago with a secret. Now—as a seasoned hairstylist who’s made her own way in the world—she’s back in town to help her cousin expand her salon. Unfortunately, the renovations aren’t going as planned and draw fire from the saloon next door. When she comes face to face with her ex, Dylan McCoy, sparks fly. Can they mend the damage done because of how they parted ways? Or will her secret cause them both to get burned again?

Free as of 09/18/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Unconventional (Indulgence)

By Aleatha Romig / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Unconventional (Indulgence)

I watch Erika Ellis’s every move as she struts about town. Every night she appears in my living room, bedroom, and even on the screen of my phone. Though her image appears to thousands, I’m the only audience she should want.

It enrages me to entertain the idea that other people—other men—are watching as she smiles for the cameras, flaunts her shapely legs with tall high heels and short hemlines, or laughs with her co-anchor.
The other people don’t matter. They don’t know her like I do.
They haven’t taken the time to learn her desires.
I have spent years and it’s time for it to pay off.
I know what she needs, wants, and deserves—the accolades and punishments.

I’ll bring her fantasies to life, even the ones she’s yet to realize. My plan is in motion and there’s nothing she can do or say to change the course of our future.

I’m Victor Cross, the only man for the job. She will call me Sir.

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Children’s book: Messy Mason (Happy Motivated children’s books Collection)

By YONIT WERBER / Genre: Humor, Children’s eBooks

Children's book: Messy Mason (Happy Motivated children's books Collection)

Mason was messy.
He was very messy!
He didn’t like to clean anything, especially his own room.

His mom tried all possible way to convince him to clean his room,
But Messy didn’t want to.

Until one day, something unexpected happened that motivated Mason
to do it by himself.

This bed-time children’s story tells the tale of Mason and his mom and a fun
and easy way to motivate kids to clean their room by themselves,
without shouting,
nor threatening
nor promising all kind of gifts…

Free as of 09/18/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss: Complete Cookbook with 80 Mediterranean Diet Easy Recipes & 7-Day Diet Meal Plan for Healthy Lifestyle

By Olivia Mason / Genre: Pies, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss: Complete Cookbook with 80 Mediterranean Diet Easy Recipes & 7-Day Diet Meal Plan for Healthy Lifestyle

It’s not a Diet, it’s called Eating Healthy!★★★ Have heard of numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and would like to try it? This marvelous cookbook will become your comprehensive and informative Mediterranean diet guide. ★★★Want to lose weight naturally and for the long term? That is easily achievable with bountiful recipes gathered in our cookbook, no need to forget the rich flavors! ★★★Would like to prevent diabetes and keep your heart healthy? You are in the right place, just dive into our Mediterranean recipes cookbook and enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness!

What will you discover in this book?

•An “Introduction of International Cuisine” is followed by “Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet”, which reveals why that type of diet is commonly called the Mediterranean diet and is regarded as healthy food for the heart. In fact, if you follow the Mediterranean diet, weight loss, your and your family’s heart health and well-being are ensured.

•“Highly Nutritional Foods for this Diet” gives you an idea of what healthy foods to eat. You will know which foods the Mediterranean diet includes. Also, the Mediterranean diet food pyramid is explained in detail in this chapter. 

•Our healthy food recipe book consists of 80 amazing recipes. You will find healthy food recipes in five sections – Breakfasts, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and Desserts. A huge variety of healthy foods for weight loss is proposed. These easy, healthy Mediterranean recipes are nicely combined in the “7-Day Meal Plan” – your personal Mediterranean diet menu plan.

The Mediterranean diet is just a dietary habit of people living in the Mediterranean regions – Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. Many studies have found that people living in the Mediterranean regions are far healthier and happier than people living in North America and Northern Europe. 

We have gathered the most incredible recipes for a Mediterranean diet. Are you ready to change your cooking habits and start eating healthy foods? Would you like to have the most delicious South Beach diet recipes in one cookbook? The Mediterranean diet cookbook for beginners is here for you! 
Let our complete Mediterranean diet cookbook be your guide to Mediterranean cuisine and an international cuisine introduction for beginner cooks. Mediterranean diet meal preparation has never been so easy and joyful!

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