Filthy Beast

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Filthy Beast

She calls me a filthy beast, but I know she still wants me.
Years ago, I left and broke her heart. I had no other choice back then.
Now I have one last chance, just one final night of passion.
But the memories are back and I might not be able to give her up . . .

After leaving the military, I move to L.A. and end up working as an actor on action movies, putting my SEAL skills to good use.

That’s how I find her again. We’re working on the same movie together. I still remember those delicious lips, and I know I have to have another taste.

I can see the anger in her eyes, even after all these years, which means she still wants me. She can’t let me go.

I need to remind her of that intense tingle along her skin when I slowly strip her clothes off. I taught her everything about how to make her body feel good, and now I want to get deeper.

I crave that spark again, that magic, still strong after all this time. I can walk away once I’ve had her and never see her again if that’s what she needs.

But I forgot just how high she can get me. I forgot how perfect we fit.

And now that I remember what she does to me… I’ll do anything to keep her.

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Banging Reaper (Pounding Hearts Book 1)

By Izzy Sweet / Genre: Sports

Banging Reaper (Pounding Hearts Book 1)

Two men. Only one can be the best in the ring.
Only one can make her completely his.


Life isn’t easy when your mother abandons you and the grandmother who raised you is gone. Ethan has been my best friend since middle school. He helped me out with college when I was flat broke, and now I feel like I owe him. So when he starts treating me like his MMA lucky charm, it’s hard to say no. But when he finally loses, he blames me—and Reaper, the guy who beat the crap out of him, is the one who rescues me.

I want to forgive Ethan … but I can’t resist Reaper.


Yeah, they call me Reaper, because I make anyone who fights me wish he was dead. I’m large and in charge with a big house, two cars, and enough money to party for the rest of my days. Life is great—but meeting Avery changes everything. She’s nothing like the ring girls I usually hook up with. There’s just something about her that brings out the protective beast inside me. She needs to be mine, but that cheating asshole Ethan is in the way.

I’ll do whatever it takes to claim her … even if that means destroying her best friend.

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Falling for the Rookie (Fan Girl Book 1)

By Trish Williford / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Falling for the Rookie (Fan Girl Book 1)

Sometimes love blind sides you and hits you in the face. Literally.

During the spring and summer months, Melody Carrick lives, eats and sleeps baseball. As a Baltimore Blue Birds season ticket holder, she attends every home game to enjoy the action. When a foul ball hits her in the face and knocks her out during the season opener, the last thing she expects is for the handsome rookie who caused the mess to visit her in the hospital.

Injuring a fan during his first game in the majors is rookie Carson Lawrence’s worst nightmare. Knowing he won’t be able to clear his conscience until he’s assured she’s not seriously hurt, he visits the woman in the hospital. The last thing Carson expects when he walks into her room is to be attracted to a young, beautiful woman named Melody.

Carson and Melody quickly realize there is undeniable chemistry between them, no matter how hard they try to ignore it. Carson gives in to his strict “no dating” rule during baseball season and Melody allows Carson into her private world.

Falling hard and fast, everything is seemingly perfect until a piece of Carson’s past blindsides the couple. Devastated, Melody must decide if their love is enough to move forward or if she’ll only resent Carson for the rest of her life.

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The Surprise Wedding (Veils and Vows Book 1)

By Jean Oram / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

The Surprise Wedding (Veils and Vows Book 1)

Sometimes exes come in handy.

Devon Mattson’s week couldn’t get much worse. Not only is he fake engaged to the sexy woman who broke his heart (then stomped on it for good measure) a decade ago, but his goal of saving his hometown of Blueberry Springs has become dependent on the two of them playing nicely.

Olivia Carrington isn’t happy to have her ex back in her life. She’s spent ten long years regretting how they ended things back in college and she’s worked hard to move on. She should be focusing on saving her family’s company, not on the handsome, helpful, fun-loving Devon who has just offered her a lifeline she can’t resist…

Tied together by mutual need, will they ruin each other’s chance of success or will a fake engagement help them overcome their painful past and lead them back to love once again?

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Sacrifice and Reward: A Sensual Native American Historical Romance (Paha Sapa Saga Book 1)

By Robin Deeter / Genre: Native American, United States

Sacrifice and Reward: A Sensual Native American Historical Romance (Paha Sapa Saga Book 1)

Which will be the victor: hatred or love?

Mid-18th century North America is a hotbed of unrest between many Native American tribes, who are feuding over territory. By this time, most of the Kiowa bands have been pushed west by the Lakota, who are on the move southward from the Great Lakes region. These invaders from the north want the game-rich, lush pasture lands of the territory for themselves.

However, one small Kiowa band is determined to remain in their early homelands in the region of what will be one day known as eastern South Dakota. These two enemy tribes are brought face-to-face through the vision of a young Kiowa medicine man.

Sky Dancer, a beautiful, Kiowa widow, and proud Lakota warrior, Dark Horse, are forced to marry in order to create an alliance between their peoples. Right from the beginning they clash in a test of wills, loathing each other on sight, making a happy marriage seem out of the question.

Will the sacrifice that is asked of them save their tribes? Can these two enemies overcome their initial hatred to find love in unlikely place or will distrust keep them from the reward they both crave?

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My Best Friend’s Sassy Sister: A Bad Boy Romance

By Claire Angel / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

My Best Friend's Sassy Sister: A Bad Boy Romance

She was my best friend’s sister. Nothing could ever happen between us…

I didn’t mean anything by it. I was only kidding.
I can’t risk losing them. They are like a family.
The world isn’t black and white. These feelings are wrong. I thought I could control them.

It’s her birthday. I want her to blow out more than candles.
I have to indulge. I want to find a way for us to be together. Las Vegas is calling.
A little drinking with a little flirting with other women will help. Why can’t I stop thinking about her?

She is forever etched on my lips. One kiss and I know I will fall head over heels.

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Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)

By Cynthia Eden / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance

Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)

What happens when an angel falls? 

Angel Lila is being hunted–she can feel the hunter closing in behind her. Every move she makes, he’s stalking after her. But does the werewolf on her trail want to destroy her–or can he protect her from the growing darkness that she is trying so desperately to fight?

Werewolf Rayce Lovel doesn’t know what to do with an angel–especially one who makes him think too much about paradise. Lila may be heavenly, but every time he’s near her, Rayce wants to sin. Angels aren’t supposed to feel, but Lila was introduced to the world by way of pain. Pain is all she’s known for far too long, and now, Rayce is tempted to introduce gorgeous Lila to pleasure.

But the longer an angel stays out of heaven, the more dangerous she can become. Lila sinks deeper into the darkness with each night that passes, and she finds herself becoming a pawn in an eternal battle…good versus evil. Is Rayce really her protector? Perhaps he is just the hungry wolf who has been sent to ensure that Lila never sets foot back in her paradise.

A fallen angel has a bad side…and that side is about to be set free.

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Caged: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 3)

By Elin Wyn / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Caged: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 3)

No Past. No Trust. No Way Out.

Zayda Caiden relies on no one. An Imperial spy, her mission was betrayed – but she doesn’t know the identity of the traitor.

And there’s certainly no reason to trust the giant of a man dumped at the prison clinic, even if he makes her burn with feelings she thought long buried.

Mack has no memory, no real name. Just dreams of fire and pain, and a set of coordinates to a section of unexplored space he refuses to reveal. There’s no room in his mission for a woman with secrets of her own, but her scent fills his dreams.

When they have a chance at freedom, can they trust each other enough to escape? Or will their secrets overwhelm their passion?

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Plunder by Knight (Pirates of Britannia World Book 7)

By Mia Pride / Genre: Ancient World, Historical Romance, Romance

Plunder by Knight (Pirates of Britannia World Book 7)

Torn between duty and dreams….

Born of Irish pirates but raised to be an English Knight, Thomas Esmonde is a man stuck between two opposing worlds. His lingering Irish accent never afforded him many friends at the English court, nor has he ever wished to conform to their overbearing rules and stuffy societal expectations. Reoccurring dreams of ancient treasure and a yearning for life on the high sea are at odds with his hard-earned honor and knightly duties.

But when he is sent to Ireland to aid the English cause, he is immediately thrust into his previous life as his ship is captured by the infamous Pirate Queen of Ireland, his grandmother. Faced with the temptations of gold, adventure, women, and plunder, his loyalties are split between his family and his queen… then split further when he captures his enemy’s beautiful, yet mischievous daughter.

Longing for freedom and adventure…

With her mother dead and her father fighting the Irish rebels, Katherine Bingham is often left lonely and unattended, spending her days watching the pirates of Clew Bay from afar and dreaming of adventure. Born an English lady but raised on Irish soil, she wishes to aid the people she considers her own, even daring to steal from the pirates to do so… until the night she is caught by the most handsome, yet frightening pirate she has ever seen.

Born to be enemies, Katherine and Thomas cannot deny the attraction and deeper connection pulling them together as they discover their shared goal: Freedom for Ireland. But, to keep Katherine for himself, Thomas will have to defy his queen, his family, and his country. One act of revenge led him to the love of his life, but can he keep her without losing his honor, or his head?

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The Haunting of Dark Hollow Road: A Ghost Story & Paranormal Mystery (Taryn’s Camera Book 3)

By Rebecca Patrick-Howard / Genre: Occult, Horror

The Haunting of Dark Hollow Road: A Ghost Story & Paranormal Mystery (Taryn's Camera Book 3)

A teenage girl is missing and Taryn’s camera is showing her a haunted past she NEVER wanted to see…
When your camera can see the past, it’s a history lover’s dream! Historical mysteries never seemed so alive, and solvable. But sometimes the past should stay buried. The hauntings and ghosts are only the beginning of what Taryn sees!
Beautiful Cheyenne Willoughby had her whole life ahead of her. But her 18th birthday, she simply vanished, rocking her small Georgian town to the core. Now, artist and haunted house lover Taryn Magill has moved onto the very farm where Cheyenne spent her last night. She went there to teach a class at the local college, but her job takes a completely different turn when she’s thrown into the middle of Cheyenne’s mysterious disappearance.
Armed with her camera that can see the past, Taryn aims to find out what happened to Cheyenne once and for all. Is the young girl still out there, trying to find her way home? Or did she succumb to some horrible fate? As Taryn finds herself more and more entrenched in the mystery of Cheyenne’s disappearance, she begins unraveling the secrets of the rural southern town.
The spirits here are restless, but it might be the living she must fear the most!

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Rule Breaker (Unbreakable Book 2)

By Kat Bastion / Genre: Coming of Age

Rule Breaker (Unbreakable Book 2)

Leilani Kealoha wants to be set free. Of family expectations. Of generations of prejudice.

Chafing at rules made by the proud Hawaiian men in her family, she yearns to discover herself and hungers to explore the world. Her adventuresome heart? Longs for something even greater, deeper.

The last thing she expects is an East Coast haole surfer to hold the key to everything.

Mason Price is done walking his parents’ path. Done with social acceptance—with cold politics.

On a surfing quest to reinvent himself, Mase finds an exotic beauty standing on his towel. But it’s her feisty bargaining that catches him off guard. When he challenges her with a “Truth or Shots” drinking game, she unwittingly reveals more than she’d intended about herself…and him.

The raw truth stuns him: She’s suffered like he has, is lost like he is—keeps secrets like he does.

But will young love and shared situations be enough to conquer racial and cultural divides?

Lines in the sand…were meant to be crossed.

Free as of 10/20/18 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Do Bugs Wear Shoes?: And Other Silly Questions (Kids Fact Book)

By Addie Broussard / Genre: Bugs & Spiders, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Do Bugs Wear Shoes?: And Other Silly Questions (Kids Fact Book)

A colorful, fun-filled book packed with answers to all your silliest bug questions!
Learn what happens when a bug goes to space, to school, and to the gym. Find out if bugs have feelings like people do. Discover robot bugs, dancing bugs, bugs that poop and so much more!
Filled with illustrations, photographs and interactive videos, Do Bugs Wear Shoes will have kids laughing and learning as they discover awe-inspiring facts about the insect world. This beautifully designed book is organized into colorful two-page spreads that each focus on a different question, making it easy and fun to read for children and big kids alike.

BOOK EXTRAS include videos and printable worksheets for extended learning. Great for educators and at-home learning.

PLUS, vote on the world’s most beautiful bug!

Recommended for ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and up.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bug out!

Free as of 10/20/18 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Pie Zero to Pie Hero: How to Ditch Your Fears, Master the Crust and Bake the Perfect Pie

By Ken Haedrich / Genre: Pies, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Pie Zero to Pie Hero: How to Ditch Your Fears, Master the Crust and Bake the Perfect Pie

Do you struggle to make a pie crust you can be proud of? Does your pie dough get stuck to the counter, fall apart in midair, crack when you try to roll it, and otherwise give you grief? Help is on the way. In this book, America’s leading pie authority and Dean of The Pie Academy website will teach you, once and for all, how to make the perfect pie crust and become a pie making hero. According to Ken, the author of three previous pie books, there’s no such thing as being born without “the pie making gene.” All you need, he says, is the right guide, someone who will walk you through the basics of ingredients, the tools you need, the techniques, tips and hand-holding encouragement most books just skip right over. Ken will be that guide for you. While the focus of Pie Zero to Pie Hero is the crust, there are dozens of links here to complete pie recipes at Ken’s popular website, You’ll find links to Ken’s favorite fruit pie recipes, chess pies, cream pies, crumb topped pies and many more. All of this delivered in a relaxed, often humorous, but always sincere style Ken is famous for in his fifteen print cookbooks (one of which is a Julia Child Cookbook Award winner.) With this book at your fingertips, you’ll never struggle to make a great pie crust again.

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