Alpha’s Blood: A Vampire Shifter Romance

By Renee Rose / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Alpha's Blood: A Vampire Shifter Romance

A Vampire King…
The moment she stepped on stage, I had to have her in my bed. My submissive, kneeling at my feet.
But this captive virgin is more than what she seems…
A spy in my kingdom. A weapon honed by my enemy. She hates me, but hate is a passion perilously close to love…

A captured queen…
All my life I’ve trained for one purpose. One ultimate goal: kill the Vampire King.
I expected a fight. Pain. Torture. I didn’t expect to want him. My body is a weapon he turns against me.
But I can’t forget my fallen pack. My quest for revenge. My mission is simple:
Seduce him. Earn his trust. Bring him down.
Above all: don’t fall in love.

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Lines (Greyford High Book 1)

By Anna B. Doe / Genre: Sports, Romance

Lines (Greyford High Book 1)

Senior year.
Three girls.
Three guys.
Hockey and rivalry.
Mean girls and friendships.
Old loves and new chances.
One more year of being invisible.
One more year to win it all.
The countdown begins.
Senior year can’t come or end fast enough for Amelia Campbell. For the shy, nerdy girl-next-door that she is, high school is torture and all she wants is for it to be over. Having her heart broken by a popular, womanizing boy all those years ago doesn’t help the matters. Nor does his best friend who still has a habit of mercilessly teasing her. Now, she only has one year left, one year to be invisible before she can move on with her life.
Derek King doesn’t do drama, but his life is all about drama once Maximillian Sanders steps foot into his town, his school, and into Amelia’s life. Max is always around, and he is making her smile again. But the boy who once broke her heart isn’t ready to let her go. Older and wiser, Derek isn’t about to let someone take away what he wants, and he wants Amelia.
She’s set on not believing in him and on not getting her heart broken once again. He is set on showing her wrong.
She says she hates him, but maybe the line between past and present, love and hate is thinner than she ever realized.

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Remember When We: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 3)

By Khardine Gray / Genre: Anthologies, Romance

Remember When We: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 3)


She was my best friend’s little sister.
That meant she was forbidden to me.
Women like her didn’t belong in our dark world.
Didn’t stop me though…
She’s the good girl I never should have touched.
I went where I shouldn’t and lost track of the dangers that lurked around us.
My irresponsibility cost my best friend, her brother, his life.

I left home to keep her safe… and I knew leaving would break her heart.
Guilt made me stay away, and I found peace in knowing she was better without me.
I never planned to return, but guilt brought me back for my uncles’ funeral.
I knew better than to tempt fate. I’m one of the capo’s to the new Chicago Mafia boss and a member of the infamous Four.
But ,when I saw her again I forgot all the reasons why I was bad for her.
All the reasons why I left.
Leaving her once was hard.
Leaving her twice feels like a mistake I don’t want to make.
Especially when I think she’s in trouble…


I was innocent before him.
The same way I knew not to get involved with a man like him, I knew it was wrong to hide the child he never knew he had.

When I saw Gio again I caved and gave into the temptation of him.
God forbid if he finds out my secrets.
Yes, secrets.
He has a son he didn’t know about and I made a deal with a devil who wants my body as payment if my father can’t pay his debts.
It’s all a nightmare I want to escape.
When I’m with Gio I want him to save me, but I don’t want him to break me like he did last time.
I want to be his like I was before, and remember when we belonged to each other.

Remember when we made love under the stars and I thought that was our forever.
Remember when we laughed together and I felt I had everything.
Remember when we… were us.
It feels like a dream my heart wants, but the nightmare is far from over.

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Dragon’s First Shift: (Dragons Secret Society)

By Serena Meadows / Genre: Anthologies, Romance

Dragon's First Shift: (Dragons Secret Society)

I never wanted a love story.
True love doesn’t exist for a person like me,
Or the creature that lurks within.
Funny isn’t it, how blind people can be. Dazzled by the fancy cars and pretty girls. Tailored suits and slick haircuts. Almost all of them they fail to see the lie. Smell the stinking truth right under their up-turned noses.I’ll soon turn twenty-five, but my life has been one big, dangerous deception. I was born into a destiny I never chose, and a war I never asked for. But the biggest secret of all is running through my veins, hidden deep within my bones. A slumbering beast, that’s only now beginning to awaken.And right when it feels like my sanity is starting to slip, she appears. Fiery, seductive, and holding an envelope that’s about to smash my life to pieces.I never wanted a love story. But the last thing I expected was a tragedy.“Dragon’s First Shift” is the first book of the Dragons Secret Society series. Lose yourself in this world of supernatural romance, and order your copy today!All books in this page-turning paranormal romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!Warning: Adults Only

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Murder on the Road (An Italian Village Mystery Book 1)

By Adriana Licio / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers

Murder on the Road (An Italian Village Mystery Book 1)

Can murder be the cure for a broken heart?
Returning to her quaint hometown in Italy following the collapse of her engagement, feisty travel writer Giò Brando just wants some peace and quiet. Instead, she finds herself a suspect in a brutal murder.Anxious to clear her name, Giò embarks on her own investigation, eavesdropping on the gossip in her sister’s perfumery and the cafés of Maratea as she pieces together the evidence. But something about the case isn’t adding up. Or is Giò allowing her attraction to a fellow suspect to distract her?Wanting to distance herself from danger, Giò keeps her feelings in check. But when new evidence turns the whole case on its head, danger is exactly what is waiting for her.

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Harriet the Brave (Harriet Book 2)

By Tracy Kushwaha / Genre: Action & Adventure, Children’s eBooks

Harriet the Brave (Harriet   Book 2)

Harriet is back! She’s still not a fan of vegetables, but don’t mess with her dessert! After she is abducted by giant veggies in her Granny’s garden, Harriet the Brave must face off against Yow Soyucky, the evil Brussel sprout, in the arena. Will she be able to fight her fear of veggies? Or will she be destroyed by it?

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Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners: 1001 Quick and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for the Smart People on a Budget with 1000-Day Meal Plan

By Jason William / Genre: Culinary Arts & Techniques, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners: 1001 Quick and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for the Smart People on a Budget with 1000-Day Meal Plan

While Other Instant Pot Cookbooks

are poorly written, have no recipe index, no cooking charts, lots of editing errors, incomplete instructions, plain and uninspiring recipes, or simply recipes that are overcomplicated, Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners by Jason William features the best variety of well-thought-out and well-tested recipes you should expect with nutrition facts for every recipe in the book, comes with the well-structured recipe index and cooking charts.
It includes the detailed instructions on how to use your Instant Pot, Instant Pot safety tips, how to choose the best Instant Pot, perfect cookbook for beginners and pro Instant Pot users and includes vegetarian recipes for those who are vegetarians.
WE ARE REAL PEOPLE who use our own recipes for our families. We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours.The way to the hearts of your man and family is through good food on the table. Meal times can be such wonderful of times when you have the most fantastic of food on the table. We hope this cookbook will be a great help for yourself and your family.
We cut no corner in our books and will cut no corners in our support of you. We know you’re a big deal and we’ll only provide you with the finest product and service around or your MONEY BACK!
In Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners, Jason has handpicked his most-requested recipes that will surely become mainstays in your home, too. This Instant Pot Cookbook offers:

  • 1001 Instant Pot Recipes using affordable and natural ingredients
  • Handy Charts illustrating the air fryer cooking times, temperature and measurement conversion
  • Helpful Tips on how to adapt your favorite recipes and make the most of your Instant Pot

“This is the first cook book in years that I feel will never make it to my bookshelf. You all know what can happen to cookbooks in bookshelves…they often remain there, only to be forgotten. Well not this time. I’ve already made few recipes and they did turn out amazing!I hope Jason continues to develop recipes and I am pleased to have purchased his cookbook.”-Thomas Oliver,Writer and Editor
Does it sound too good to be true? Let’s get to facts and prove the benefits to you.

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