Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1)

By Melanie Cellier / Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Subjects, Books
Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1)

An enemy kingdom. A powerful prince. And an Academy for mages.
To stay alive, Verene will have to uncover her hidden power.

Verene is a disappointment to her entire kingdom–the first royal ever born without power, despite her mother being the most powerful mage in history. So when she’s sent to the Academy in neighboring Kallorway to forge ties with her people’s traditional enemies, she’s determined to succeed and prove she can still be of value to her kingdom.

Prince Darius of Kallorway is the strongest mage in his family–and the only reason his weak father is still clinging to his throne. Starting at the Academy at the same time as Verene, the crown prince is cold and distant and shows no desire to connect with her. Instead he seems suspicious of both her presence and her claimed lack of power.

Surrounded by unfamiliar politics and long-held enemies, Verene discovers that some at the Academy want her gone by whatever means necessary. As the threats grow ever more sinister, she starts to question all of her assumptions. The hardened prince might just be her best hope of survival and–even more shockingly–he might be right about her power. If Verene wants to survive Kallorway and the Academy, she must uncover her hidden powers and take her true place among the mages.

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Christmas from Hell (Neighbor from Hell Book 7)

By R.L. Mathewson / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Christmas from Hell (Neighbor from Hell Book 7)

Duncan Bradford would do anything to avoid the jinx next door, but when fate steps in, he realizes that there was more to the small woman driving him crazy than he thought…

Necie Dixon was used to a lot of things by now, tripping over her own two feet, setting a record for insurance claims for all those unfortunate incidents that she was really hoping would stop happening, but she could never get used to the way that Duncan made her feel…or just how much he hated her.

She wanted more.
She wanted him.

But that was never going to happen, not when he only saw her as the little jinx next door, and no matter what she told herself, one mistake would never be enough to change that.

Something had to give.

Duncan wasn’t sure how much more he could take. Between work and helping his family, he was exhausted and needed a break. He needed something more in his life, and he sure as hell needed a break from the little jinx next door that was driving him out of his mind.

He’d never expected to find himself drawn to her.

Never thought that he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her. And he sure as hell never thought that he would feel like his world was falling apart when he almost lost her.
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Blame It On The Whiskey (On The Rocks)

By Hope Ford / Genre: Military, Romance
Blame It On The Whiskey (On The Rocks)

Friends to lovers… she just needs a little liquid courage.

I’ve been best friends with Parker since we were little and he punched a boy in the face for pulling my hair. We tell each other everything. Well, almost everything. I may have left out the fact that I’ve also been in love with him since forever.

But he’s Parker. He was the captain of the football team, most popular boy in school and could date any woman he wanted. Now, he’s a big, buff military guy that’s on leave.

Then there’s me. Bartender/college student. Voted class nerd in high school – unofficially of course. I went to libraries instead of dances and I have more curves than Parker’s last three girlfriends combined.

I’ve always kept my crush on Parker hidden. It’s better that way.

Until one night, and I do things that are either going to tear us apart… or bind us forever.

Yea, I think I’m going to blame it on the Whiskey.

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Sleigh Spells (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 1)

By Bella Falls / Genre: Vampires, Supernatural, Mystery
Sleigh Spells (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 1)

Have yourself a very Merry Witchmas in Holiday Haven, where the magic and mystery of Christmas is snow joke!
Aurora Hart hates everything Christmas, but how could she turn down the opportunity to serve one year of probation in Holiday Haven versus a full sentence for her crimes? Saddled with a talking squirrel roommate, Aurora is doing her best to keep a low profile as she bides her time. Everything is going fine…until Santa’s sleigh gets stolen.Now, all eyes are on her and the other town Humbugs, and it’s up to Aurora to keep her behind from ending up back in jail. With the help of a very important person from the North Pole, she finds herself hot on the trail of the real culprit. But it will take her having to do something she’s never done before—accepting new friends and their assistance. Only then will Aurora be able to turn not only her own life around but also Christmas for the entire world!Will Aurora be able to solve the mystery of who stole Santa’s sleigh in time? Or will the culprit get the final sleigh?

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Stolen Midsummer Bride (Court of Midsummer Mayhem)

By Tara Grayce / Genre: Country & Ethnic, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy
Stolen Midsummer Bride (Court of Midsummer Mayhem)

Steal a bride. Save the library. Try not to die.

Basil, a rather scholarly fae, works as an assistant librarian at the Great Library of the Court of Knowledge. Lonely and unwilling to join the yearly Midsummer Revel to find a mate, Basil takes the advice of his talking horse companion and decides to steal a human bride instead.

But Basil never expected to find a human girl waiting for him, wanting to be snatched. Nor had he expected a girl like Meg, an illiterate farmgirl who has no use for books.

With the barrier with the Realm of Monsters wearing thin and the chaos of Midsummer Night about to descend, will this unlikely pair put aside their differences long enough to save the Great Library from destruction? And maybe find a spark of love along the way?

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Bluebeard and the Outlaw (A Villain’s Ever After)

By Tara Grayce / Genre: Myths & Legends, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Bluebeard and the Outlaw (A Villain's Ever After)

Marriage: the ultimate heist.

Robin of the Greenwood spends her days robbing from the rich to feed the poor. With her knowledge of the fae paths, she eludes all attempts to capture her. But she and her merry band of brothers never seem to get anywhere. The more she steals, the more the evil Duke Guy “Bluebeard” taxes the villagers.

When Robin discovers that Duke Guy plans to marry yet again, she conceives a plan for a final, big score. As Guy’s wife, she will have access to his wealth. The lord is notorious for killing his wives shortly after he marries them, but Robin has no plans to be dead wife number four.

The only problem is that Duke Guy is devastatingly handsome, brooding, and nothing at all what she expected. If she isn’t careful, she might just find that he steals her heart before she can rob his riches.

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Cocoa Curses: A Christmas Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 5)

By Erin Johnso / Genre: Psychics, Supernatural, Mystery
Cocoa Curses: A Christmas Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Winter Witches of Holiday Haven Book 5)

A Christmas Cozy Mystery brimming with magic, laughs and a dash of romance!
Rudie Hollybrook’s killing it (pun intended) directing her family’s funeral home with her two zany sisters and her adorable pet snow fox in Holiday Haven, near the North Pole.

In her personal life, though, Rudie’s self-conscious about her unique ability to see spirits in a quaint town that considers such talents less than merry and bright.

But while volunteering at the Christmas Market, a few days before the big holiday, a woman drops dead–poisoned by her hot cocoa! When the woman’s ghost demands Rudie find her murderer, Rudie teams up with her crush at the local paper to discover the culprit.

Can Rudie embrace her gifts to find the cocoa killer before they ruin Christmas for the whole town?

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Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 1-3: Beauty and the Beast, Wild Swans, Cinderella and the Colonel (Timeless Fairy Tales Boxset Book 1)

By K. M. Shea / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Timeless Fairy Tales: Books 1-3: Beauty and the Beast, Wild Swans, Cinderella and the Colonel (Timeless Fairy Tales Boxset Book 1)

A lonely beast, an impossible task, and one pair of glass slippers. Three timeless tales retold.

Read the first three books of this bestselling series of fairy tale retellings: Beauty and the Beast, the Wild Swans, and Cinderella and the Colonel in this special boxset.

Book 1: Beauty and the Beast Once upon a time Elle made a mistake. A miscalculation sends her through the roof of an enchanted chateau owned by the exiled Prince Severin. Cursed to look like a beast until a maiden falls in love with him, Severin has given up all hope of shattering the spell. But Elle is stranded until her broken leg mends, and the pair can’t seem to avoid each other thanks to the meddling servants. Eventually Elle’s playful manners and Severin’s hidden gentleness draw the pair together. But not all love stories can end that easily. After all, Elle is not what she seems, and when she risks everything to save Severin, will he be able to forgive her lies?

Book 2: The Wild Swans Elise is no hero. As the foster-daughter of the royal family of Arcainia she is content to indulge her love of numbers and play the part of the perfect princess foil to the seven princes who are her foster-brothers. But when her wicked stepmother curses the princes and turns them into swans there is only one person who can save them: Elise. She must knit seven shirts of stinging nettles, one for each brother. And even though the pain is excruciating, she can’t speak a word. With famine and war looming in their homeland, if Elise doesn’t finish this task the country and the princes will be lost forever. Is her love enough to save them all?

Book 3: Cinderella and the Colonel Cinderella may be a duchess, but her life is in tatters. Orphaned, destitute, and living in a country recovering from a hostile takeover, she is desperate to save her lands and servants. Unfortunately, her sacrifices aren’t enough, and she is given one season to pay off her debts. All seems lost, until she is befriended by the debonair Colonel Friedrich—a citizen of the oppressing country that now rules her homeland. Though Friedrich shamelessly flirts with her, Cinderella wonders if he is more than he appears to be. What if together they could unite their lands against the bitterness and resentment that threatens to destroy them?

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The Golden Mail Box Set – Books #1-3

By Lexy Timms / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance
The Golden Mail Box Set - Books #1-3

Wes Shaw leads a secret double life. As the secret owner of a billion dollar newspaper empire, he’s one of the richest men in the world. But to the staff at The Golden Mail, Wes is just an ordinary, workaholic editor. Wes is sure that nobody can ever get close enough to uncover his secret. That is until he hires Julia, one of the best journalists in the business. Too smart for her own good, and too beautiful for Wes to resist, Julia might finally be his undoing. Julia Bancroft doesn’t know it, but Wes is her boss. When she starts her new job at The Golden Mail, she’s convinced that her handsome editor is hiding something. No man has ever distracted her from her job as a journalist, but broody, gorgeous Wes holds her interest far more than any newspaper story. When she and Wes head to South Africa on an assignment to uncover dangerous poachers, the attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore. Soon, they’re alone together in the wilderness, and Julia is struggling to keep things professional with Wes. Can his secrets stay buried or will his all-consuming desire for Julia threaten to expose everything?

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Their Destiny’s Rocky Road: A Historical Western Romance Book

By Ellen Knightley / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance
Their Destiny's Rocky Road: A Historical Western Romance Book

Hannah Welsh’s life is far from perfect, but she is happy until her mother’s illness shatters their joy and separates them tragically. Hannah knows that the Wild West is not the right place for a woman left alone grieving, so she decides to find her estranged father, hoping to keep her safe. Left with almost no money and hope, she recruits an infamous bounty hunter to accompany her on her journey. Although their connection seems to be instant, Hannah is scared that he will betray her…

Will the man she just met but has to trust, sacrifice her for his own needs?

Robert Stein, a notorious bounty hunter, is facing a heartbreaking dilemma; his little sister desperately needs his help and support, but Robert believes that while he can easily track down a wanted man, he’s not competent to raise a child. To complicate things, his latest client, Hannah Welsh, is drawing his attention in a way he’s never experienced before. He cannot deal with this distraction though while he chases down criminals and puts his life in danger…

Can she be the reason he needs to give a chance on romance?

An unforeseen obstacle appears for the couple, in the form of Robert’s sworn enemy, who targets their newborn and growing affection. Will they be strong enough to put aside their fears and overcome the challenging circumstances to be together? Will their love prove to be greater than the enemies set against them?

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Mistletoe and Magnolia: A Magnolia Bloom Novel Book 2

By Paula Adler / Genre: Literary, Contemporary Fiction
Mistletoe and Magnolia: A Magnolia Bloom Novel Book 2

Not everyone deserves second chances and a happily ever after, fairy tale ending…right?
Kiki MacInnes has burned more than a few bridges in her time. Now, as a recovering alcoholic, she’s dedicated to helping others avoid addiction. She can only hope her temporary role as the new chatelaine for Castle MacInnes will help her stay on the straight and narrow, too.

But even if she’s somehow able to redeem herself for the mistakes of the past, could all the people she’s hurt ever forgive her? Could the handsome small-town pastor who has her longing for a Christmas miracle?

Somewhere between the mistletoe and magnolias, amidst the magic of the holiday season, Kiki will need to learn that the greatest gift of all is forgiveness. Especially forgiving herself.

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Christmas Wish

By Scarlett Winters / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction
Christmas Wish

Have you ever had an awkward first meeting? You know, like when the Hunky town sheriff catches you breaking into your grandmother’s bed and breakfast? Just me then. Okay.

I long for a normal life. I’ve never been in one place more than a year or two at most. Many times only months.

When a phone call comes in that changes everything. I find out I have other family that loved me, but now she’s gone and has left me her bed and breakfast. I decide to take a chance and find out about my roots, once and for all. I find myself face to face with the sheriff of Mistletoe. Thinking I’m breaking in, things are tense, and a little hot.

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The Truth Between Us (Bentwood Book 2)

By Tammy L. Gr / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
The Truth Between Us (Bentwood Book 2)

Nine years to win her. Three years to love her. And one decision that destroyed it all.

April Duncan was raised with three clear truths: the family name is absolute, ambition and success rule over every emotion, and love always comes with strings attached. Image was everything in her carefully crafted world… until the mirror cracked. Sean Taylor was April’s best friend, the one man who taught her it was okay to let her guard down and to rely on someone. She trusted him. She loved him. Which made his deception the darkest kind of cruelty. Now, nearly a year later, she’s ready to leave her failed engagement in the past and get back her life and her estranged family, even if it means dating a man solely for his connections. She’ll never again choose love over loyalty.

Sean has spent his entire life breaking barriers, facing challenges, and never giving up. Until one impossible choice destroyed his future and left him no option but to flee from the woman who annihilated his heart. Now he’s back in Bentwood and determined to make her hear the truth and rebuild the trust he shattered. But April has become a mere shell of the woman who claimed his heart long ago. Winning her back is more than just seizing a victory, because if he fails… the girl he’s loved for a lifetime will disappear forever.

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Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Save Money and Live a Super Healthy Lifestyle

By Ashley Jenning / Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home, Two hours or more (65-100 pages), Kindle Short Reads
Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Save Money and Live a Super Healthy Lifestyle

Are you looking to plant a vegetable garden of your own but not sure where to start?

One of the most essential things you can do for your health is to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. The nutritional content of vegetables is at its maximum when they are picked fresh from the garden. Since you truly know what goes into your vegetables, you eliminate the possibility that they contain any potentially dangerous chemicals.

A vegetable gardener who is just a beginner has several questions in their mind:

Where exactly should I build my first vegetable garden?
What do I need to do to get the soil ready?
Should I purchase transplants of fresh plants or grow new plants from seed?
Which kinds of vegetables should I grow in my garden?
What about weeding, fertilizing, and other essential tasks?
What should I do if there is a pest invasion?

If you have similar inquiries, they will be satisfactorily addressed in this book. Before you plant your first vegetable garden, you’ll have a complete picture of how things work.

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“THE MUSCLE OUCHIES”: “I’ll Beat This No Matter What!”

By Ryan Nieves / Genre: Education & Reference, Children’s Books
“THE MUSCLE OUCHIES”: “I’ll Beat This No Matter What!”

A five year old boy named Ryan felt different from all the other kids at school, but would soon find out from his doctor why, and it would change his life forever. His parents were devastated to find out what it was, but Ryan handled it with such courage at his young age. Ryan’s positive attitude amazed everyone, and he discovered the best way to tackle the “THE MUSCLE OUCHIES”. Based on the true story of Ryan’s personal journey living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), and how the power of his family’s & friends’ love, having faith and a positive attitude kept him moving forward, no matter what life had in store for him.“A life lesson about family, friendship, love, faith, resilience, strength and true character in the face of physical adversity.”

Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Man Meets Stove

By Jim Madden / Genre: , ,
Man Meets Stove

Do you know a male between the ages of 18 and 35 that is desperately in need of NOT being single? Man Meets Stove is a comedy cookbook for men who’ve never cooked anything without a microwave. We wrote the Man Meets Stove cookbook as we had observed that the men-desperately-in-need-of-cooking-help market was vastly under served. The number of college students surviving on dried noodles and corn chips is just appalling. We are here to help. Man Meets Stove will help men cultivate skills, cooking and otherwise, that will assist them in their fledgling attempts to date women. You can thank us later, ladies. The cookbook includes the following tutorials and recipes: – Oils and other lubricants – Bacon, the other spice – Jet Fuel for the Revolution – Drunk Broccoli – Eggscellent Eggs – Grilled Cheese Sandwich Three-Way – Roast Beast – Chicken and other Vegetables – Heart Attack Hollandaise – Spicy Bacon Candy – Wake Me Up Before you Go Go Brownies (Caffeinated Brownies) ….and others. Every recipe comes with its own song dedication. It is an eclectic mix, with a slight emphasis on 80s pop and hair bands. We apologize for sticking slightly with what we know.

Free as of 12/01/22 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.


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