Dear Santa: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

By Lulu Pratt / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Dear Santa: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

I’m snowed in with my neighbor for Christmas

Someone put a note under my door that says Dear Santa, Sarah needs a man
I ain’t no Santa but I’m happy to play along with whatever game is going on
Especially if my neighbor’s been a naughty girl this year
She needs a place to stay for the holidays, so I invite her to stay with me at my cabin in the woods
Now we’re snowed in here for Christmas
I’m entranced by her curves, but it’s her eyes that melt my icy soul
She’s definitely a good girl – one I plan to keep
The only thing I want for Christmas is to f*ck her all day long in front of the roaring fire
Except I can’t shake my guilt
I’ll do everything I can to make up for what I did to her
Because there’s no way I’m losing her now.

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For the Love of Luca: A Standalone Romance (Chicago Syndicate Book 8)

By Soraya Naomi / Genre: Organized Crime, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

For the Love of Luca: A Standalone Romance (Chicago Syndicate Book 8)

I have it all: power, love, wealth, and most of all…control.

I’m a husband.
I’m a murderer.
I’m the underboss of the Chicagoan mafia.

I keep the world that Fallon and I have created in our home safe, and I’d sacrifice anything or anyone to protect the woman I love and my high ranking position without an ounce of remorse.

Until my worst nightmare comes true and I lose what I value the most: control over my home and myself.

And I fear that being a good husband and being a good Mafioso might get one of us killed.

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Love Hard: A Bad Boy Mafia Collection

By B. B. Hamel / Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Love Hard: A Bad Boy Mafia Collection

Step Bride

I’m the mobster’s forbidden bride.

I don’t know why he wanted to get married, but I couldn’t stop saying yes over and over again.

And it gets worse. My crazy mother eloped with his mafia father. We’re one big happy family, right?

I need to divorce him. I need to stop wanting him. I need to get out of this situation before both our families are torn to pieces.

Bastard’s Baby

I had that bastard’s baby and now I need his help.

The Russians are at war with the Italians, but I know Vince is my only chance. When I run away from home and ask him for help, I’m risking my life to save my son.

If the cocky jerk Vince Mori can’t learn what it means to be a father, I might be totally screwed.

Kissing the Killer

The killer took me, but I won’t be his. 

He came in the night, killed my abusive father, and carried me away.

Now we’re on the run. If the mafia finds out what he did, we’ll both be finished.

He destroys everything in his path. I know if I let him, he’ll ruin me too. 

But I have to give myself over to him, or we both might end up dead.

Packing Heat

They want to kill me, but he wants to knock me up. Either way I’m screwed.

Rafa says getting me pregnant will stop the mafia from coming after me. He says it’s the only way to protect me, but I’m worried he just wants to take my body again and again.

I can’t say no. If I do, the mafia will kill me, and he’s the only one trying to protect me.

But worst of all, part of me wants him to do it . . .

Bow Down

I want to take on the world, but that arrogant bastard just wants to take me.

Young, tall, and handsome, Wyatt Carter is no normal politician. He’s a notorious former bad boy turned State Attorney General, and I need his help if I’m going to crush my father’s mafia.

I’ll bow down to him, but first he has to lay the world at my feet.

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To Madden a Marquess (Lords of London Book 2)

By Tamara Gill / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

To Madden a Marquess (Lords of London Book 2)

She saved his life, but can she save him from himself?

Hunter, Marquess of Aaron, has the ton fooled. Outwardly he’s a gentleman of position, with good contacts, wealth and charm. Inwardly, he’s a mess. His vice—drinking himself into a stupor most days—almost kills him when he steps in front of a hackney cab. His saviour, a most unlikely person, is an angel to gaze at, but with a tongue sharper than his sword cane.

Cecilia Smith dislikes idleness and waste. Had she been born male, she would already be working for her father’s law firm. So, on a day when she was late for an important meeting at one of her many charities, she was not impressed by having to step in and save a foxed gentleman rogue from being run over.

When their social spheres collide, Hunter is both surprised and awed by the capable, beautiful Miss Smith. Cecilia, on the other hand, is left confused and not a little worried by her assumptions about the Marquess and his demons. It is anyone’s guess whether these two people from different worlds can form one of their own…

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Soul Marked: I Bring the Fire Part VII

By C. Gockel / Genre: Ghosts, Paranormal, Romance

Soul Marked: I Bring the Fire Part VII

Magic is real, but Tara’s life isn’t a fairy tale.

From humble beginnings, Tara’s managed to work her way into a great job researching Dark Energy, aka “magic,” in Chicago. She has a beautiful house she renovated with her own hands, and a loving extended family, but she hasn’t found her soulmate … Not that she believes in soulmates.

Lionel is a Light Elf. Despite being of dubious heritage and being born a peasant, he’s risen in the ranks to serve the Elf Queen. Like all true elves, Lionel has a soulmark to identify his soulmate … He just hasn’t found her yet.

When Lionel’s and Tara’s lives collide and Dark Elves strike, they’re forced to work together or perish. Friendship and more grows between them, but dangers loom … Tara is more important than she knows, and Lionel is more important than he wants to admit. Both of them have choices to make.

Will Lionel choose a “perfect” love over Tara? How much is Tara willing to give up for a happily ever after?

They might find that in an uncertain world, the love you struggle for is the only certain thing.

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Mountain Man’s Nanny

By Kelsey King / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction

Mountain Man's Nanny

After losing my wife in a tragic incident, I pack up and move my kids and I to the mountains to protect my family and my heart. Adjusting from the city life was fairly easy, except as time passes I know I can’t give my kids everything they need. But I’m too proud to admit it. Even when a nanny arrives and offers her expertise and time, I push her away, but my sister isn’t having it. Now the nanny with long, slender legs and big, bright eyes is moving in, and I know opening up to her will be my undoing.

When I’m forced to find a new job, I never expect my best friend to send me up the mountains to help her brother, who’s too stubborn to realize he needs it. Though he’s sexy as sin and the attraction is instant, his bad attitude practically scares me away. Considering he didn’t want to hire me in the first place, leaving would be best, but as soon as I meet his kids, I know they need me. So I stay.

There’s too much tension, stolen glances, and a novels worth of unspoken words. The temptation unravels and soon we’re both falling into unknown territory.
Winter may be coming, but the fireplace isn’t the only thing heating up in the cabin.

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Rose Red: an Everland Ever After Tale

By Caroline Lee / Genre: Frontier & Pioneer, Westerns

Rose Red: an Everland Ever After Tale

A wounded bear is more than he seems… even during an Everland Christmas!

Shy Rose dreams of wild adventures– gunfights and moonlit chase scenes–and the day when she can sell her novels to make enough to support her family. But her writing reflects her lack of experience, and she’s determined to find a way to learn about the grittier side of life. So when a wounded outlaw shows up in her barn two weeks before Christmas, the opportunity is too good to pass up. While she nurses him, Rose can learn from his escapades… but how long will she remain unaffected by his dangerous good looks?

US Marshall Barrett “Bear” Faulker might look like a dangerous bandit, but he can’t give away his real identity until he knows that the gang who attacked him is behind bars. He needs to keep his distance from his beautiful young savior, but her winning smile and her probing questions about his life and missions makes him defenseless against her charms. And when the gang decides that Everland’s Christmas celebrations are an easy target, Bear realizes that he’ll do just about anything to save the woman he’s come to love.

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Suddenly Susan: HILARIOUS Chick Lit! (Susan Wade Saga Book 1)

By Virginia Gray / Genre: Humor, Literary Fiction

Suddenly Susan: HILARIOUS Chick Lit! (Susan Wade Saga Book 1)

Twenty-two-year-old Susan Wade’s dream of a glamorous, high-powered career is the only thing that’s gotten her through the past four years of college. But now that she’s graduating, her future isn’t looking quite as bright as she’d hoped. She’s discovering the hard way that Corporate America values something she doesn’t have: experience. With only five dollars left to her name, Susan is left with two unappealing options: follow her semi-boyfriend to the bowels of Texas or manage a dilapidated diner in her small town. She’s got to convince someone to take a chance on her. But how?

Let’s face it. Ben’s not exactly relationship material. Awkward and geeky, his ideal job is designing computer software while hyped up on energy drinks. Best friends with Susan for far too long, he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, but she keeps shutting him down. Until one night…
Will Susan get the break of a lifetime before she makes a huge mistake? Will Ben finally get his fantasy girl? Or will they both end up in caffeine rehab?

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GROSS GUS’s:Rotten Christmas

By Kally Mayer / Genre: Nursery Rhymes, Children’s eBooks

GROSS GUS's:Rotten Christmas

Does Gus make the NICE list this year?
Funny Rhyming Picture Book for Beginner Readers (Ages 2-6) Christmas Picture Book for Bedtime!
Perfect for reluctant and beginner readers
In this beautifully illustrated rhyming book find out what happens to GROSS GUS when he gets involved in some mischief, right before Christmas.
Poor Gross Gus is always getting caught!
Mom and Dad, Sister Susie, Fishie, Doggie, Teacher and Santa are not happy!
In this funny tale find out what Gus does that gets him in trouble and who keeps tattling on him!

Free as of 12/09/18 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Vegan Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 100 Amazingly Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Fast, Easy, and Super Healthy Vegan Pressure Cooker Meals

By Vanessa Olsen / Genre: Reference, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Vegan Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 100 Amazingly Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for Fast, Easy, and Super Healthy Vegan Pressure Cooker Meals

The single best kitchen appliance for vegans is a pressure cooker!

A person’s diet has arguably the most significant impact on their health out of any other habit they might have. In that sense, we really are what we eat. In response to a society driven by an extreme hunger for meat and animal products, more and more people are turning to veganism. This plant-based diet eliminates all animal products, and the results include resistance to serious disease, better heart health, and increased energy.

So, veganism is great, but it sounds hard. So many of our favorite meals are based on meat, or at least have animal products in them, like eggs and dairy. What can a person do to make transitioning to (and maintaining) that diet easier? Two words: pressure cooking. Pressure cooking is the best way to prepare vegan staples like vegetables and beans because more nutritional value is preserved than through any other cooking method. This means more vitamins and minerals, like iron, which is something most vegans have trouble getting.

This book focuses on the electric pressure cooker, a kitchen tool that is both fast and affordable. There are 100 vegan pressure cooking recipes contained in its pages, so you can start enjoying things like:

  • Chai-spiced oatmeal
  • Tofu scrambles
  • Curry bowls
  • Hearty winter soups
  • “Cheese” sauces
  • Cornbread and Thanksgiving stuffing
  • Simple syrups
  • Cheesecakes and poached pears
  • Chocolate fondue

Vegan food has a reputation for being boring and tasteless, but it won’t take you long to see just how untrue that is. By using ingredients like pureed cashews, non-dairy milk, seitan, beans, and more, you can continue making fan favorites by “veganizing” everything you love. Vegan pressure cooking will impress anyone who tastes your food, vegan or not, and transform the way you see cooking.

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