Var (The Omega Collective Book 1)

By Mina Carter / Genre: , ,
Var (The Omega Collective Book 1)

She’d do anything to find her daughter – even make a bargain with a beast.

Leia wants nothing to do with the aliens who invaded Earth. They’re powerful, dangerous creatures who are a threat to every surviving human, especially women like her.

When alien raiders take her daughter, she’s left with only one chance to see her again. Find one of the aliens and offer him a deal.

She never expected the beast she found would be the new Overseer’s personal bodyguard. And she never imagined what would happen when she agreed to be claimed by an alien warrior named Var…

He came to this planet as a conqueror – only to find a female who brought him to his knees.

Var’s orders were simple. Deal with a rogue warrior and protect the inhabitants of a human village. Then she ran into view…

Leia isn’t like any female he’s ever seen. She defies and confounds him, but there’s no mistaking what she is… his.

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Alien Mercenary’s Heart (Lathar Mercenaries: Warborne Book 1)

By Mina Carter / Genre: Military, Romance
Alien Mercenary's Heart (Lathar Mercenaries: Warborne Book 1)

Return to the worlds of the Lathar, as you’ve never seen them before…

She wanted a coffee and an easy shift. Instead, she got a smart-alec mercenary and commandos trying to kill her…

Medically discharged from the military over a decade ago, Station Chief Eris Archer just wants a quiet life. But life on a frontier station like Tarantus is never dull. The wild west of space, she’s used to less than scrupulous characters crossing her path.

So when handsome cyborg, Zero, charms her with fantastical tales of being non-human, she takes it with a pinch of salt. When commandos storm the base, trying to kill her and she ends up with a price on her head, she has to trust him with her life… but can she trust him with her heart?

He doesn’t know where he came from, but he knows one thing… his destiny is with her.

Zero is a mystery, even to himself. Since waking up badly damaged in a wrecked shuttle, he’s made his home with the Warborne, a band of Latharian Mercenaries with a lethal reputation. He lives fast and he expects to die young…

Until he meets her. Eris Archer captures the attention of all his instincts, human and cyborg. Drawn to her like a targeting lock… he wants to get to know her better. But his plans for a date in the station’s brig are foiled by people with guns and they have to get off the station. Fast.

Between murderous commandoes, betrayals and an unexpected rescue mission; can Zero prove to her that he’s all the man, or machine, she’ll ever need…

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Mr. Collins’ Will: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

By Renata McM / Genre: Regency, Romance
Mr. Collins' Will: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Mr. Collins was a fool, yes, but not a fool who deserved to die.
Torn between anger with her cousin and remorse on his behalf, Miss Elizabeth Bennet must navigate the changes Mr. Collins’ demise brings to her family and sort out her feelings for both the charming Mr. Wickham and not-so-charming Mr. Darcy. In addition, she must discover the reasons behind a rash of anger directed her way. But most of all, she needs to learn what, if any, impact will befall her because of Mr. Collins’ Will.

Fitzwilliam Darcy knows he, his family, and his friends are all too good for the likes of the Bennets. Or are they? Decades old secrets and impulsive, and not so impulsive, proposals start reordering Darcy’s view of the world. Will he come to terms with what truly defines a person’s worth in time to claim the woman he loves, or lose her to a charming man seeking a fortune?

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The Heretic Lives (Heretic of the Federation Book 1)

By Michael Ander / Genre: New Adult & College, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Heretic Lives (Heretic of the Federation Book 1)

You cannot murder a person who never existed.

It is not impossible to rewrite history. In fact, when one computer runs the world, changing history happens faster.

Those who were heroes have been labeled villains. The alien Melagorns and Dreth, once friends, are now competitors at best.

The Regime works to instill loyalty to humanity. Loyalty to brotherhood. Loyalty to the state.

Loyalty to the words preached every night.

Humanity first. Truth!
Those with power are Tainted. Truth!
The Tainted prove Loyalty by working for the Regime. Truth!
Tainted who hide power seek to harm Humanity. Truth!
Hail, Victory! Hail, Humanity!

Except not everyone follows the truth.

John Dunn fled into a radioactive wasteland, seeking death rather than work in the Regime.

What he learns changes humanity forever.

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The Heart’s Companion (Flowers & Thorns)

By Holly Newman / Genre: Clean & Wholesome, Romance
The Heart's Companion (Flowers & Thorns)

They say, “Love conquers all,” but with loves destroyed and lives damaged by vicious lies, will the Devil’s Disciple and The Ice Witch share a passion strong enough to conquer rumor’s power?

Miss Jane Grantley—society dubbed her the Ice Witch, London’s most elusive debutante. Janes calm self-assurance and cool green gaze intimidated all but the most calculating of suitors. She scoffed at the many scheming designs on her virtue—and her dowry. Jane swore never to marry for any reason but love. With relief, she left London at the end of the season and settled at her sister’s house with her companion to provide a steady hand to her young nephews while her sister and husband were out of the country. She had just begun to relax and appreciate the rural environment when she learned the Earl of Royce, nicknamed The Devil’s Disciple, had returned to his neighboring ancestral property to see what could be salvaged from years of neglect.

Royce was all Jane loathed in a man. He was a rake, responsible for the ruin of innocent ladies—if the countless rumors about him were to be believed. Jane planned to undo the rogue once and for all, but it appeared Royce had plans of his own.

The Devil’s Disciple refused to live up to his society nickname; instead, he played the perfect gentleman until even the Ice Witch found her reserves melting.

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Overachiever (Slumming It Book 2)

By S.M. Shade / Genre: New Adult & College, Romance
Overachiever (Slumming It Book 2)

It started with a summer job and a ridiculous sex dream.

If you were to ask my friends to describe me, they’d tell you I’m an ambitious person. Responsible, driven, and focused on my goals. Words like stubborn and uptight would probably get thrown in there too. I’m not sure about that, but I know who I’m not.

I’m not the woman who lets a guy derail me from my plans. Watching others make that mistake has taught me well. No serious dating. No relationship until I’m successfully settled into my career. That’s the promise I made to myself and I’m determined to keep it.

Despite being an excellent student, there’s one lesson I fear I’ve learned too late. Funny men aren’t as harmless as they seem and should be avoided at all times. They sneak in under your radar and end up under your skirt. One second you’re laughing. The next you’re hunting for your underwear on a hotel room floor. Believe me, it’s not worth it.

If only my heart would stop screaming louder than my brain, I might be able to believe that Owen falls into that category. He’s my friend, but every day we spend together in this hotel, or working on our summer job building houses for charity, the harder it gets to convince myself we shouldn’t be more.

Years of diligence, and I’m being destroyed by a goofy smile.

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Syler McKnight (Best Friend’s Brother Holiday Romance)

By Cora Brent / Genre: Holidays, Romance
Syler McKnight (Best Friend's Brother Holiday Romance)

Syler McKnight…
He was my archenemy.
My nemesis.
The boy most likely to flip my homicidal switch.
You see, my best friend Gemma has two brothers.
One is a solemn science genius with the body of a Roman god.
And the other one is Syler.
One of them was the object of an unrequited schoolgirl crush back when my romantic options were limited to a small town in upstate New York.
And the other one is best remembered for his talent for setting my last nerve on fire.
Years ago, Syler and I shared one night together that was as hot as it was foolish.
The next day we went right back to despising each other.
Anyway, that’s ancient history.
Syler isn’t even on my mind when I rush home to help Gemma after her scoundrel of a husband deserts her and their four children right before Christmas.
Yet there he is.
Proving that he’s every bit as unserious, brash and arrogant as he was back then.
Proving that he still has a gift for making me crazy.
Proving that he’s easily the sexiest man in the tri-state area.
And proving that there’s a lot more to him than I ever guessed.
In fact, I think Syler McKnight might just turn out to be what I really want for Christmas.

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The Love Potion

By Becky Monson / Genre: Single Authors, Short Stories
The Love Potion

Can a magic love potion help her see what’s right in front of her?

Ally Hawkins, ever cheerful and always willing to see the bright side of things, has never had a date for Valentine’s Day. But this is her year. She can feel it in her little optimistic heart. Even if she, a full-grown woman, resorts to believing in a love potion she bought at a county fair. After all, the day she accidently got some of the smelly concoction on herself, the object of her desire asked her out to lunch. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

But ever since the potion came into her life, Josh Wise, Ally’s coworker and office BFF, has been acting strange. He’s been pulling away from her, and she finds that she’s missing his playful antics and the way he can always make her laugh and smile. The potion, it would seem, is lifting the curtain on a reality that Ally has been blind to. But will she recognize what’s been right in front of her all along before it’s too late?

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Atlantis Papyrus (Whispers of Atlantis Book 1)

By Jay Penner / Genre: War & Military, Action & Adventure
The Atlantis Papyrus (Whispers of Atlantis Book 1)

Babylon, 323 B.C.

King Alexander the Great has died without an heir and blood-thirsty generals circle each other, plotting for the throne and pieces of a vast and restless empire. But captain Deon has other worries—his ugly past has finally caught up with him, and now a vicious lender will sell his family to slavery if he does not clear his debt. Desperate, he accepts a mission from Alexander’s wily Royal Secretary in return for a generous reward.

Deon soon discovers that nothing is as it seems in the murky waters of succession. Deceived and threatened, he faces a stark choice: decode a secret with the power to bequeath the owner with the keys to Alexander’s throne and earn his family’s freedom, or let them die in the brutal gold mines of Ethiopia.

Assisted by a companion as skilled with languages as she is with a dagger, and pursued by forces that will stop at nothing, Deon must cross lands erupting in violence and find an astonishing mystery hidden for a thousand years. But the more he learns, the more he realizes that his actions will decide the life and death of not only his loved ones but also that of millions of innocents.

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Highlander’s Devilish Vow: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel

By Eloise Madigan / Genre: British, Historical Fiction
Highlander's Devilish Vow: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel

He set her body on fire with just one look…

Lady Lyla Watson would rather marry a tree than the insufferable gentleman who keeps pestering her brother for her hand. When a mysterious Highlander makes an appearance in the ton, she is intrigued…and dares to make a deal with the Devil.

Fergus Park, Laird of MacLennan, must acquire new English business partners; an impossible feat, due to the prejudice of the people against him. But when he rescues a beautiful fairy from her fate, he doesn’t realize he is rescuing himself as well.

A deal to save both their futures gets more complicated when their feelings become real. With no allies to aid them in their quest, Lyla and Fergus’ love goes through extreme hurdles…Yet, their biggest problem might be broken dreams…of Lyla in a wedding dress, dipped in blood.

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

How to Hug a Cloud – Children’s Picture Book: An inspiring story about following your dreams!

By Jacqueline Vollat / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks
How to Hug a Cloud - Children's Picture Book: An inspiring story about following your dreams!

How to Hug a Cloud is an uplifting, inspirational, rhyming story about following your dreams. Lilly, a young cloud lover, has an impossible dream of hugging a fluffy white cloud. She decides one day that today’s the day! She creates a plan and sets out for her adventure to the skies, with her trusty dog along for the ride!

Lilly comes across several challenges along her journey, but will she give up or will she continue until she accomplishes her goal? Pick up this book to find out!

This book is guaranteed to inspire your child to keep their head up, have an open mind, and not give up on their dreams.

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

DIABETICS COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: 1200 Days Of Easy And Delicious Balanced Meals To Manage Type 2 Diabetes Without Stress And Improve Your Health. The Diabetic Diet Recipes For The Newly Diagnosed.

By Robert Charlis / Genre: Low Fat, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
DIABETICS COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: 1200 Days Of Easy And Delicious Balanced Meals To Manage Type 2 Diabetes Without Stress And Improve Your Health. The Diabetic Diet Recipes For The Newly Diagnosed.

Want to change your eating habits but you have never been good at the stoves? Then this is the cookbook for you.

You’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes and now you need to start preparing your own meals in order to manage it…

But you haven’t a clue on how to do it because you’re always used to do “those” couple of things:

Turn on the microwave to cook frozen food or call Uber Eats and get ready-made food straight to your door, right?

Now don’t worry because this cookbook KNOWS you…

And that’s why it gives you just recipes tailored for you.

EASY. All the recipes in this cookbook are easy and foolproof.

DELICIOUS. Because if they are not, it’s harder to stick with your new diet.

ENDLESS. The more the recipes are, the better, so you never get tired of what you eat.

Free as of 12/20/21 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.


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