Player (Caribbean Nights Book 1)

By Anne Marsh / Genre: Military, Romance

Player (Caribbean Nights Book 1)

“My dating life has starred cupcake men—sweet but more icing than cake and nothing that could keep my mouth busy for a more than a few minutes. Finn Callahan? He’s cake. A five-layer, lusciously frosted gateau.” – Valentina Fuentes

I’ve never met a woman I couldn’t love—for one night. I’m the bad boy, the player, the sexy heartbreaker you meet in a bar and take home. And after my last hellish tour of duty as a SEAL, sun, sand, and sex are my new mission in life. Happily ever after? Pass. I’ll give you the best twelve hours of your life, and then I’m gone because why settle down when playing the field is so fun?

All that changes when I meet Valentina Fuentes. Actually, I rescue her from a ditch, which should score me major hero points. She’s even willing to admit I’m hot—and she’ll fool around with me. But convincing her that I’m anything but a sun-and-good-times boy toy? That’s mission impossible. She argues I’m the loaner car girlfriends pass around… and, sure, she’s willing to take me for a ride. A short ride. And for the first time in my life, I’d like more than a twelve-hour relationship. So when she asks me to pose as her fake fiancé, I’m all in. This is it. My shot to kiss and win the girl because this smooth-talking bad boy is dreaming of forever.

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Blade & Rose (Blade and Rose Book 1)

By Miranda Honfleur / Genre: Women’s Adventure, Action & Adventure

Blade & Rose (Blade and Rose Book 1)

Check out the bestselling romantic epic fantasy series ideal for fans of Sarah J. Maas and George R.R. Martin that’ll grab you by the heart and not let go.

She trusted him once.
He betrayed her twice.
A third time could bring an entire kingdom to its knees…

Stuck in a betrothal to a cruel werewolf fiancé, Rielle works for the Divinity of Magic, the one thing keeping her from his claws. And the head of the Divinity knows it, giving her every mission no one else wants and few can handle. When an enemy of the Divinity invades their walls, someone needs to frogmarch him home, with no detours. No mage would ever want to handle a magic-nullifying knight… So, of course Rielle is assigned to do it.

The way to their destination is rife with danger—a civil war is brewing, and tangled somewhere in it is Rielle’s best friend, Olivia. When whispers reveal mercenaries have killed the king, taken the capital, and that no one is coming to help, Rielle can’t leave Olivia in peril. But as infamous mages and deadly assassins hunt her holy knight charge, she can’t leave him unprotected either—especially as she finds herself falling for his strength, his passion, and his uncompromising goodness…

Her past returns to haunt them, her werewolf fiancé stalks their steps, and an ancient evil is gathering, yet the restraints forbidding their love strain and snap one by one. Can they overcome the war in their way, or will trusting a two-faced ally tear them apart, and leave Olivia and an entire besieged kingdom to fray at the ends…?

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Frostbound Throne: Song of Night (Court of Sin Book 1)

By May Sage / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Frostbound Throne: Song of Night (Court of Sin Book 1)

Vale was born in battle seven hundred years ago, and in all this time, he’s never encountered an enemy that poses a real challenge. Until now.

Devi has been told terrifying tales of vengeful gods since her youth. She never thought that she would wake up in a world where she had to fight them.

They’re opposites, he gets on her nerves, she is under his skin, and if they’re to survive, they must join forces.

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The Wolf’s Capture (Captured, 1)

By Jenika Snow / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction

The Wolf's Capture (Captured, 1)

It should have just been a simple vacation, away from everyone and everything to clear my head. But I soon realized I wasn’t alone.

He stalked me, hunted me. I should’ve run faster, tried harder. But the truth was I liked him chasing me.

Wolf was a ruthless man, his way of living barbaric. Now he had me in his off-the-grid cabin, what he deemed my new home. I was his new wife, would have his babies.

I was his irrevocably.

I shouldn’t have felt arousal. But I did.

He’s not going to let me escape … but then again, maybe I don’t want to.

Warning: This one has bite to it—even if it’s NOT paranormal! As per the usual … it’s short and fast and pretty unrealistic … but it gets right down to the juicy bits. It’s one of those stories that will have you wanting to find your own Wolf in the woods.

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Baby For The Mountain Man: A Mountain Man’s Baby Suspense Thriller Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty Book 1)

By K.C. Crowne / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Baby For The Mountain Man: A Mountain Man's Baby Suspense Thriller Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty Book 1)

As I watch the single daddy with his baby…
I decide I don’t care about the dark rumors of his past.
And when this small mountain town reveals it’s own hairy secrets…
I wonder if Kellen will be the one to save it from destitution.

People say he’s rude and barbaric.
But I see a tortured man, broken and compassionate.
He’s hurting – and I’m all too familiar with that feeling.

I know there’s much more to him than meets the eye.
But can I ever melt the ice around his broken heart?

Baby for the Mountain Man is a steamy standalone mountain man suspense thriller romance, and part of the Bearded Mountain Daddies series. Each book can be read as a standalone. Transport yourself into charming and magical small town of Liberty, Utah as we follow four bad boy, rugged and possessive mountain daddies in their quests to find lasting love on the mountains.

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All Is Bright

By P. Jameson / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

All Is Bright

All Francesca Brightwood wants for Christmas is a cure for loneliness. Past tragedies have left her with nothing but her home, her family’s inherited flower shop, and a desperate hope that something brighter is on the horizon. In walks Malcom, right off the streets, and her heart takes notice. The honest way he looks at her, like she’s the calm to his storm, tells her there’s a chance her wishes could come true. But the closer they become, the more Malcom’s mysterious history seems impossible to hurdle.

Malcom “Skinner” Frazier is hiding from his past, and trying to heal from a crippling injury. When he finds himself in front of Brightwoods Floral & Gifts, he has no idea the woman inside is just as lost as he is. Drawn by her kindness and the careful tenderness in her eyes, he begins to wonder if she can help him find his way. But when the past comes calling, and all of Malcom’s secrets are revealed, will Francesca accept what he truly is and the future he wants with her.

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Scrapyard Ship Series Books: 4 – 7 (The Scrapyard Ship Boxset Book 2)

By Mark Wayne McGinnis / Genre: Space Fleet, Military, Science Fiction

Scrapyard Ship Series Books: 4 - 7 (The Scrapyard Ship Boxset Book 2)

Realms of Time (Book 4)
Welcome to the fourth installment of the Scrapyard Ship series, Realms of Time. Captain Jason Reynolds and his team are up against a new, and unexpected foe—an adversarial force that has every intention of aligning with the powerful and dreaded Craing Empire. 

The enemy strikes from Earth’s high orbit, deploying five time-shifting spheres. The spheres are strategically positioned to link-up and set Earth’s clock back 100 years into the past. But when that course of action is interrupted by The Lilly’s crew, the results become far worse. Fluctuating time realms rapidly spread across the globe and threaten to rip the planet apart. Join Jason, Billy, Traveler, Ricket and Dira on their mission as they literally travel to the ends of time to bring Earth back to the twenty-first century.

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The Priestess and the Dragon (Dragon Saga Book 1)

By Nicolette Andrews / Genre: Folklore, Mythology & Folk Tales

The Priestess and the Dragon (Dragon Saga Book 1)

An arrogant dragon. A smart-mouthed priestess. The fate of the world depends on them working together.

Suzume’s life is ruined. Exiled to a remote mountain shrine, she is training to become a priestess. A life of poverty doesn’t suit her, and she dreams of her old life as a princess. When she accidentally awakens the god of the mountain, she discovers new powers and a whole lot of problems.

The god is a fake. For five hundred years, the dragon was trapped at the shrine. Betrayed by the woman he loved, he needs to find her reincarnation to get his revenge. Since Suzume freed him, he chooses her to help him. But when Suzume discovers she’s that woman, it’s a race to seal him again before he finds out.

With new powers come dangerous enemies. The dragon is not the only one she needs to worry about. A powerful monster wants Suzume for his own. Until she can learn to control her abilities, the dragon is the only one who can protect her. They must learn to work together to stop him, if they don’t kill each other in the process.

If you loved the fierce heroine from Throne of Glass and the action and adventure of InuYasha, you’ll love Nicolette Andrews’s The Priestess and the Dragon.

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Sun Bear Buns (Bear Buns Denver Book 3)

By Sable Sylvan / Genre: Comedy, Horror

Sun Bear Buns (Bear Buns Denver Book 3)

Does a bear strip in the woods?

Head costumer Grace Martinez has had it with the antics of the werebear strippers, Apollo and Surya, who have managed to destroy nearly every costume her team has sewn them. Can a little forest magic bring these three close together? Or will a monster in need of hunting scare Grace out of her cashmere socks…and into the furry arms of the sun bears. The air conditioning at Bear Buns Denver breaks, but while it gets repaired, the Bear Buns club gets moved…to Cherry Creek State Park. With days spent in bungalows on the beach and nights spent in cabins in the forest, things are bound to get hot and heavy…or furry and curvy.

Welcome to Camp Bear Buns…

Grace didn’t expect her second week at Bear Buns to take her to the frikkin’ woods. She’s as prim and proper as she is curvy. Camping isn’t exactly ‘her thing.’ She’s an open minded woman who finds herself having more fun that she expected to have…at least, on her off time. On the job, she has two nightmare performers that are taking up 10% of her time but causing 90% of her troubles. Those performers? None other than the dashingly attractive sun bears Apollo and Surya, who for some reason, refuse to keep their clothes on…literally. Making elaborate costumes for strippers is hard enough, but when shifters who refuse to control their shifts are added to the mix, even cool-headed Grace might blow a fuse. Why are these sun bears so intent on antagonizing her…and why is she finding it kinda hot?

She’s hunting for a monster. They’re hunting for a fated mate.

Bad boy bears Apollo and Surya are supposed to have control over their shifts…but their sun bears just aren’t listen to them. It seems that every time they even think about the newest employee of Bear Buns, their shifts want to come out to play…leaving tattered scraps of fabric in their wake. The only question is, what will happen when a mysterious monster causes mischief around the Bear Buns campground? Will she take up the sun bears’ offer and stay in their cabin…and once she’s had a taste of menage, will she come back for s’mores?

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Modified Flight Plan

By Lisa Kovanda / Genre: Medical, Professionals & Academics, Biographies & Memoirs

Modified Flight Plan

Most sixteen year-old kids joyride in Daddy’s pickup. Not Brian Thomas. Instead, you find him out buzzing the football team in Daddy’s airplane. Flying is his life—it’s in his blood. Both of his parents are pilots. His older brother is in the Air Force. And he can’t imagine himself as anything but an aviator. That is, until the bleeding disorder he’s battled since he was two years old sidelines him. After several failed chemotherapy treatments, Brian opts for a potentially disease-curing, but risky spleen removal. After more chemotherapy, he regains his flight status, but now he’s left with an altered immune system.

In April of 2009, Brian leaves his job at Duncan Aviation, where he is an aviation mechanic, to go home with what he thinks is the flu. Four hours later, he is comatose and on life-support. His hands, feet, and face develop gangrene. Ten days later when he wakes up, he must face the prospect of becoming a quadruple amputee. Surgeons save his left hand, but he faces a long road to recovery, and regaining his life.

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His Innocent Mate (Unforgiven Country Book 1)

By Jordan Marie / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

His Innocent Mate (Unforgiven Country Book 1)

As a wolf shifter, mating with a human isn’t allowed.
But I’m not about to let her go again. She’s Mine.

Wyatt’s a shifter. A big bad wolf.
I’m a human girl.
I may be back in town to take care of my sick grandmother, but this is no fairytale.
I love him. I’ve loved him for years, but he’s forbidden to me.
I’ll never belong to him and if I tried, he’d not only devour me, eventually his one true mate would come along.
A wolf like him.
Even knowing that, I still seek him out—only wanting one small taste to live on before I return back to the city and leave him behind forever.
But something has changed.
Wyatt is refusing to let me walk away again. It can never work. Nowhere in the bedtime stories does the girl get to keep her wolf.
I try to resist, to be logical. Then, he whispers two little words that makes my heart stutter in my chest. Two little words that promises me everything I’ve ever wanted.
My mate.
Will it be safe to share my basket of goodies when the wolf I love flashes those big teeth at me, promising forever?

If you’ve read books these authors have done together before you know what to expect. Over the top alpha who will stop at nothing to claim the women they love. This time the hero just has a little extra bite.

Free as of 12/21/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

A Duke She Can’t Refuse (The Impossible Balfours Book 1)

By Gemma Blackwood / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

A Duke She Can't Refuse (The Impossible Balfours Book 1)

Headstrong Miss Daisy Morton must make a choice: play the fiancée to a duke she doesn’t love, or face ruin.

Daisy’s loyalty to her friends is always getting her into awkward places. Unfortunately, those places include the bedroom of the stern young Duke of Loxwell, where she is caught hiding by one of society’s most notorious gossips.

For mysterious reasons of his own, the duke saves her reputation with a false engagement. There’s only one rule: she can’t fall in love with him.

Simple enough. What are the chances that the true love Daisy has always dreamed of should turn out to be the strict, strait-laced, surprisingly tender duke with a devastating smile reserved especially for her?

Alexander Balfour, the new Duke of Loxwell, lives for honour and duty. The dukedom weighs as heavily on his shoulders as the responsibility of setting an example for his four unruly sisters.

And that honour has sealed his fate forever. A fatal mistake in his past means he cannot fall in love without betraying those he holds dearest.

Even if Daisy turns his world upside down in a hundred different ways, she cannot save him from his lonely penance.

Or can she?

Free as of 12/21/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Cosmic Beginnings: Book One (The Mystical Adventures of the StarRats 1)

By Joy Moulton / Genre: Mammals, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Cosmic Beginnings: Book One (The Mystical Adventures of the StarRats 1)

In this creative and exciting new retelling of the Creation-Story we take an adventure to discover the gifts of curiosity, possibility, kindness, and connection.Welcome to the adventures of Rat Dark and Rat Light, two celestial beings born from the pure stardust of an exploding star.
As the cosmic stardust descends to earth, it becomes reversed and STAR turns into RATS, and so the adventure of the StarRats begins.
As our heavenly duo are “born,” a wondrous world is revealed. Not knowing yet of earthly ways, our new friends rely on help from a cast of earthly creatures as they traverse the Path of Possibility. 

As they learn, feel, and experience new things, our StarRats share their own unique gifts with all they meet. This is only the beginning of their adventure!

Free as of 12/21/19 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Vegetarian Athlete Cookbook : New Recipes to Your Workouts

By Publishing House ZNAKOVAN / Genre: Cheese & Dairy, Cooking by Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

The Vegetarian Athlete Cookbook : New Recipes to Your Workouts

Is it possible to live a vegetarian life while still doing sports? Yes! Today you will learn all the details of this topic. Especially for you, we have collected the best recipes for vegetarian food. Here you will find new sources of protein. You will be able to form your diet.
How will vegetarianism affect your health?

  • Lowering your sugar level
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Complete removal of slag and toxins
  • Vessel improvement
  • Cholesterol reduction

What Will We Talk About in This Book ?

  • Vegetarian Athlete Cookbook
  • Nutrition for Vegetarian Athletes
  • Vegetarian sports menu. Vegetarianism and bodybuilding. Where to get a vegetarian protein?
  • How does vegetarianism affect muscle growth?
  • Where can I get a vegetarian protein?
  • Vegetarian sources of protein
  • Vegetarianism and amino acids
  • Vegetarianism and essential vitamins
  • Vitamin B12 in a vegetarian diet
  • Example menu of a vegetarian bodybuilder
  • Myths about vegetarianism
  • How to gain muscle mass in vegetarianism – advice
  • Breakfast is vegetarian food
  • Vegetarian recipes for salads
  • Vegetarian recipes for Soups
  • Vegetarian Recipes for Main Courses
  • Bonus recipes from the Publishing House Znakovan.
  • Christmas Mulled Wine
  • Vegan sugar-free protein shake made of Banana with Cocoa and Oatmeal
  • Vegan protein Shake with Avocado

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