Stockings and Spells: A paranormal cozy mystery (Vampire Knitting Club Book 4)

By Nancy Warre / Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Cozy, Mystery

Stockings and Spells: A paranormal cozy mystery (Vampire Knitting Club Book 4)

The Vampire Knitting Club decide to take part in Oxford’s Holiday Market, selling exquisite hand knit scarves, sweaters and gift items. Their most popular item is the hand knit Christmas stocking, brightly colored and extra long to squeeze in a few extra small gifts.

But when a sales clerk in another booth is found strangled with one of the stockings, Lucy Swift and her undead detectives are on the case, determined to find out who would do such a terrible thing. And why.

In the meantime, Lucy’s working hard at her spell book, learning to be a witch, with the help of her black cat familiar and her new assistant. Meritanum is a three thousand year old Egyptian witch and she’s having trouble with some of the concepts of modern life, such as traffic, Smart Phones and anything powered by electricity.

Life at Cardinal Woolsey’s knitting shop, in Oxford, England, is as colorful as the most garish Christmas sweater.

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Karma’s Spell: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel (Magical Midlife in Mystic Hollow Book 1)

By Lacey Carter / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Romance

Karma's Spell: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Magical Midlife in Mystic Hollow Book 1)

No one ever told me what to do if I ended up forty-something, divorced, and jobless.

When my ex knocks at my door with his new girlfriend I somehow manage to turn them into toads. But that’s not possible, right?

Still, my ex-husband’s car is in the driveway, and he’s nowhere to be found. Which doesn’t look great for me.

So I do the only rational thing I can think of… I run for it, straight back to the small town I grew up in. Mystic Hollow is exactly the way I remember it, except now it seems that everything I thought was normal and boring is supernatural. Even my group of childhood friends appear to be magical in unexpected ways.

And the hot guy I had a schoolgirl crush on? Apparently, he’s an alpha shifter who digs me.

Moving back home might be the fun I’ve been missing.

That is until my brother disappears. Now, it’s up to me to find him, even if I have to take on vampires, shifters, sirens, and a whole lot of crazy to do it.

I know that so long as I have my friends backing me, I’ll find him because no one wants to be on karma’s bad side…

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Kinetic (Deathstalkers MC Book 1)

By Elizabeth Knox / Genre: Military, ST Romance Test, 5edb3046-f9c1-4621-85f5-a4f7c2464a28_201

Kinetic (Deathstalkers MC Book 1)

I can’t run from my past, no matter how hard I try.


I knew the second I’d arrived back in Portland he’d know I was here within days, so it wasn’t a shock to me that he came knocking on my door, literally.

Kaden was my first love, but he isn’t the same man anymore. These days he goes by another name, Kinetic, one he was given when he went overseas. Now he’s in a biker club and living a totally different life. Hell, I roll my eyes thinking about it.

I came back here to take care of my elderly mother because she just had a full hip replacement, but I didn’t come alone. So much has changed over the last decade and as soon as I saw him, everything came rushing back.

Will I be able to get out of Portland unscathed, or is Kinetic going to weasel his way into my heart like Kaden did?


Years ago, I enlisted in the Marines and thought my life was going just the way I planned. Had the girl and the career I always wanted. We were kids, just starting our lives and had so much to look forward to. I had it all figured out, but the kicker is it never happened.

I’ve lived the last twelve years mainly overseas working alongside my brothers. Men who I’d laid down my life for. Coming home we started the Deathstalkers MC and I never looked back.

Now I’m standing on the front porch of Charlee’s mom’s house, glaring down at her as she holds onto the one thing she knew I always wanted.

My kid.

Decisions have to be made and something’s going to give. Either way she’ll be mine again.

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Christmas in the Cabin: A Dad’s Best Friend, Secret Baby, Holiday Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

By Sofia T Summers / Genre: Contemporary, ST Romance Test, 5edb3046-f9c1-4621-85f5-a4f7c2464a28_201

Christmas in the Cabin: A Dad's Best Friend, Secret Baby, Holiday Romance (Forbidden Temptations)

Driving home for Christmas, I couldn’t outrun the snow or Nick Wallace.
I had travelled the world, but nothing prepared me for that fateful night in his cabin…
Not even for the baby girl who arrived eight months later.

There were secrets pride urged me to keep.
Nick never learned about his daughter, our daughter,
And I kept my word that my father would never know what we did.
Their friendship didn’t need to be shattered like all my hopes.

Now, fate is calling me back home for an extended holiday season.
There will be no quick getaway this time.

People say that time heals all wounds, but what can an all-consuming kiss do?
Everything always looks better under the glow of holiday lights,
But will the harsh light of reality be the end of everything I once craved from Nick?

This Christmas, will I finally stop running?

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Candy Cane Conspiracies (Claire’s Candles Cozy Mystery Book 7)

By Agatha Fros / Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Cozy, Mystery

Candy Cane Conspiracies (Claire's Candles Cozy Mystery Book 7)

Murder at the craft fair…

Christmas is around the corner in Northash, and candle shop owner, Claire Harris, is excited about her first craft fair. Being held in the locally historic Starfall House, Claire is sure her festive scents will fly off her stall. But she’s not the only stallholder selling homemade candles, and when her main competition dies on the first day of the fair, all fingers point to Claire. Can she prove her innocence before Christmas Day?

THE DETECTIVE – Claire Harris, daughter of a retired detective inspector, runs her dream candle shop in a quaint British village. Surrounded by gossiping villagers, tight-knit friends, and loyal family, Claire, in her mid-thirties, can’t help sleuthing when strange things happen on her doorstep…

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Severe : Carolina Hell Reapers (Motorcycle Club Mafia Romance)

By Keta Kendric / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Severe : Carolina Hell Reapers (Motorcycle Club Mafia Romance)

Jade McKenna: Raised by a drug kingpin, you would think that I would be intimately familiar with chaos but the roles in my life were flipped after my father’s death. Boarding school, owning businesses, and mingling with the social elite became my norm.

Until one day, the chaos returned.

Severe, a biker-assassin, showed up out of the blue and snatched me, told me I was coming with him until…Until what? I ended up at Ground Zero, his motorcycle club compound, and had no choice but to figure out how to live among a group of legendary death dealers, biding my time until I could escape or until death. My choices were dismal, but I learned that there were worse things than death, and it’s been lurking over my shoulders my whole life.

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Little Isaac’s Amish Nanny

By Naomi Troyer / Genre: Amish, Romance

Little Isaac's Amish Nanny

After a terrible accident claims the lives of both their parents, Joseph suddenly becomes his brother Isaacs’s sole guardian.

Along with running the family farm, Joseph is burdened with more responsibility than he is prepared for.

For the next year, Joseph puts his whole life on hold, even his upcoming engagement to Beth Stoltzfus. When he is informed by his kind neighbor that she can no longer watch little Isaac during the day, Joseph frantically needs a nanny.

The bishop sends Hope Maas to fill the position. Kind and fun-loving, Hope quickly wins over young Isaac’s heart.

With his sweetheart Beth pushing for an engagement, Joseph is cautious to take the leap. He no longer only has his own future to think of, but what is best for Isaac as well.

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Pucking Around With A Grumpy Billionaire : An Opposites Attract Small-Town Hockey Romance

By Haley Storm / Genre: Sports, Romance

Pucking Around With A Grumpy Billionaire : An Opposites Attract Small-Town Hockey Romance

Scoring Boston’s billionaire bad-boy hockey star was never my intention…

One drink after work to sort out the loss of my dad left this small-town nurse practitioner with way more than I bargained for.

Sprinkle in some pent-up testosterone and an act of valor, and you’ve got a broken nose and trip to the clinic where I’m forced to treat him.

If it wasn’t for his bloated ego and big-city attitude, I might appreciate this hunky-tatted hottie.

Next thing I know, I’m signing on as the team’s travel medic for an insane amount of money.

I’m no puck bunny, but his constant attempts to score have me curious about how he handles his stick.

The trouble is, Easton falls hard and wants more than I’m willing to give.

I don’t trust easily, and I won’t do long-distance relationships.

Saying yes to him means losing my family’s practice.

The clinic is a staple in this town, and now I’m forced to choose between our love or losing everything my father and I worked for.

Free as of 12/24/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

A Heaven Sent Amish Christmas

By Mary Lantz / Genre: Amish, Romance

A Heaven Sent Amish Christmas

The only man Greta loves is in love with someone one else. And each year Lydia Troyer comes home for Christmas destroying Daniels heart all over again. But the hard news this year is, that Lydia is coming home for good and while Greta’s heart is crushed, Daniel’s heart is soaring.

As Daniel watches Lydia struggle under the burden of assimilating back into Amish life and caring for her seriously ill mother, he determines to do all that he can to help her. When he offers marriage, Lydia agrees to consider the proposal.

Burying her feelings deep in her heart, knowing her love will never be returned Greta turns to God. She asks that this Christmas Daniel be gifted the desires of his heart, despite the pain it will cause her. She throws herself into her family and caring for her sister’s children. But when a snow storm arrives and the children’s lives are in mortal danger and Daniel rushes to Greta’s aid, his heart and his mind are opened and now it is Daniel that must make a difficult choice.

Can Daniel admit that he has wasted years yearning for a love that was never real? Can Greta overcome her belief that she could never compare to the sophisticated Lydia? Is Lydia truly ready to let her English life go and commit to man she barely knows? Can the joy of Christmas be shared around The Amish community?

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Heartsick & Lipsticks (Single Dad CEO Book 3)

By Shawna Renae / Genre: Billionaires, Romance

Heartsick & Lipsticks (Single Dad CEO Book 3)

Nick Locke
My life was exactly how I’d planned it. Growing up, I wanted to rule the world, and being CEO of Locke Media Group fulfilled that dream. I’d started with nothing and built a billion-dollar empire one brick at a time. My motto was work hard, play harder. Becoming a single dad had rearranged my priorities, but I still found time to live up to the title I’d earned of San Francisco’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

Settling down was not in the plan…until I met her. She took me by surprise and had me reevaluating my bachelor status. Single life was all I’d ever known and ever wanted, but that was before I knew and wanted her.

Skye Taylor
My life was not how I’d planned it. Growing up, my dreams were nursery rhymed inspired; love comes first, then marriage, then a baby carriage. Things hadn’t gone in that order. Becoming a teen mom by a man who wanted nothing to do with me or our baby was not how I’d envisioned my life. But I rolled with the punches making the executive decision to focus on my daughter and my career.

No dating. No drama. No problem. I’d managed to go fifteen years living by that credo. But then I met him. I never saw him coming and he had me not only rethinking my choices but also bending all my rules.

Free as of 12/24/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Baby Girl Bedtime Story: A Mother’s Love

By Lauren Lacey / Genre: Bedtime & Dreaming, Literature & Fiction, Children’s eBooks

Baby Girl Bedtime Story: A Mother's Love

When I was a little girl, I didn’t see characters that looked like me, and I didn’t know how crucial representation was until I became a mother of a beautiful brown girl.

Baby Girl Bedtime Story: A Mother’s Love is a poem that highlights the special bond between mother and daughter. A mother’s love is unconditional and in this short and sweet children’s book, black and brown readers are able to connect with two beautiful characters through words of encouragement and beautiful representations of themselves.

Representation matters especially for little black and brown girls. It builds confidence, pride, self-love, and self-respect. The phrases ‘Mommy, look! She’s brown like me!’ and ‘Look at her beautiful hair!’ are powerful and that’s exactly what a young girl says when she’s able to see relatable illustrations of herself in books.

A Mother’s Love celebrates the beauty of diversity, motherhood, childhood, family, and unconditional love. Uplift a little girl with a beautiful children’s book that she’ll love and easily resonate with – never underestimate the importance of empowerment and positive reinforcement.

Free as of 12/24/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

The Belgian Cookbook

By rious / Genre: Word Wise Enabled, c9ab0db0-ffd3-4141-aeea-b80d1da24569_1501, c9ab0db0-ffd3-4141-aeea-b80d1da24569_0

The Belgian Cookbook

DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of “The Belgian Cookbook” by Various. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

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