Red Death

By Jeff Altabef / Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction

Red Death

Danger lurks outside Eden’s sturdy walls, in the land of the Soulless—a medieval world filled with witches, warrior kingdoms, and magic.

Seventeen-year-old Aaliss graduated at the top of her class and now protects Eden as a highly trained Guardian. She’s sworn to keep Eden safe, for outside the city, a deadly plague reigns over the world. Once infected with the Red Death, no one lives past their early twenties.

Wilky, Aaliss’s rather odd younger brother, discovers a cure, but it comes at a cost. The High Priest falsely brands them as traitors, and Aaliss must do what she never expected—run.

Forced to flee the only home they’ve ever known, they plunge into the land of the Soulless. Captured in the wild new world, Aaliss strikes a deal with the surprisingly charming Prince Eamon—the cure, in exchange for her freedom. Together they search for the ingredients to the cure in a desperate race against time to save the Prince’s brother’s life.

Aaliss is eager to return home and seek revenge against the High Priest, but when her feelings for Prince Eamon tug her deeper into the world of the Soulless, she questions everything she once believed. Are the Soulless so bad? Will she and Wilky fall victim to the Red Death? Or… might Aaliss finally discover, against all odds, what her heart has yearned for all along?

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Billionaire’s Runaway Bride (A Standalone British Billionaire Romance Novel) (Billionaires – Book #19)

By Claire Adams / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Billionaire's Runaway Bride (A Standalone British Billionaire Romance Novel) (Billionaires - Book #19)

Alfie’s wild days of University are over. In an effort to make a new image for himself, he takes over as CEO from his father’s company and lives a proper life, wowing people with his innovation.

The only thing missing, is a good woman and some excitement. Both are just around the corner.

Being the good guy he is, he rescues his best friend’s bride as she runs from the alter the day of the wedding, and for good reason. His best pal cheated on her the night before… many nights before.

He offers her a place to stay for a few weeks, and the welcomed friendship quickly turns into a taboo relationship that he can’t live without.

What will the world think when the story comes out? Is this beautiful American woman worth the taint that might settle on his new reputation?

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The Greystone Chronicles: Book One: Io Online

By Dave Willmarth / Genre: Paranormal & Urban, Fantasy

The Greystone Chronicles: Book One:  Io Online

In the latter half of the 21st century, Alexander and his guild mates play Io Online for fun and to earn a living. It’s the largest VRMMORPG on the planet, and the source of income that supports families around the globe. While completing a rare “First Kill” dungeon in hopes of epic loot, they discover that demons, who have not been seen in the realm for ages, have once again invaded Io.

Given the chance to test a new experimental immersion system, the friends must give up their high level characters and begin again at level one. As they work through the noob zone quests, they discover that the new immersion system allows them to play in ways that hadn’t been possible before. Casting is faster. Movement more fluid. Even magic itself behaves differently.

They quickly run afoul of a party of player killers, and become the targets of an entire PK guild bent on spawn camping them until they leave the game. War has been declared.

The fight expands into populated areas, where innocent citizens are murdered, and player accounts are terminated. The guild works to help citizens rebuild what has been destroyed, but are repeatedly forced to stop and defend against enemy attacks.
After the gods of Io and a powerful being of darkness get involved, Alexander and his friends learn the hard way that their in-game actions have consequences, both in the game, and in the real world.

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By Nicole Fox / Genre: Heist, Crime Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers



I heard her scream as they gunned her down.
I promised I’d get my revenge for her death.
Years later, I’m almost ready to strike.
But then everything changed.

I’m a soldier, a warrior, a stone-cold killer.
It’s the only way to survive in this world I’ve chosen…
Kill or be killed.

As VP of the Pride MC, my men depend on me to be ruthless.
I’ve got reason enough to stoke the fury that burns in my chest:
The murder of my girlfriend years ago.

My enemies took her from me.
They wanted to stop me in my tracks.
But all they did was throw gasoline on my fire.

For years, I’ve told myself to wait for the right time to make things right.
Death for death, blood for blood.

But then Misha shows up on my doorstep.

And she’s not alone…
She’s got my baby in her arms.

I’m reeling now, my world turned on its head.
I know only one thing for certain:
I’m about to show her what she’s been missing all these years.

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The Excoms

By Brett Battles / Genre: Espionage, Mystery & Thrillers

The Excoms

Ananke thought her week couldn’t get worse, but as she hunts for the man who screwed up her previous job, things really go sideways.

Turns out, she’s not the only one having problems.

Rosario can acquire anything for anyone, but can she obtain freedom for herself when her latest assignment goes awry?

Dylan’s sure his new gig will be a walk in the park–or rather, a drive, given that he’s a courier. Unfortunately, the road is a bit bumpier than he expected.

Liesel is having the worst week of her life, and blames only herself.

And Ricky? Well, Ricky doesn’t believe in bad weeks. Though he can’t claim being stuck in prison is all that great.

Convenient for all of them, then, that a mysterious organization comes along asking for their help, and in return promises to reverse their excommunication from the secret world.

Of course, nothing good ever comes without strings attached.

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While He’s Sleeping, She’s Creepin’ 2

By T’ann Marie / Genre: Urban

While He's Sleeping, She's Creepin' 2

They say when the heart wants what it wants you can’t help but to follow it. In Paige’s case, her heart wants Sy’Heir. Even though she knows that he’s no good for her, she can’t help but to forgive him and take him back. Each time she hopes that he will change and unfortunately, things always stay the same. Feeling fed up and over it, Paige decides to venture out to find what she needs. But will she have the strength to go through with it? Or, will she find herself running in circles?

Syion loves his daughter to death but dealing with the issues her mother is facing is taking a toll on him. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and leave Jazmyn during the struggle, but how can he help her when she doesn’t want to help herself? Trying to get to the root of the problem is tough when he doesn’t know what the problem is; little does he know it is way beyond his control. What happens when he finds out that the woman he’s been with is the total opposite of the girl he thought he knew? Will her secrets crush him forever?

Donya thinks that she has it all figured out. Having her cake and eating it to, she thinks that the hurdle that she’s ran into will be a piece of cake to jump. But little does she know the love of her life is free and is coming right to her.

What happens when her secret is no longer a secret anymore? Will she be able to handle the heat, or will it all go up in flames?

Drama is rising and the betrayal is thickening in the second installment of this intriguing series. Clutch your pearls because this breathtaking read will have your heart racing for more.

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X Marks the Spot (Executioners MC Book 1)

By Kimmie Easley / Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Romance

X Marks the Spot (Executioners MC Book 1)

Jolene Miller barely escaped the dark underworld of being the president’s daughter of a notorious motorcycle club. After having her heart broken by Ronin, the MC’s Sargent at Arms, she tried to navigate a normal life as an up and coming criminal defense attorney.

When the only family she’s ever known comes under fire, Jolene rushes home to Jericho, California to step in – only to find it’s not just the club who needs her.

Ronin is wanted for murder.

Can Jolene let go of their tortured past in order to save their future?

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Dark Deception

By Zoe Blake / Genre: Gothic, Romance

Dark Deception

A dark romance from USAT Bestselling author, Zoe Blake.
She doesn’t just want revenge.
She wants him dead.
Mirage is a master jewel thief but tonight she is an assassin.

His life was ruined by her lies.
Now he will make her pay.
He will have her on her knees, begging for forgiveness.
It’s time she learned why they call him, Paine.
Warning: This book is edgy, dark and dirty. If thepossibility of having your boundaries tested does not appeal to you, thenplease do not purchase.

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The Wolf Shifters 4 Book Box Set

By Emma Night / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

The Wolf Shifters 4 Book  Box Set

This is the Wolf Shifter four Book Box Set

Includes the powerful and riveting stories of my latest wolf shifters.

– Claimed By The Alpha Wolf

The rule follower
Belle Allenna, daughter of the Alpha of the Allenna pack is sure she is a complete failure. Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she still hasn’t transitioned yet which can mean only one thing. She isn’t a Wolf and if she is just human, she can no longer remain with her Pack.
The rebel
Jesse Anderson is finished with the strict, rigid ways of Pack life. His father, Alpha of the Andersons, imposes rigid rules that Jesse has no interest in following. He’s done with barely surviving, with the raids on their enemy lands.
One night of incredible discovery
When Jesse first lays eyes on Belle, he knows that she’s a Wolf, even if she doesn’t. He knows he has to help her find her transition and shift for the first time. The two share one amazing night of incredible chemistry, so much so that it almost seems like they were fated to be mates. The only problem… Belle still doesn’t know who Jesse really is. Will she ever be able to move past the fact that he’s the son of her enemy or are they fated to remain apart forever?

– Wolf Lord

Sasha Wellington paid no heed to the rumors of the masked monster, Lord Trellingham, until her father seals her fate by giving her hand in marriage to the man in exchange for a huge sum. She agrees only to save her parents from financial ruin.
Ian Trellingham is used to hiding away from the world. His scars and his secrets prevent him from living a normal life. He had given up on ever finding love until the day Sasha became his wife.
Sasha and Ian are thrust into a new life together. A fiery passion and an unexpected love develop between them but will it be enough to overcome Ian’s tragic past and dark secrets?

– Wolf Trap
Ian Wolfsblood, leader of one of the most influential clans of the Wolves has always been hell bent on a war against humans and their allies. The Bears have long stood in his way until now…
A tenuous peace is offered but nothing has ever been more dangerous.
Helena Wolfsblood is the only daughter of her father Ian, is offered as a peace gesture to the Bears. The price of averting war is her hand in marriage to Logan Bowen, the only son of the leader of the Bears.

– Deception
Old Ian Wolfsblood is gone, the Norther Wolf Clan Leaderless in the wake of his death, a tenuous peace reached between the Wolves and the Bears.
Not everyone is happy with the peace. There are those who have their own ambitions.
Roman Wolfsblood vowed revenge on the uncle who banished his own brother from the Clan on a false count of treason. After Roman’s parents die in a horrible fire, he comes to seek his vengeance not only on his uncle, but on the entire Clan.
After one look at the scarred outsider, Ember Shiplack knows her Clan is in danger. After the death of their Leader, the Clan hoped for a better way, a more peaceful future. Those hopes are in jeopardy when Roman shows up unexpectedly.
Ember uses her secret gift to find out why the stranger has come to their Clan but as she gets to know Roman, forces beyond their control bring them together and threaten to tear them apart. Ember knew her life was in danger but she never imagined her heart was as well.
Will Roman and Ember find love and a future together or will his betrayal and the tenuous political situation tear them apart?

Each book is 24k words. HEA

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The Principal’s Son (chapter books for kids age 8-10)

By Roderick J. Robison / Genre: Children’s eBooks

The Principal's Son (chapter books for kids age 8-10)

Peter Brantwill is shy. Very shy. He’s the quietest fifth-grader at Birch Ridge Elementary School. Peter just blends into the crowd, never does anything to draw attention. Attention is the last thing he wants. But when his father becomes the principal of his school, Peter’s whole world is suddenly turned upside down. Students tease him. Kids he doesn’t know stare at him in the hallways. Teachers treat him differently. And then there’s Darren Kalder, the troublemaker who torments Peter. Things turn even worse when Peter and Darren are paired up for a homework assignment—they must prepare a fictitious petition. They decide on a petition to reinstate recess at their school. And what starts out as a simple homework assignment turns into much more when their classmates ask to sign the petition. It’s up to Peter and Darren to follow through and present the petition to the school committee. But this involves speaking at a televised public meeting. And when Darren backs out at the last minute, Peter must decide whether to back out…or make a bold move that will forever change him.

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Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: The Complete Guide to a Plant-Based Healthy Diet – Superfast and Delicious Vegan Recipes (Beautiful Photos, Calories & Nutrition Facts)

By Jerome Patrick / Genre: Chinese, Asian, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: The Complete Guide to a Plant-Based Healthy Diet - Superfast and Delicious Vegan Recipes (Beautiful Photos, Calories & Nutrition Facts)

You can also choose a color version of the book
In this Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook, you will find exclusive sections of vegan breakfasts, snacks, sides, appetizers, soups, curries, stews, main course meals, sauces, and desserts.

Plant-based foods are rich in essential nutrients and take care of your body’s everyday nutritional needs. Dark leafy greens, pulses, cereals, seeds, fresh and dried fruits, whole wheat bread, nuts, and beans are the core of any vegan diet; these popularly consumed vegan ingredients are rich with essential nutrients including iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, proteins, vitamins, and vitamin C.

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