Sweet Surrendering (Surrender Saga Book 1)

By Chelsea M. Cameron / Genre: Coming of Age

Sweet Surrendering (Surrender Saga Book 1)

She’s his boss. He doesn’t care. This office isn’t big enough for the two of them…

When Rory Clarke ends up hiring the guy she spent one steamy night with to be her administrative assistant, she’s determined to keep things professional.
Lucas Blaine has other plans for her. He wants Rory, and it’s hard to resist his stunning blue eyes, chin dimple and the way he fills out a suit. Everywhere she looks, there he is, giving her a panty-melting smile and pulling her away for the most amazing (and satisfying) sex she’s ever had in her life.
What starts off as one sexual encounter turns into multiple trysts in and out of the office and the lines she’d tried to draw so carefully are blurring. But the closer they get, the more Rory realizes that there are things about Lucas she doesn’t know, things he’s hiding from her. She’ll have to decide if she can surrender to her feelings or get out while she still can.

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Tainted Deception

By Aleya Michelle / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Tainted Deception

Ivy Maisen thinks she knows exactly what type of guy Chase Hudson is — billionaire, extremely good looking, cocky as hell, and a guy that women salivate over…
But looks can be deceiving…
Underneath the tuxedo, luxurious demeanor and smooth character is a bad boy covered in tattoos, piercings, the lead singer in a band, and he owns three of the clubs that Ivy frequents.
Oh and he rides a Harley…
Will Ivy finally open her eyes and allow herself to see the real Chase or will she reject his alter-ego and refuse his advances again and again?
When desire is tainted with deception and lies, does that person become less desirable?
Could love be the one thing powerful enough to push them past the deception and down to the real person underneath the facade?

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SAVED BY THE BAD BOY (The Devil’s Dragons Motorcycle Club Book 1)

By Nikki Wild / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

SAVED BY THE BAD BOY (The Devil's Dragons Motorcycle Club Book 1)

“Don’t sleep with the case lead.” If that’s a rule in the detective handbook, I’m SCREWED.

Eight years ago, Hunter wasn’t exactly the type of boy you brought home.
Rough and rugged, his fresh leather jacket only made him look even more dangerous.
Didn’t help that he knew how to make that motorcycle between his muscular thighs purr.
I thought he was out of my life forever, but I was wrong… And this time, we’re on opposite sides of the law.

Me, the fresh new detective, hunting down a missing girls case.
And Hunter… the rock-hard biker president of a notorious motorcycle club.

He just turned up in the case file… and he might be my only help.
Is this a chance to fix everything and set it all right again?
If I get swept into this life, there’s no turning back…

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Bourbon Blues: A Second Chance Romance (Serrated Brotherhood MC Book 1)

By Bijou Hunter / Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

Bourbon Blues: A Second Chance Romance (Serrated Brotherhood MC Book 1)

I want Daisy Crest, and I always get what I want.

The name Camden Rutgers is golden in Hickory Creek Township, Tennessee. My father is the president of the Serrated Brotherhood MC. My mother is a member of local royalty.

More than my good name, I have the looks, money, and power to entice any woman to slide my Harley between her legs and take a ride. I expect the same response from Daisy when I make my move.

Let’s just say things didn’t go well.

For months, I assume Daisy will run back to me. Too bad she hates exercise and her ego refuses to let her grovel.

Frustrated with waiting, my heart demands I claim the quirky virgin. Daisy can hem and haw, play cold with my heart, and even try reasoning with me, but nothing will prevent her from becoming my Bourbon Babe.

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Son of War (The Sphinx)

By Raye Wagner / Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Son of War (The Sphinx)

Heroes aren’t born; they are chiseled and sculpted from the harshest challenges and rise to the top.

Trained by his father to be a lethal assassin, Xan is part of an elite team of demigods known as kynigόs. He’s well-respected, and he’s earned it. But when the arrogant sons of Apollo tag along on a routine assignment, an easy kill turns deadly.

Broken and betrayed, Xan is forced to recuperate at the conservatory after the vicious attack. Surrounded by lazy and incompetent demigods, he can’t wait to escape. But first, he’ll have to face the charges against him.

Join Xan as he fights monsters, demigods, and treachery on his journey to become far more than he’d ever believed possible.

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Chaos (Phoenix Undercover Book 2)

By C.A. Harms / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers

Chaos (Phoenix Undercover Book 2)

The devil wears many masks, and everyone’s world will crash when the truth comes out…

The life of an undercover FBI agent can be dark.

The things you see can never be unseen.

The effects it has on your mind, leave a gaping hole in your soul.

Agent Joshua Phoenix found the one person he knew could save him from the darkness, but just when things become real, she’s ripped from him without warning…

He is forced to watch his life go on without him.

His presence is just too dangerous to those he loves.

But how far will things go?

With only a short list of those he can trust, Josh must race to find answers, before fate is decided for him. Gabriella’s in danger and yet no one around her knows it.

And a man who everyone believes they can trust, may just be the devil himself…

Will Josh and Greyson solve this case before it’s too late?

Or will Josh lose Gabby forever.

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A Cat to Die For (Mina’s Adventures Book 5)

By Maria Grazia Swan / Genre: Animals, Cozy, Mystery & Thrillers

A Cat to Die For (Mina's Adventures Book 5)

Mina Calvi’s new Furry Friends Foundation is a dream come true for the formerly footloose young woman. Her no-kill shelter rescues and places dogs and cats into new forever homes, and it gives Mina a purpose in life.

But changes are looming on a perfect Sunday afternoon at the Dana Point Marina where she is minding the adoption booth.

A Greek heiress, young, petite and beautiful, shows up on the arm of the love of Mina’s life, Diego Moran. And worse, she wants to adopt Mina’s calico cat, Houdini. The spoiled woman will not take no for an answer. Why is she so insistent on getting Houdini when she already owns a look-alike cat?

When Houdini is cat-napped, the cat-sitter murdered, and the ransom demand sent to the heiress, Mina has to keep her wits about her to get her beloved cat home safely, and to keep her heart from getting broken again by Diego, who inexplicably pops up at every turn of the unfolding drama.

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Heartbreak and Honor (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 3)

By Collette Cameron / Genre: Regency, Historical Romance, Romance

Heartbreak and Honor (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 3)

Abducted by a band of renegade Scots, Highland gypsy Tasara Faas blackens her rescuer’s eye when the charming duke attempts to steal a kiss. Afterward, Tasara learns she’s the long-lost heiress Alexandra Atterberry and is expected to take her place among the elite society she’s always disdained.

Lucan, the Duke of Harcourt, promised his gravely ill mother he’d procure a wife by Christmastide, but intrigued by the feisty lass he saved in Scotland, he finds the haut ton ladies lacking. Spying Alexa at a London ball, he impulsively decides to make the knife-wielding gypsy his bride despite her aversion to him and her determination to return to the Highlands.

The adversary responsible for Alexa’s disappearance as a toddler still covets her fortune and joins forces with Harcourt’s arch nemesis. Amidst a series of suspicious misfortunes, Lucan endeavors to win Alexa’s love and expose the conspirators but only succeeds in reaffirming Alexa’s belief that she is inadequate to become his duchess.

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Lily (Chase Family Series Book 6)

By Lauren Royal / Genre: Biographical, Historical Fiction

Lily (Chase Family Series Book 6)

England, 1677: Lily Ashcroft is far and away the most conventional member of her eccentric family. Though she fell for dashing Oxford professor Lord Randal Nesbitt at the tender age of sixteen, she buried her feelings in deference to society’s expectation that her older sisters marry first. Four years later, her sister Rose has now set her sights on Rand–and though it breaks her heart, what else can Lily do but help her beloved sister land the man of her dreams?What no one considers are Rand’s feelings on the matter. He’s been nursing a secret affection for sweet, compassionate Lily ever since their first meeting. But Rose is just as beautiful and shares his academic interests. Now he finds himself caught between two lovely sisters–the one he’s expected to wed and the one who’s captured his heart…

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Accidental Cinderella

By Emily Evans / Genre: Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

Accidental Cinderella

A ball…a gown…a pumpkin…and a happily ever…this standalone, contemporary YA romance has them all.

When Ella receives an exciting invitation to attend an exclusive boarding school, she knows she won’t fit it. These kids are elite, wealthy, and driven. She’s ‘average Ella’ on a scholarship…at least, that’s what she wants everyone to believe. A lost shoe…a lost shirt…oh my…When events push her to need a boyfriend, Ella asks hot senior Hale.

His response? “No.”

Yep. That’s her fairytale.

Hale’s driven, and he needs an A on the fall project. He doesn’t need the sweet but average scholarship girl screwing up his grade – not after last year. Tanking science will ruin his entry into a top pre-med program. He’s focused. School. Homework. Rowing. No girl’s going to mess up his plan. Not even one as intriguing as Ella.

These two meet in ashes, sparks fly, and their lives light up.

Once Upon A Time…

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Juniper and Rose – Sisters First, and Best Friends Forever: a Children’s Book About Siblings, Conflict and Friendship

By Reea Rodney / Genre: Siblings, Family Life, Growing Up & Facts of Life, Children’s eBooks

Juniper and Rose - Sisters First, and Best Friends Forever: a Children's Book About Siblings, Conflict and Friendship

How would you explain life changes to your growing child? Do you need help teaching them that differences can make life more interesting and emphasize their uniqueness?This book was written by a professional care-giver to help you support your child.Although It’s easy to see the differences between ourselves and other people, it can be harder to make sense of and appreciate those differences. Juniper and Rose “Sisters First and Best Friends Forever” is a story for any child (or adult); girl or boy, looking for guidance while navigating change. Twin sisters Juniper and Rose are best friends until different interests start to pull them apart. During their struggle, they learn that through acceptance, compromise, and teamwork different can be fun! Its vibrant text and beautiful illustrations brings this book to life as it target real issues that kids and adults go through in their many walks of life. It emphasizes the importance of working together and motivating kids to aim high. This book can also help any parent start a conversation about diversity and bi-racial families.If you have twins or you’re a care giver of young siblings, this children’s book is for you.What this book is about:

  • Life changes
  • Growing up
  • Diverse families
  • Twins
  • Bi-racial families

˃˃˃ Are you looking for twins books to read to your children?This book is the perfect book for both boys and girls of all ages.Children as young as 4 years old will enjoy it and identify with twin sisters Juniper and Rose.

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Low Carb Diet: Low Carb Diet Demystified: How To Successfully Follow A Low Carb Lifestyle For Rapid Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet, Carb Cycling, High Protein Diet) (Weight Loss Diets)

By Charity Wilson / Genre: Low Carb, Special Diet, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Low Carb Diet: Low Carb Diet Demystified: How To Successfully Follow A Low Carb Lifestyle For Rapid Weight Loss (Ketogenic Diet, Carb Cycling, High Protein Diet) (Weight Loss Diets)

Tired of getting zero results from the diets you follow? Hate it when you spend hours a week searching the internet for the latest weight loss plan, cooking low carb food and exercising only to look the exact same? Want a REALISTIC, step-by-step high protein, high fat, low carb plan for rapid weight loss?Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. The secret is to find what works for you and not deviate from it. In the guide “Low Carb Diet Demystified” you’ll get all the information needed to experience extreme weight loss using a low carb lifestyle.You DON’T Need a Complicated Low Carb Diet To See ResultsYou’ve probably read numerous diet books that offer HUNDREDS of different dieting tips. You may have also noticed half them contradict the other half. My question is this: “How do you know where to start when it comes to living a low carb lifestyle?“Think of all the low carb diet strategies you’ve recently heard. You’ve probably been told to:Cut all carbs. Eat only meat. Oil is bad for you. Coconut oil is good for you (that’s oil isn’t it). Don’t eat bacon. High protein, high fat. High protein, low fat. You don’t need eight glasses of water a day. You shouldn’t eat before bed. Never eat complex carbs. Avoid bananas. Eat gluten free. Eat foods labeled low carb. Drown yourself in artificial sweeteners. High fat diets are bad for you, no wait, good for you.Try to do all these things and you’ll KILL your weight loss efforts. You don’t need dozens of different ideas. Instead you need an easy to follow low carb lifestyle strategy that’s PROVEN to work! There is no need to follow the restrictive diet practices of the past anymore.Follow This Simple Low Carb Diet Plan for Amazing Results”Low Carb Diet Demystified” details every step you need to take for achieving any weight loss goal. The best part? You can easily do it without fat burners, hours and hours of exercise or giving up all the foods you love. In a nutshell it is a high protein, high fat, low carb diet with some cheat days thrown in for good measure.Meaning you can enjoy your meat, your avocados, cook with butter while still enjoying selected carbs. Don’t worry, you will still get to have some treats in your diet. We are enjoying low carb living not “DIEting”.You also get your own low carb cookbook with 25 delicious low carb recipes at the end of the book as a bonus for all your hard work.You’ll learn how to:

  • Maximize the secret sauce behind low carb dieting
  • Design a low carb meal plan that melts the fat off
  • Avoid the low carb diet mistakes you don’t even know you’re making
  • Why your scale is lying to you like your deadbeat ex
  • Why coconut oil has to be a part of your low carb diet
  • Get results twice as fast from your efforts in the gym or out on the track with one small change
  • Why a high protein, high fat, low carb diet is the absolute best way to lose weight
  • How you can treat yourself to a cheat and lose even more weight
  • Weight loss can be systematized. There is no need for yo-yo dieting or buying book after book when “Low Carb Diet Demystified” can give you everything you need to finally be free from answering everyone’s question of “How is your weight loss going?” Your body is going to answer that for you from now on!Just follow the guidance in this low carb diet book and you’ll be on your way to achieving rapid weight loss.

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