Morna’s Legacy (Box Set #1): Scottish Time Travel Romances (Morna’s Legacy Series)

By Bethany Claire / Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction

Morna's Legacy (Box Set #1): Scottish Time Travel Romances (Morna's Legacy Series)

This set includes:Love Beyond Time (Book 1): Nearly 400 years ago, the Conall clan and their people were murdered, their castle burned to the ground. In centuries following, archaeologists searched the ruins looking for any evidence of those responsible. Efforts were fruitless until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic…

When Bri accompanies her archaeologist mother on a dig in Scotland, they discover a spell room below the castle ruins, and Bri is transported back in time and suddenly married to the castle’s ill-fated Laird. She must work to change the fate of his people, all while trying to find a way to return to her century, but Bri finds herself falling in love with her new husband. If she finds a spell to bring her home, will she use it? If she stays, will it mean her own death as well?Love Beyond Reason (Book 2):
Arran Conall lives with the consequences of his foolishness daily. He had no way to know that his beloved would fall prey to ancient magic. The only woman to ever give pause to his philandering ways lives centuries ahead of him while holding on to his heart. Now, he must try to live without her. His love for Blaire haunts him. With every breath, he prays that she will be able to feel his love across time…

Born in the 17th century, Blaire MacChristy lives each day adjusting to the challenges of modern life. Magic brought her here, but heartbreak keeps her from using magic to travel back to her home. When visitors from her past arrive asking her to return to the life she’d known before, Blaire takes a chance on love. Will fate find a way to mend their broken hearts? If it does, will they be able to stop the darkness that is coming for them both?A Conall Christmas: A Novella (Book 2.5): Christmas is approaching, and Adelle is determined to make it the best one Conall Castle has ever seen, but loneliness haunts her. Love for her daughter sent her into the past, but she’d not expected the isolation she would feel. She finds her current age seems much older in the 17th century and resigns herself to the fact that she will remain single for the rest of her days. At least until an unexpected visitor arrives.

Hew has spent the last twenty years all alone, only leaving his home once a year to pay homage to the wife he lost long ago. When a storm causes him to seek shelter at Conall Castle, he meets the first lass since his beloved Mae to make his heart flutter once again. Can he release himself from his past and allow another love in his life? If he does, will his love be returned?Love Beyond Hope (Book 3): Mitsy is in serious need of a distraction. With the ink still drying on her divorce papers, she flies to Scotland to forget about her own problems and help her best friend re-enter reality. She knows Bri’s claims that she is able to travel back in time and is currently living in the year 1647 are a lie, but Mitsy falls prey to the same magic and is forced to believe the impossible.

Few people understand her fiery personality in the 17th century, but she finds her match in Baodan. The more time she spends with him, the harder she falls, but a dark secret from his past holds him back. Mitsy works to uncover the truth in the hopes that resolution will free him. But the truth is darker than she expects, and it threatens to destroy them both.

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Bear My Soul (Fire Bears Book 1)

By T. S. Joyce / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Bear My Soul (Fire Bears Book 1)

Rory Dodson is done running. After one night of bliss with a man she never thought she’d see again, she’s in trouble with a young son who is housing one ferocious little bear cub inside of him. Desperate to keep her baby’s secret safe, she has nowhere to turn but to the man she was determined to keep in her past. What she doesn’t expect is the instantaneous, heart-pounding connection she remembers from before. But all of the sex appeal in the world can’t hide the fact that Cody Keller is keeping dark secrets of his own.

Alpha bear shifter, Cody, is a firefighter by day but something more sinister by night. Towing a fine line between leading a normal life and keeping the government off his crew’s back, he has been running missions that few sane men would take, and even fewer would survive. But when the woman he has searched six years for blows back into town, toting a kid who bears his mark, his life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

It’s not enough to protect the Breck Crew from the growing threats around him anymore. Cody will have to push back and stand up for his kind if he wants a shot at keeping his fragile new family safe from what he’s become.

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Gray Back Bad Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 1)

By T. S. Joyce / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Gray Back Bad Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 1)

Matt Barns is on a mission. The goal of this mission? Find a mate before his broken bear drives him into madness. He knows exactly what he’s looking for, but when his bear finally settles for a mate, she dumps his world upside down. She’s funny, sure, but other than that, she’s not his type in any way. Or so he thought, because Willa is breaking down his walls and opening his eyes to a new life he thought he might never find.

Willamena Madden: smart-mouthed, fun-loving, loyal-to-a-fault, proud nerd and fragile human. She’s also somehow become the potential mate to a grizzly shifter. A shifter? She feels sorry for the critters and wishes humans would leave them alone, but Matt is proving he doesn’t need her pity. He’s a sexy, scarred up, growly beast-man, and she’s thinking he could be the one to finally take her V-card. But Matt’s hot and cold, and one of her friends is after a bucket-list werebear diddle with the man Willa’s falling for. And if that isn’t stressful enough, Matt’s Gray Back Crew is a loosely knit community of maniacs.

Matt feels important, but Willa has never been in more danger. If she can’t find a way to survive his people, she’ll have to go back to her safe life without her Gray Back Bad Bear.

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The Cowboy’s Virgin – A Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance

By Emerson Rose / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

The Cowboy's Virgin - A Billionaire Enemies to Lovers Romance

Beau Hill is the one person on this Earth I was raised to loathe.

His sparkling blue eyes, dimpled smile, and dusty Stetson may work like Kryptonite on every other girl in these parts, but they don’t work on me. A studious, virginal veterinary scholar like myself would never be caught dead falling for the charms and graces of the town’s most notorious horse-riding, cattle-roping Casanova.

Not to mention our families hate each other, an iron-clad feud that goes back over a hundred years…

But when a twister rips through the Deardon Rose Ranch, destroying my family’s century farm, we’re left with nothing but the clothes on our backs.

Desperately trying to save my family’s legacy, I’m left with no choice but to approach the one man who can help: the man with more money than God and every reason to slam the screen door in my face.

So imagine my shock when he says yes…

He’ll help.

But I have to live with him.

I have to work for him.

But falling for him? That was never a stipulation. It can’t happen. I won’t allow it. And if he thinks he’s got so much as a chance at taking my V-card, he’s got another thing coming.

Only when I tell him that, there’s a wicked glint in his indigo gaze that offers a wordless, “Challenge accepted.”

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Crossing Into the Mystic (The Crossings Trilogy Book 1)

By D.L. Koontz / Genre: Historical Fiction

Crossing Into the Mystic (The Crossings Trilogy Book 1)

Three years after losing her family in a car crash, Grace MacKenna is set to inherit her stepfather’s ancestral estate among the mountains of West Virginia. Seeking solace and healing, Grace discovers the ghost of William Kavanaugh, a dashing Civil War captain in Virginia’s 17th Infantry, haunts the property. When William charms Grace into investigating the mystery that led to his death a hundred and fifty years ago, she finds herself drawn into a world of chivalry and honor, but also deception with secrets too dark to speak aloud.

Meanwhile, Clay Baxter, home from service in Afghanistan, fights his own demons and ghosts. When Clay senses Grace falling deeper into the realm of the dead, he seeks to pull her back. But is he too late?

Torn between her love for two mysterious young men – one living and one dead – Grace stands in the shadows of the Antietam Battlefield with a choice: one that could leave Grace lost forever, “crossing into the Mystic.”

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Lil Mama Been Real From The Start

By : Nikqua / Genre: Urban

Lil Mama Been Real From The Start

For years Milli and Micah were the best of friends. But when popularity turns you away from your friend and things go downhill, the person you expect to be by your side is gone.

A’Million Harris never thought Micah Jones would turn his back on her the way that he did. She thought she would never move past the way he treated her. But one day changed everything when Micah got locked up.

Years later, that one person he turned away from was still by his side even from a distance. Milli may have held on to hurt, but her love for him never left.

How would Micah prove to Milli that he was sorry for all the hurt he caused her in the past? Would Milli give into Micah’s apologetic ways and give him another shot? Or will Micah lose the one girl who’d always had his back?

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The Billionaire’s Triplets Matchmakers

By Mia Caldwell / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Billionaire's Triplets Matchmakers

The Billionaire Triplets, eight-month baby brothers, Hunter, Ryland & Marco are thrilled that their Mamma and Papa are finally getting married. On the eve of the Big Fat Spanish Wedding in Barcelona Spain, they decide to become matchmakers for their beloved nanny, their Mamma’s sister, Auntie Joan when Hunter witnessed her face light up after a chance encounter with a handsome man in a café.

Turns out, Marco knows who the handsome young man is…. It’s Antonio Ferraro, a notorious playboy and star striker for Italy’s soccer team, AC Milan. Also, Antonio is connected to their father, Julio Torres, the billionaire who’s about to marry their mother. It’s a perfect match – as far as the triplets are concerned, but their plans to play Cupid are turned upside down when they learn that Auntie Joan and the soccer star have a troubling history that’s threatening to keep them apart.

To add insult to injury – Antonio has been a very bad boy and now he’s in serious deep doo-doo with some scary and dangerous men. Antonio has a gambling problem? What does that even mean?

The triplets are too young to know when it’s time to quit, so they decide to keep trying. They can tell that Antonio Ferraro really cares about their Auntie Joan and they’ve seen the way she looks at him. It’s the same look that their Mamma and Papa have just before they get all kissy. (Yuck!)

They want their Auntie Joan to have the same happiness that their parents have. And they recognize true love when they see it — even if the silly adults are too stubborn to see it themselves.

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The Seduction of Madalyn

By Cynthia Clement / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Historical Fiction

The Seduction of Madalyn

A woman compromised. A man honor-bound to wed. A passion that cannot be denied.
A bride stranded in a new land.

Madalyn will do anything to find her kidnapped brother and return to England. She stows away onboard a ship headed for America and when she is found, she is sold to the highest bidder, Nathan. Forced to marry and thrust into Charleston society, she confronts new dangers as she searches for her missing brother. There are hidden perils and threats in the shadows of the city and Nathan is there to protect her. Her admiration and desire for her husband grows until she can no longer deny her feelings. Will she be able to walk away from love?

A husband determined never to love again.

Nathan’s plan to rescue Madalyn backfires, and he is honor bound to wed her. When he brings her home to Charleston, it is with the understanding that they will annul the marriage. Despite the growing attraction he feels towards his new wife, he has loved and lost. He may want and need her, but he has vowed never to love again. As he helps in the search for Madalyn’s brother, the allure of his bride has him considering the possibility of second chances. Dare he love again?

Will Madalyn convince Nathan that love is worth the risk before it is too late?

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Alfred the Dinosaur Goes To The City

By Brandon Cullum / Genre: Dinosaurs, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Alfred the Dinosaur Goes To The City

It’s Hard to be a Dinosaur in the Big City.** From the Amazon Best-Selling Series**

Alfred the dinosaur has traveled from the Jurassic to today. While he loves playing with his friend Chloe there is something missing… his family. Alfred and Chloe set off on an adventure to find his way home that takes them all over the big city.Join them as they encounter skyscrapers, subways and even a mysterious night guard.Will Alfred ever get back home?

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Favorite Cake Mix Recipes

By Southern Soup Jockeys / Genre: Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Favorite Cake Mix Recipes

With the busy schedules we all have, sometimes you just need to whip up a tasty dessert with no fuss or muss. This start-with-a-cake-mix recipe collection fills the niche for need-it-now recipes.

Keep a couple boxes of ready-to-use cake mixes on your pantry shelf. Pick a recipe from this cookbook and with the addition of just a few ingredients, you’ll have a cake, cookie, bar, quick bread or coffee cake ready in the time it takes to heat up the oven. Last minute desserts are a breeze and clean up is a snap.

You’ll always be ready for unexpected guests or impromptu potluck suppers, and what’s even better; no one will know you haven’t spent hours on one of the best desserts they’ve had in years!

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