Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story (Fang Chronicles Book One 1)

By D’Elen McClain / Genre: Paranormal, Romance / Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (62 reviews)

Fang Chronicles: Amy's Story (Fang Chronicles Book One 1)

Amy is hot on a story as she tries to discover what life is like for teenage girls living on the street. When her disguise almost gets her killed, she’s saved by one of New York’s most eligible bachelors. His private life is filled with secrets and his story sparks Amy’s interest. Discovering the truth lands her in a world of vampires and werewolves that she never dreamed existed. She also never dreamed she could truly love a man or vampire but Marcus shows her the light. Now the two must fight the one person who can destroy their chance at love. With the help of Marcus’ clan of werewolves the war begins.

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Deep Space Endeavor

By Ron Francis / Genre: Science Fiction / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (47 reviews)

Deep Space Endeavor

Deep in the Polisian system, a natural phenomenon occurs when the planets align. Once every one hundred thirty-six years, a matter conduit opens to another galaxy. Colonel Jesse Marcos, former Special Forces soldier and one-time hero of Earth, takes his new ship, Endeavor, and a small crew to explore this new galaxy. Endeavor is damaged by a mysterious explosion while entering the conduit. As the crew begins repairs to the damaged ship, they are attacked by alien pirates. After barely surviving the encounter, Endeavor lands on the planet Kaldor to finish repairs.

While on Kaldor, the crew of Endeavor has another run in with the pirates. After turning the pirates away, saving Outpost Twenty-Three and picking up an unexpected new crew member, they hear rumors of a vast ancient treasure on a distant world. In Kaldor City, they are approached by the beautiful Cassyanna Reed, Captain of the Catamaran. She needs Jesse’s help. Her ship has been taken by the pirates with her cousin aboard. They decide to work together to find the treasure and save Captain Reed’s cousin.

They begin the dangerous search for the treasure, only to find out the pirates are also after the treasure. While battling the pirates, Jesse uncovers an alien plot to invade all of Kaldor. Now, Jesse has to outsmart the pirates, while evading corrupt elements of the Kaldorian government. He must find the treasure and save both the Catamaran and Kaldor. All while making sure Endeavor can still get them home.

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Champagne Kisses: A Timeless Love Story

By Krista Lakes / Genre: Coming of Age / Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Champagne Kisses: A Timeless Love Story

In the summer of 1990, Rachel Weber spent a week down on the Florida coast, soaking up the sun’s rays while she waited for her life to begin. It was there that she met Dean Sherman, a handsome, muscular soldier with crystal blue eyes. The two spent a week together full of champagne kisses that only ended when Operation Desert Storm forced Dean to choose between his duty and his love. He chose duty.

Twenty years later, Rachel figured it was just summer love, but she never forgot those eyes. As personal assistant to powerful billionaire Jack Saunders, she never expected Dean to walk into her office after being hired as Jack’s personal bodyguard. Even though she had spent the last two decades trying to forget Dean, she found herself falling for him once again.

When fate forced both Rachel and Dean to choose yet again between love and duty, Rachel had to decide between the man she had always loved and the family that had become her life. She knew she couldn’t have both, but she knew she wouldn’t be happy with just one. Would she choose love, or be forever haunted by the memory of those Champagne Kisses?

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Love & Consequences (G Street Chronicles Presents)

By Sabrina A. Eubanks / Genre: Women’s Fiction, African-American Fiction / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (49 reviews)

Love & Consequences (G Street Chronicles Presents)

Lucas Cain, a highly decorated detective with the NYPD is dedicated to his job and his playa lifestyle. When he meets news reporter Justine Greer by chance encounter, he discovers there is a such thing as love at first sight, as she turns his head hard enough to make him want to discard his promiscuous ways. They embark on a whirlwind romance at breakneck speed but every rose has its thorn. Lucas soon finds himself in a serious struggle with his own fidelity when Justine’s gorgeous and covetous friend, Simone, decides she wants a taste of what he has to offer and wages a vicious and tawdry campaign to destroy their happiness.

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Garnet or Garnet’s Curse

By Nancy B. Brewer / Genre: Historical, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (18 reviews)

Garnet or Garnet's Curse

It is France 1889. Tucked away in a stately château overlooking the Loire River, Garnet’s life had been for the most part unremarkable. One day melted into the next until she awakens to find herself a beautiful young woman with desires and needs that those walls cannot provide.

With the unexpected death of her aunt, her seamless world comes to an abrupt end. As it has been from the beginning of time, beauty, wealth and innocence are sought by the unscrupulous. Garnet must ask herself, which is reality, the world in which she lives or the unexplainable.

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Harlem Redux

By Persia Walker / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (29 reviews)

Harlem Redux

It is 1926, the heart of the Roaring Twenties, and Harlem is the place to be. Years after dropping out of Harlem society, David McKay, a handsome lawyer from a prominent Strivers’ Row family, returns home, devastated by the news of his sister’s suicide.

Why did Lilian take her life? Why did she marry a man she barely knew, giving him a claim to the family home? Why did she feel compelled to keep her marriage a secret?

Burdened by a secret of his own, McKay dares to stay in Harlem to stave off the threat to his family home and answer questions about Lilian’s death. He rediscovers the world of the Harlem Renaissance, a place of suffocating class strictures, seductive patrons, and aristocratic civil rights leaders. His inquiry takes him from the wealthy salons of Renaissance Harlem to the crowded tenements of its poor. He uncovers old loves and festering hatreds.

The deeper he probes, the closer he comes to unleashing forces that threaten to reveal his own crippling secret — one that could destroy or redeem him.

This gripping 1920s murder mystery, taut and lyrical, combining elements of the suspense and hard-boiled genres, evokes the mystique of Harlem’s most fascinating era. Absorbing and powerful, Harlem Redux combines incisive comment on race and class with a tragic tale of unrequited love.

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Steamed (A Maid in LA Mystery)

By Holly Jacobs / Genre: Women Sleuths, Mystery & Thrillers / Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (14 reviews)

Steamed (A Maid in LA Mystery)

Quincy Mac is a maid in LA–a maid who’s accidently cleaned a murder scene.

Now she’s a murder suspect with only one option–find the real murderer before she ends up in jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Quincy came to LA looking for fame and fortune. What she’s found is infamy and misfortune. There’s a killer out there, and Quincy’s going to them…or die trying.

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By Mandy Baggot / Genre: Contemporary, Romance / Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (36 reviews)


Autumn Raine is a pop vocalist at the very top of her game. She’s a style icon, the paparazzi’s darling and everyone wants to be her friend. But when her safety is threatened, her whole life starts to unravel.

Enter Nathan Regan, an ex-elite soldier who is assigned to protect her. He’s a good man doing bad things but what drives him? Passion? Madness? Or grief? Demons from his past are threatening to consume him. Can he win the fight alone or will he have to admit he needs help?

As the threat deepens, Autumn starts to find out who she really needs in her life. Is there still room for personal assistant Janey or rapper boyfriend Rockweiler? When everyone around her is feeding her lies, how does she work out the truth? Does her record producer know more than he’s letting on? What is her mother, the British Foreign Secretary’s involvement in the situation? And can Autumn put her faith in a forty-something Jamaican woman who handles an automatic weapon as expertly as she cooks?

Eluding kidnap and trying to stay alive, can Autumn find the strength to be the person she longs to be? And can two people, poles apart, forge something strong enough to survive anything?

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Cat Land: Amelia’s Amazing Day

By Midnight Panther / Genre: Cats, Animals, Children’s eBooks / Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (21 reviews)

Cat Land: Amelia's Amazing Day

Amelia plays on the Kick It team ‘The Eagles’ for her school in a tiny district of Cat Land called Mouse Land. In this Cat Land Short Tail, she learns about her own hidden strengths, while her sister Camille learns a valuable lesson about what the most important things in life really are. A touching tail of sisterly love and team work.

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40 Recipes For Chicken For Your Slow Cooker – Including 10 Slow Cooker Chicken Wings Recipes

By Pamela Kazmierczak / Genre: Soups & Stews, Meals, Cookbooks / Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (31 reviews)

40 Recipes For Chicken For Your Slow Cooker - Including 10 Slow Cooker Chicken Wings Recipes (Easy Dinner Recipes - The Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes Collection)

Are You Looking For Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes?

Slow Cooker Chicken recipes are pretty easy, as are most recipes for the slow cooker. You will be able to start the meal and then walk away for many hours. It is not exactly quick for the total time, but the prep time and actual time you spend preparing the dish is not that long at all!

Inside 40 Recipes For Chicken For Your Slow Cooker – Including 10 Slow Cooker Chicken Wings Recipes you will find a wide variety of recipes to try. We hope you enjoy them all!

What Type of Crock Pot Chicken Recipes Will You Find In This Book?

There are a total of 40 different slow cooker chicken recipes inside this book. All of these would fall into the category of recipes for dinner, although, the leftovers would be excellent for lunch or brunch the next day.

Are you looking for a good chicken wing recipe? Well we have 10 different varieties you can try including:
BBQ Chicken Wings
Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
& 5 More Chicken Wings Recipes

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