Trouble Makers (New Adult Rock Star Romance): Tyler and Katie’s Story

By Emme Rollins / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Trouble Makers (New Adult Rock Star Romance): Tyler and Katie's Story

Tyler kissed me with all the expert skill of a man who’d done it thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of times, but he made me feel like I was the only woman he’d ever wanted to kiss, now or ever. His mouth made so many promises, I couldn’t keep track of them all.


When your best friend falls in love with a rock star, you either join her in her fixation, or you spend a lot of nights eating ice cream and watching Netflix by yourself. If you can’t beat them, join them, isn’t that what they say?

While Bree—my best friend since forever—couldn’t get enough of “Trouble” and their lead singer, Rob Burns, I set my sights a little lower – and to the left. Rob’s immediate left, that is, at least on stage. Tyler Cook was Trouble’s lead guitarist, a tall, glorious, dark blonde, beautiful specimen of a man who could make ovaries explode and panties drop with just one twist of that smirky smile of his.

Of course, it was all just in good fun, two girls going to Trouble concerts and screaming ourselves hoarse along with the rest of the fans. Bree’s fascination with Rob, and mine with Tyler, was a fun little fantasy, a distraction from our boring everyday lives, mine as a dental hygienist and Bree’s as an elementary school music teacher, until one day the “what-if” game Bree liked to play—and in, “what if we met Trouble some day?” and “What if they asked us to go on tour with them?”—actually happened.

Actually. Happened.

One minute we were going to see Trouble in concert, and the next, we were backstage, face-to-face with the real-live, sexy thing. I never expected to meet rock god Tyler Cook. I never expected to end up on a tour bus with sex god Tyler Cook. I certainly never expected to fall in love with the man, that beautiful, broken, wild man, or become so hooked I simply couldn’t give him up—no matter what it cost, or who I hurt, even myself.

Because sometimes you have to stop asking yourself, “What if?”

Sometimes you have to find out what happens next…

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A Bear Victory: BBW Hockey Werebear Mail-Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Puck Bear Brides Book 1)

By Anya Nowlan / Genre: Sports

A Bear Victory: BBW Hockey Werebear Mail-Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Puck Bear Brides Book 1)

A bear can puck up once… But can he capture the prize regardless of past mistakes?

Cannon Wright’s an irredeemable bad boy hockey star, or that’s at least what the tabloids know. The star of the Chicago Bluehawks, the werebear playmaker has been living a life of adrenaline and victory for years now, but something’s always been missing. When he and his whole team is moved to Shifter Grove, he realizes there’s only one thing that could make him happy – his mate. Good thing is, he already knows who she is. Bad thing is, she hates his guts.

Kimberley Thomas is really good at forgetting things she doesn’t want to remember. Or so she thinks. But one werebear got under her skin years ago and try as she might, she hasn’t been able to move on. Until, that is, a mysterious stranger starts talking to her over a dating app and everything seems to change! But when she finally decides to take him up on his offer and visit him, she comes face to face with the hockey bear of her dreams… and her nightmares!

Will these two defiant souls give one another a second chance, or is this hockey romance destined for a loss? Can Cannon get both his woman and his victory?

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Alien Prince’s Bride: Scifi Alien Romantic Triangle Romance Novel

By Vi Voxley / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Alien Prince's Bride: Scifi Alien Romantic Triangle Romance Novel

When a princess is at stake, no challenge is too hard for the right kind of prince…

Violet is a calaya, one of the most beautiful and most sought after prizes of the Atreens. And that is exactly what she has been raised to be – a bauble to be claimed. But Violet doesn’t want to just be a mantelpiece for a great warrior who wins her hand in a galactic gladiator tournament – she wants to make her own choices. Or so she discovers when her heart and destiny clash and she can only choose one to follow. With the charming and feared Raider Prince on one hand and a roguish guard on the other, her choices are going to be hard to make.

Areon is a man of many secrets and many faces. Driven by revenge, he seeks to win the hand of the only woman who has ever held his heart and broken it, by winning hers in the grand tournament for him to do as he pleases. But old wounds only cover burning emotions and even a man who can’t be stopped by anything, not even by blind luck, must admit defeat in front of his own heart. When it becomes painfully evident that he is not the only one seeking to claim his princess, the gloves have got to come off.

So which will it be? Will heart or destiny conquer? Is victory more important than love? And who is this mysterious Raider Prince?

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Hell’s Chapel (Urban Fantasy) (Caith Morningstar Book 1)

By Celia Kyle / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Hell's Chapel (Urban Fantasy) (Caith Morningstar Book 1)

I’m Caith Morningstar: bar owner, leather wearer, shoe worshipper, werewolf, Orlando’s resident ass kicker and… Satan’s niece.

In the tween—between On High and Hell—I’ve got three rules: order, secrecy, and if you can’t manage that at least have some discretion. Wait, make that four: no one screws with me or my stuff. Orlando—land of that famous mouse—is my home and people are either gonna get in line or get out.

Except someone didn’t get that memo. Now, I’m gonna bust out my bat and smash some heads. I’ve got zombies demolishing my home, vamps chasing me, and on top of the normal violence in my life, I’m quickly falling for an angel.

I can handle the blood, gore, and frustration, but can I deal with the pain of loving—possibly losing—the angel Samkiel? Probably not, but I’m gonna try anyway.

Warning: Sometimes love gets buried in the flames of hell with a few dead bodies piled on top and it takes a while to dig it back out. When it comes to Caith and Sam… they definitely need more than one book to get the job done.

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The Alpha’s Mate (Werewolf Romance) (Huntsville Pack Book 1)

By Michelle Fox / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

The Alpha's Mate (Werewolf Romance) (Huntsville Pack Book 1)

Little known fact about being a werewolf: There are always wolves at your door and some of them are up to no good.

Chloe Weiss’ dreams have finally come true: She’s a null no more, her wolf has finally come. She’s now a full member of her pack in the remote Appalachian ‘weretown’ of Hunstville.

Even better, she’s mated to the pack’s next alpha, Jackson Swift. However, now that she’s on the other side of her happy ending, things aren’t quite as rosy as she’d expected.

The women of her pack resent her status as alpha’s mate and suddenly there are rumors that Chloe is an Omega, a werewolf so weak they are banned from ever mating. Worse, an old friend of Jackson’s blows into town full of disapproval….and competition. It seems no one likes Chloe except Jackson.

Then women start disappearing, violently kidnapped from their homes and never heard from again. There’s a killer on the loose in the small town of Huntsville, and the one wolf he’d do anything to have is Chloe.

Now Chloe will have to fight…for Jackson, her place in the pack, and her life.

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The Billionaire’s Triplets – Book 1 (A Steamy Contemporary Romance Novel)

By Mia Caldwell / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

The Billionaire's Triplets - Book 1 (A Steamy Contemporary Romance Novel)

From their first encounter, they’re destined to change each other’s lives.

A passionate fling

At a conference in Switzerland, business analyst Lissa Edwards and billionaire Julio Torres can’t resist each other. Their overwhelming chemistry makes them wonder if something more is possible … so when Julio is called away on urgent business, he promises to contact Lissa.

A shocking surprise

Lissa is saddened when she never hears from Julio again, but she does her best to move on with her life — until she learns she’s pregnant. With triplets. Reaching Julio is no longer optional … but despite repeated attempts, she’s unable to contact him to tell him he’s a father.

A deepening mystery

Julio can’t forget the brilliant, fiery woman he met in Switzerland. Why has she never responded to any of his messages? When one of his business ventures needs Lissa’s skills, Julio flies to New York, determined to press his case.

Neither one is prepared for what they discover. Can Lissa and Julio start over and build a life together, or is it too late?

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Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865

By Sarah Raymond Herndon / Genre: Mid-Atlantic, State & Local, United States, Americas, History

Days on the Road: Crossing the Plains in 1865

Sarah Raymond was an unmarried woman of twenty-four who in May 1865–barely a month after the end of the Civil War–mounted her beloved pony and headed west alongside the wagon carrying her mother and two younger brothers. They traveled by wagon train over the Great Plains toward the Rocky Mountains, with no certain idea of where they would settle themselves but a strong desire to leave war-torn Missouri behind and start a new life.
Days on the Road is the story of this remarkable journey and of the young woman who made it. Written on the trail and originally published in 1902, it is a tribute to all of the emigrants who made their way west and the tale of a truly extraordinary woman.

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On the Run: (Vagabonds Book 1)

By Jade C. Jamison / Genre: Coming of Age

On the Run: (Vagabonds Book 1)

What if your dream became a nightmare?

Kyle Summers enjoys a carefree childhood traveling the countryside with her parents…until she discovers the electric guitar. When she first wraps her hand around its neck, she knows she was born to play it.

When she discovers boys, she realizes she has a second passion.

But music always comes first, and when Kyle is recruited to be part of a young all-girl band, she jumps at her chance for fame and fortune. It isn’t long before Kyle discovers that all that glitters isn’t gold. Will she survive when she discovers the dark and seedy side of the music industry—or will it ruin her for good?

Vagabonds follows one young woman’s rise to fame past the pitfalls of sex, drugs, and easy money, through fortune and success to heartbreak and betrayal. Five girls build their band The Vagabonds from nothing but a hunger to create and quickly find that they are nothing but pawns in a larger game played by managers, agents, the press, the music industry, and all manner of unscrupulous, greedy people who want to feed on their triumphs. Friendships and lives hang in the balance. Who will survive?

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Roland: Reluctant Paladin

By N.C. Reed / Genre: Action & Adventure

Roland: Reluctant Paladin

Roland Stang never intended to become the caretaker of thirty abandoned children. He was just looking for a place to get out of the rain. His plan was to lay low and allow the world to reset itself after a world wide economic collapse. But, things do change. An orphan himself from an early age, the former soldier can’t simply walk away and leave the children he finds. Especially once he realizes what a sorry lot of adults is nominally in charge of the group in the warehouse he’s taken shelter in.

But now, he’s got his hands full, and then some. He has to find a home for those children, and a way to feed, clothe, and educate them. All while protecting them from people who would prey on them in one way or another, and while protecting his own back from an angry woman who apparently hates him just because. Her only redeeming feature as far as Roland is concerned? She wants to protect the children as much as he does.

Leading a handful of teens and a busload of orphaned children, Roland sets out to find a safe haven for them. Along the way he’ll make friends, enemies, and the odd mistake or two. Or more.

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HEAT: A Bad Boy Romance

By Jess Bentley / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

HEAT: A Bad Boy Romance

Jake Ferry is tied up in a dirty business.

Cocky, rich, and aimless, Jake Ferry would want more out of life, if believed there was more than cars, the gym, and endless money in the bank.
When his mercenary father targets me, local entrepreneur Janie Hall, I refuse to play his game.
But when danger and desire mix, and my defenses crumble, I know that loving Jake Ferry could burn everything to the ground.

Janie Hall doesn’t take a fall for anyone. But I’ll make her fall for me.

I’ve always had the best of everything. She’s too good for me, but when has that ever stopped me before?
Ever since I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to make Janie mine, whether it was for a night, or a weekend.
And it’ll let me prove to my father that I’m ten times the man he is.
I figure I’ll have her begging for more in no time.
But when we feel the heat of each other’s bodies, it threatens to burn me up.

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Freed (Bad Boy Hitman Romance)

By Terry Towers / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Freed (Bad Boy Hitman Romance)

They gave me one job: get the information out of the girl–by whatever means necessary. It should have been easy. She’s a 20-year-old preacher’s daughter. Piece of cake.

Big mistake.

Rebecca is as hard and wounded as I am. She challenges me in every way.

I’m fascinated by her.

Even worse, she’s making me feel something. It isn’t head-over-heels, love-at-first-sight sh*t. And men like me don’t change that easily for some chick. But she has me wondering…

Should I finish the job, and possibly kill the woman who dares to make me care?

Or should I spare her life and put my balls on the line to save her?

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Hunted (Talented Saga Book 3)

By Sophie Davis / Genre: Science Fiction, Mysteries & Thrillers, Teen & Young Adult

Hunted (Talented Saga Book 3)

In need of a distraction from her best friend’s betrayal, Talia jumps at the chance to pack up and head to Washington, D.C., to have a purpose once again. She is tasked with administering the annual Talent Aptitude Tests, analyzing the children of the nation’s capital to identify those with powers. She knows that the Mandatory testing laws are controversial, but is still shocked by the protesters lining the streets of the city, and the curfew imposed upon its residents. These add fuel to her own misgivings about the Agency and its Director, the man who raised her.

As if Talia doesn’t have enough on her plate with that, the Director assigns her a task that will expose his dirtiest secrets. She soon learns that it isn’t the children who are tested she needs to be concerned about; it’s the ones who aren’t. And when she encounters a face from her past, Talia must confront her toughest decision yet. Following her heart will put Talia and those closest to her in mortal danger. But the consequences of doing nothing are inconceivable.

The one bright spot in Talia’s new assignment is having her boyfriend, Erik, by her side. Because not only is Erik a source of comfort, but he is also as determined as she is to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious illness still plaguing her. Day after day, Talia never knows when she might be overcome by one of her unexplained seizures; she must pierce the veils of secrecy covering their origin, before someone decides she knows too much.

Life altering choices will be made. Loyalties will be tested. When the war begins, which side will Talia choose?

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Bear Queen: A Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Royal Bears Book 3)

By Emma Alisyn / Genre: Werewolves & Shifters, Paranormal, Romance

Bear Queen: A Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Royal Bears Book 3)

The Bear Queen has a fence around her heart. The Alpha Clan Chief has an ax to chop it down. Their enemy lurks, waiting for an opportunity to strike…

Izobelle Sahakian, a Bear Queen renown for her beauty and wit, rules Casakraine with an iron fist. She struggles not to succumb to her desire for the most unsuitable alpha male at court- the leader of a foreign country.

Malvin Dacus, Clan Chief of Talogroth, must seduce a rich bride to save Talogroth. His mission derails when a matebond sparks to life with the headstrong Queen.

But difficulty casts a shadow over their wary, intense courtship. Malvin must end the rebellion of his older sister before she rallies the Clans against him or has him killed. Izobelle may help- but first she has to learn to trust. Will she accept their bond before it’s too late, or will the dark side of her past destroy her final chance at happiness?

This is a steamy paranormal bear shifter romance with adventure, court intrigue and family dynamics for readers who enjoy reading about strong, complex heroines and fierce, protective alpha males. 3rd in the Royal Bears series, may be enjoyed as a standalone. Includes opportunity to download a bonus Happily Ever After short story at the end.

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Ash: A Bad Boy Romance

By Lexi Whitlow / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Ash: A Bad Boy Romance


I married Summer to save her life, and then I was forced to break her heart.

I’m back in town, and I’m never letting her go again.

She’s the woman who changed me.

She’s my wife, and she’s going to have my baby.


He told me he’d always protect me. Then he disappeared without a trace.

Jonathan Ash is not the kind of man you marry.

He’s a fierce, hard-bodied, tattooed, womanizing mafia soldier.

Me and Ash? We were done three years ago.

But Ash is waving around a marriage certificate that proves otherwise.

He says he deserves a chance.

He says he wants me to have our baby.

And he’s not signing any f*cking divorce papers.

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Two For The Kill (A Tanner Novel Book 8)

By Remington Kane / Genre: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers

Two For The Kill (A Tanner Novel Book 8)

Tanner and Sammy go on a quest for revenge.

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Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga Book 1)

By Greg Spry / Genre: War & Military, Action & Adventure

Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga Book 1)

Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis lives for pushing hundreds of gees in orbital combat, but she’d give it all up in a moment to become the first human to fly faster than light. When Brooke stumbles upon a conspiracy involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest levels of government, she finds their goals seductive but their methods abhorrent. With the moral core of human civilization hanging in the balance, she must risk her shot at history, her family, and her life to prevent the schemers from forcing their nefarious brand of salvation upon the solar system.

Free as of 09/28/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Wanted: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

By Kristen Strassel / Genre: Vampires, Paranormal, Romance

Wanted: A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

Welcome to the shadow world of Blood Courtesans…where vampires are real and blood is a financial asset. This is the world I live in.
I don’t care about the money I’ll make as a blood courtesan. I need the vampires to protect me from other humans. And more than that, from myself. Any time I think about getting revenge against the bullies who’ve tortured me, the thing I imagine happens. I have no way to control it. And the latest incident has put me in the middle of a murder investigation. I have to convince them to turn me into a vampire. I can’t be tried for murder if I’m already dead. Or…undead.

In the vampire world, blood is money and sex is everything. But when my power catches the attention of the oldest, most powerful vampire in the coven, he’ll do anything to make me his.

Nash doesn’t have to look me in the eye to cast a spell over me. And I don’t even have to look at him to know he wants me.

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Made to Measure Man: A Weissenberger Romantic Suspense Novel, Book One

By Glen Weissenberger / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Made to Measure Man: A Weissenberger Romantic Suspense Novel, Book One

Garth Matthews, dean of Chicago’s newest law school, doesn’t see it coming. And if brilliant Matthews can’t see it coming, nobody can.So it’s not looking good.Naturally, Matthews is thrilled to receive a multimillion-dollar award for his educational leadership. But before he knows it, he becomes entangled with the shrewd, gin-guzzling, hysterically funny matriarch of the European foundation behind the award—and the intrigue doesn’t end there. Clues are mounting that the charity is really a cover for international art thieves, and Matthews has been set up as the prime suspect.Then—as if this mystery wasn’t complicated enough!—Matthews finds himself drawn to Julia, the matriarch’s intriguing, beautiful granddaughter. Together, Matthews and Julia share a love of quiet, tucked-away restaurants in New York City, fine wines, and recounting their world travels. For the first time since his wife’s death, Matthews finds solace and a growing, tender passion in his relationship with Julia.That is, when he isn’t trying to unravel the plot spinning around the foundation, with his own neck on the line.But where does Julia fit in? Is she part of the web set to ensnare him? Or could she be his true love, his second chance, his soul mate?Race through this cleverly written tale of cliff-hanging danger and gentle romance as Matthews resolves the heart-pounding twists that—one way or the other—will change his life forever.

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The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood

By Henderson Smith / Genre: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths, Children’s eBooks

The Ugly Princess: The Legend of the Winnowwood

What would you give up to be beautiful? I don’t mean attractive, or pretty or any other term you could conjure up to describe that thing most women seek to be or most men seek to be with.

I mean staggeringly beautiful, men falling at your feet with hopeless adoration as they gaze upon you dumbfounded. That beautiful. I could become that beautiful if I chose, but only with a steep price. Would you pay the price? Does that call to your heart?

It doesn’t call to mine. Yes, when I look at the girl in the mirror, I see a young woman of average height and slight build. I see her lovely emerald green eyes and I see her coarse, orange hair poking out in all directions like some unnatural haystack.

I see the forty-seven warts that line her face, which accompany one large lump and two small boils. You’d probably think that I would be more than eager to trade for the great gift of beauty because I know some, if not all of you, would call me hideous. But I don’t think of myself as ugly.

I think of myself as powerful, strong and fierce – for I have magical powers – powers that amaze and terrify me at times. And today is the most important day of my life, because today my mother will say the words over me and seal my fate. For I, Olive, am the last of the Winnowwood and this is my story.

Based on the award winning screenplay of the same name, The Ugly Princess will take you on an amazing adventure filled with twists, turns and an ending that will take your breath away because it is also a love story of the most unusual, magical kind.

“In the tradition of The Princess Bride (with somewhat less whimsy) and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, Smith’s debut is a fairy tale in a new world…. The twists along this charming road make for an enchanting journey.”

Free as of 09/28/16 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Diet for Vegans: Delicious Soul Satisfying Mediterranean Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Vegetarian … Soy Free, Low Fat, Plant Based Book 1)

By Sam Kuma / Genre: Mediterranean, European, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Mediterranean Diet: Mediterranean Diet for Vegans: Delicious Soul Satisfying Mediterranean Vegan Recipes for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle (Vegetarian ... Soy Free, Low Fat, Plant Based Book 1)

Are you a vegan who loves Mediterranean food? Or someone who just wants to eat healthy delicious food?

Then read below:

Most people are apprehensive about adopting the vegan diet considering the large number of myths that surround the concept. People believe that vegans have to deal with a very restricted ingredient list and make dishes that lack flavor. However, this is just a myth and one that has absolutely no truth to it. Vegans have available food substitutes for almost every kind of available. In addition to being healthy, it is also better for the environment and also prevents animal cruelty. This book details Mediterranean diet recipes for Vegans.

The Mediterranean diet refers to foods that were consumed by the Greeks and Italians in the early 60s. This diet is well known to make people healthy and enhance their longevity. It has been embraced by people all over the world due to a variety of delicious and healthy recipes that can be eaten all day. There are 1000’s of restaurants across America and across the globe that are successful due to the popularity of the cuisine.

This book includes:

  • Mediterranean Vegan Pastes, Sauces, and Dips
  • Mediterranean Vegan Breakfast Recipes
  • Mediterranean Vegan Salad Recipes
  • Mediterranean Vegan Soup Recipes
  • Mediterranean Vegan Appetizers Recipes
  • Mediterranean Vegan Main Course
  • Mediterranean Vegan Dessert Recipes

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