Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters Book 1)

By Joanne Jaytanie / Genre: Psychics, Paranormal, Romance

Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters Book 1)

Everybody’s chasing Victory: a power-hungry scientist, a corrupt conglomerate, and her own government.

Victory Winters is on the run. A world-renowned geneticist, her mission involves conquering disease and improving quality of life. But a co-worker has been murdered, putting Victory and her mission in danger. Chasing her are all sorts of men who want to recruit and control her, manipulating her genetic secrets and research for their own corrupt purposes.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is undercover investigating Biotec, a conglomerate that trumpets a better tomorrow in its bright, shiny annual reports. But Tristan’s bosses suspect that beneath Biotec’s carefully-managed exterior lies more than simple violations of a few experimental protocols.

Farraday is following a trail of murder, kidnapping, and blackmail. The trail leads him to Victory, who has been forced into Biotec’s world. Can Tristan chase down the truth and win the race for Victory?

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Wild Boys After Dark: Heath (Wild Billionaires After Dark Book 2)

By Melissa Foster / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Wild Boys After Dark: Heath (Wild Billionaires After Dark Book 2)

Indulge your inner vixen with these sexy billionaires!
Meet the Wild Boys… Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Everything’s naughtier after dark…
No last names. No strings. No ties.
Except of the silk variety.

Dr. Heath Wild and Allyson Jenner only wanted a simple tryst. But Heath couldn’t live with just one night, just one taste, of Ally–and Ally couldn’t escape the memory of his hands on her skin, the way he looked at her like she was his obsession, or his seduction, which had pushed her to the edge and had made her want to do things she never had before.

One night leads to one tantalizing phone call. Can one phone call lead to forever?

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Crimson Worlds Collection I: Crimson Worlds Books 1-3

By Jay Allan / Genre: Anthologies & Short Stories, Science Fiction

Crimson Worlds Collection I: Crimson Worlds Books 1-3

Marines (Crimson Worlds I)

Erik Cain joined the marines to get off death row. The deal was simple; enlist to fight in space and he would be pardoned for all his crimes.

In the 23rd Century, assault troops go to war wearing AI-assisted, nuclear-powered armor, but it is still men and blood that win battles. From one brutal campaign to the next, Erik and his comrades fight an increasingly desperate war over the resource rich colony worlds that have become vital to the economies of Earth’s exhausted and despotic Superpowers.

As Erik rises through the ranks he finally finds a home, first with the marines who fight at his side and later among the colonists – men and women who have dared to leave everything behind to build a new society on the frontier, one where the freedoms and rights lost long ago on Earth are preserved.

Amidst the blood and death and sacrifice, Erik begins to wonder. Is he fighting the right war? Who is the real enemy?


The Cost of Victory (Crimson Worlds II)

The Third Frontier War is raging, and all across human-occupied space worlds are burning. Massive battlefleets struggle for dominance and kilometer-long war ships exchange thermonuclear barrages.

Battered in the early years of the war, the Western Alliance is resurgent. The brilliant Admiral Augustus Garret leads the Alliance fleet from victory to victory, taking the war to the very heart of the enemy empires. And on the ground, Colonel Erik Cain, hero of the Marine Corps, leads his crack troops again into combat, seeking the final battle.

In the background, the secretive intelligence agencies of the despotic Superpowers plot and scheme, using their own soldiers as pawns in the great game for control of space. But the final battle will be fought in the reddish sands of a backwater world, and the prize will be the staggering secret that has lain hidden in a remote cave for untold centuries.

All the Powers struggle for the ultimate victory, but at what cost?


A Little Rebellion (Crimson Worlds III)

Crimson Worlds Book III The Third Frontier War is over, and the Western Alliance is triumphant. All across human-occupied space, colony worlds celebrate the coming of peace.

But peace is an elusive dream, and more trouble is brewing. The war was expensive, and the economies of the Superpowers, always fragile, are on the verge of total collapse.

The Directorate, the shadowy intelligence organization that has become the true power behind the Alliance government, plans to strip the colonies bare to pay the costs of war. Already, they are tightening their control over the freewheeling colonial governments. And the Marine Corps faces total destruction at the hands of the worst traitor in its history.

But the colonists are a different breed than the passive mob on Earth, and they have no intention of meekly surrendering their hard won freedoms. On worlds all across the frontier, plans are hatched and weapons hoarded. And in taverns and meeting halls the words of an ancient text are uttered in hushed tones. A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing.

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LZR-1143: Evolution: Book Two of the LZR-1143 Zombie Apocalypse Series

By Bryan James / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

LZR-1143: Evolution: Book Two of the LZR-1143 Zombie Apocalypse Series

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, it takes a movie star to do the impossible.

Which is exactly what Mike McKnight will have to do to survive.

The dead have risen. A lethal virus has decimated millions, turning the infected into the walking dead.

Society has crumbled, cities are in flames, and the human race is on the verge of extinction.

Somehow, Mike McKnight has survived. So far. From his cell in a mental institution, he battled the ghosts of his past and the throngs of undead to uncover and retrieve the last vestige of mankind’s hope to fight the deadly plague.

Now, from the deck of an aircraft carrier, to the farmlands of the Eastern Shore and the very heart of the nation’s capital, Mike carries the hope of an entire race. With him rides the only chance at fighting the spread of the virus, and turning back the tide of infection.

But the undead are changing. They are evolving. Hunting in larger groups and banding together to track their prey, that are more dangerous predators than ever before. To survive, he will have to learn to adapt, and to come to grips with the most important evolution of all: his own.

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Cocky Cowboy: A Second Chance Romance (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 3)

By Faleena Hopkins / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction

Cocky Cowboy: A Second Chance Romance (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 3)


Can you really find your soulmate when you’re only eight years old…only to lose her two years later and never know what happened ?

No way. It can’t be…Yes, it’s her…

Getting kissed long and slow by that city boy douche-bag is Rachel Sawyer, my best friend and secret love, back when I was just a boy.

The only girl who could ever hold my interest past a minute.

I want to punch that guy for touching her like that…and I just might.

But I’ve got a ranch and live a quiet existence until I saw her. There’s no way I can compete with her flashy New York City life.

I don’t care.
If I don’t steal Rachel away from that dick, I’ll never have another chance.

I won’t lose her. Not to him. Not to New York. Not to anyone.

Not again.


As Ryan answers yet another work email, I spy a gorgeous man intently staring at me, emerald green eyes daring me to remember him.

Oh my God it’s him…my first kiss… The one who always got me into trouble is now trouble-incarnate.

Jaxson Cocker.

All grown up into the rugged and masculine drop-your-panties-at-the-door kind of sexy.

But I love Ryan…so why the hell am I walking toward Jaxson like he’s a magnet and I’m metal?

We’re no longer the innocent children we used to be. That chemistry we once had has ripened into something dangerous.

I want him to touch me, but I shouldn’t.
I want him to kiss me, but I shouldn’t.

Just because Ryan said those horrible things…doesn’t mean I have the right to do this. Does it?!
Why is it some men have the power to make you do things you never dreamed you’d do? Do you follow your heart or your head?

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The Trouble with Christmas (Indigo Island Book 3)

By Kaira Rouda / Genre: Holidays

The Trouble with Christmas (Indigo Island Book 3)

At 35-years-old, Cole Stanton is burned out. His high-paced, uber-successful career has left him yearning to start over. He finds Indigo Island, buys a restaurant and settles into an uncomplicated life. But Christmas is a mess. He has over-committed the small restaurant’s resources again, and is over his head. He finds himself longing for everything he has left behind, until a chance encounter with gorgeous Lily offers a spark of salvation to his business and, perhaps his life.

Beautiful pastry chef Lily Edmonds is thirty years old and heartbroken. It’s just before Christmas and she’s just been dumped via telephone by her fiancee. Her best friend Avery Putnam invites her to Indigo Island, hoping to add joy back into Lily’s life. A chance encounter with the sexy owner of a local restaurant makes Lily feel an attraction she thought she’d never feel again, and offers her a business challenge to keep her mind focused on something other than her broken heart.

Cole Stanton and Lily Edmonds are both starting over. Will the joy of the holiday season bring them together or will the troubles with Christmas push them apart?

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Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies Book 1)

By Amy Sandas / Genre: Regency, Historical Fiction

Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies Book 1)

He’s the dangerously charming owner of a gambling hell.
She’s the brilliant daughter of a gentleman drowning in debt.
Forced to use her talent for mathematics to save her family, Emma finds herself drawn from London’s glittering ballrooms deep into its gritty underworld…and discovers there the pleasure of falling from grace.Emma Chadwick always assumed she’d live and die the daughter of a gentleman. But when her father’s death reveals a world of staggering debt and dangerous moneylenders, she must risk her good name and put her talent for mathematics to use, taking a position as bookkeeper at London’s most notorious gambling hell. Surrounded by vice and corruption on all sides, it is imperative the ton never discovers Emma’s shameful secret or her reputation—and her life—will be ruined. But Roderick Bentley, the hell’s sinfully wealthy owner, awakens a hunger Emma cannot deny. Drawn deep into an underworld of high stakes gambling and reckless overindulgence, she soon discovers that to win the love of a ruthless scoundrel, she will have to play the game…and give in to the pleasure of falling from grace. “You should not have kissed me,” she replied breathlessly.

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Tallas (The Tallas Series Book 1)

By Cathrina Constantine / Genre: Horror, Teen & Young Adult

Tallas (The Tallas Series Book 1)

In a decimated world, setting foot outside of Tallas is certain death ~ or so they say. Mutations caused by those in the wilderness have plagued citizens ~ or so they say.

For Doogan and Keelya their belief in a Free Tallas has lost its glimmer. When their son, Fabal is given a dangerous assignment, they risk everything to protect him. Fleeing Tallas, they head for the wilderness. But they’re ambushed by cruel Mediators, Doogan is recaptured, and while Keelya and Fabal escape, she is severely injured.

Can the two of them survive in the wilderness? Will Doogan get away from the clutches of the Mediators? And are the legends about terrible monsters beyond Tallas true?

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Emergence (Janus Unfolding Book 1)

By C. A. Knutsen / Genre: Science Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories, Children’s eBooks

Emergence (Janus Unfolding Book 1)

Jim Post, the wealthy leader of Compass Enterprises, is a man of mystery whose off-the-charts intellect and physical prowess have sparked uneasy whispers. Then badly-burned human remains are found in the ashes of Post’s home in rural Southwest Washington State. Jim is missing. Is he the victim? Was it murder?
Post’s associates at Compass, dedicated to continuing his humanitarian mission in developing new technology, help investigate his disappearance. They’re aided by an advanced Artificial Intelligence that Post created, but conceal its existence from the police and a public not quite ready for full disclosure. When will the time be ripe for a revelation that will alter the future for everyone?

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Renal Diet Cookbook: Chronic Kidney Disease – 77 Remarkable Recipes Low in Salt, Protein, Potassium and Phosphorous for CKD (Bonus: 4-Week Diet Plan Challenge Included)

By Northern Press / Genre: Nephrology, Internal Medicine, Medical eBooks

Renal Diet Cookbook: Chronic Kidney Disease - 77 Remarkable Recipes Low in Salt, Protein, Potassium and Phosphorous for CKD (Bonus: 4-Week Diet Plan Challenge Included)

Do you want a variety of recipes designed to manage your CKD?

Do you want a 4-week diet plan given to you?

Do you feel symptoms like feeling tired all the time or loss of appetite?

Look No Further

The way your kidney disease works is it will gradually get worse bit by bit over the long term. In the beginning stages symptoms may not even show and this puts your kidneys at risk. With a proven diet that works in favor with your kidney disease, managing your health becomes much, much easier

While receiving the diagnosis that you have what is known as chronic kidney disease will likely feel as though the world is crumbling around you; being proactive about the diagnosis can allow you to once again return to solid ground. A big part of that means changing your diet and watching your intake of protein, phosphorus, potassium and sodium

Inside you will find 77 different kidney friendly recipes broken down into breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts, each of which contains a complete breakdown of nutrition information to take the guesswork out of determining the amount of key nutrients that comes from homemade food. Forewarned is forearmed, and knowing these amounts could very well save your life

In This Book, You’ll Discover…

  • A 4-Week Diet Plan Layed-Out For You
  • 77 Delicious Recipes That Are Kidney-Friendly (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Desserts)
  • A Wide Variety Of Recipes Including; Chinese Food, Italian Food, Indian Food, And A Number Of American Favorites
  • Much, much, more!

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