Merciless Charity: A Charity Styles Novel (Caribbean Thriller Series Book 1)

By Wayne Stinnett / Genre: Thriller, Mystery & Thrillers, Action & Adventure

Merciless Charity: A Charity Styles Novel (Caribbean Thriller Series Book 1)

What can be done to stop madness from sweeping the world when political indecision is the norm? When the nation’s leaders lack the backbone to stand up to them, what can stop an enemy that knows no rules? Charity.

Charity Styles is a former Olympian and U.S. Army helicopter pilot. Captured and tortured by terrorists in Afghanistan after the opening blows of the War on Terror, Charity has a score to settle. Now working for the Department of Homeland Security, she is offered the opportunity to make a real difference.

Critical memories of her ordeal are buried deep in Charity’s subconscious. When the director of Homeland Security’s vaunted Caribbean Counterterrorism Command, discovers the key to unlocking Charity’s past, he unleashes a tempest, the fury of which no enemy can prepare for.

Already a martial arts instructor and pilot, Director Stockwell guides her training in marksmanship and spycraft, making Charity the most dangerous asset in America’s covert arsenal. Charity then sets her sails, crossing the sea in an antique sloop. A single-minded, all-encompassing determination stays her course.

To confront the enemy and play by their rules.

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Don’t Leave Me

By James Scott Bell / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Don't Leave Me

When they came for him it was time to run. When they came for his brother it was time to fight.

Chuck Samson needs to heal. A former Navy chaplain who served with a Marine unit in Afghanistan, he’s come home to take care of his adult, autistic brother, Stan. But the trauma of Chuck’s capture and torture threatens to overtake him. Only the fifth graders he teaches give him reason to hope for the future.

But when an unseen enemy takes aim at Chuck, he finds himself running for his life. And from the cops, who now think he might be a murderer. A secret buried deep in Chuck’s damaged soul may be the one thing that could save him. But can he unearth it?

Now, needing to protect his only brother from becoming collateral damage, Chuck Samson must face the dark fears embedded in his mind and find a way to save Stan. . . or die trying.

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The Boss’s Secret Baby

By Charlize Starr / Genre: Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction

The Boss’s Secret Baby

Money and chicks – that’s all I’m interested in.
And my f-list competition with my buddy.
I always win. Of course I do.
I’m the CEO. And sexy as sin. Who could ever say no to me?
The next target at the top of my list? The new PA I’m gonna hire tomorrow.
She’ll come on a business trip with me.
Oh, and pretend to be my wife.
I’ll show off my fantastic abs and instruct her how to please me.
Her panties will be on the floor before she knows it.
And she’ll want only more.
Did I mention we’ll be sharing a room?
Piece of cake.

Until I see who she is.
Until I find out she has a son.
With green eyes.
My grandmother’s eyes.
Could it be?

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Escape the Sea (Saved by Pirates Book 1)

By G. Bailey / Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Escape the Sea (Saved by Pirates Book 1)

Seven towns. Seven seas. The seven council. The seven words every person lives by.

The sea is lost, pirates are death.

Cassandra should have been killed at birth, like all the other children who have powers like her. The changed ones. The ones who started the war, lost the seas and killed millions with their gifts. Lucky for Cassandra, her father is on the council. One of the seven rulers of her large town and has kept her hidden her entire life. When she is seen for the first time, she has no choice but to run and the only place she can go is to the sea.
To the pirates and a certain death.
At least that is what she thinks. When she meets six handsome pirates and they take her on board their ship, she learns about a whole new world.

If only she can protect her heart when they all desire to own it.

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Mercy’s Heart (The ChristKeepers Book 1)

By Grace Walton / Genre: Historical, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Mercy's Heart (The ChristKeepers Book 1)

Determined to support his clan without compromising his new found faith, Titus the Norseman becomes the premier mercenary knight of Medieval Scotland. The world weary warrior has never backed down from a just fight. Providing sufficient coin for the clan seems finally within his grasp. Until, in a collision between his honor and his purse, he is forced to rescue the English King’s baseborn daughter at a bear baiting. Burdened by the sins of his profligate past, Titus feels compelled to protect the young innocent girl.

The convent raised Mercy is eager to finally meet her royal father. She yearns to earn his love. Mercy is convinced her stark and lonely life can change. There will indeed be dramatic changes in her life, just not the ones she anticipates.

Titus needs a wife. His ideal spouse would be a plain and practical woman. Whimsical Mercy is neither. Courtly Love is still a novel concept in Medieval England, but Mercy embraces it fully. The famous Scottish knight becomes the focus of her regard. He categorically rejects any idea of romantic love, especially the ridiculous Courtly Love.

Opposites in every way Titus and Mercy navigate court intrigue, blood feuds, church assassins, life altering revelations, and annulled marriage vows. Titus the Norseman has never been defeated in a tournament. He has won every challenge issued. Now against almost insurmountable odds, somehow with God’s help he must find a way to win ‘Mercy’s Heart’.

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My Heart Belongs in the Shenandoah Valley: Lily’s Dilemma

By Andrea Boeshaar / Genre: Romance, Religious & Inspirational Fiction

My Heart Belongs in the Shenandoah Valley: Lily's Dilemma

Journey into the Shenandoah Valley of 1816 where…
With Very Little Left of the Family Farm, Lily May be Forced into a Loveless Marriage.

Captain McAlister “Mac” Albright has purchased land in the Shenandoah Valley. However, the land belongs to Lillyanna Laughlin—or so she erroneously thinks. Mac sets her straight and despite a poor start, the two become friends. . .if only he were financially stable to offer her more. 

When Lily’s life is threatened and his whole future goes up in flames, Mac truly becomes a man without means, and Lily is forced to make the impossible choice between a loveless marriage with a man twice her age or the man who has shown her what true love could be. How can she choose between love and economic security? Her family is depending on her. Is her heart destined to break?
Journey into Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley of 1816 where a woman’s dreams and future happiness are on the line.

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The Substitute (The Bro Series Book 1)

By Xavier Neal / Genre: Multicultural & Interracial, Romance

The Substitute (The Bro Series Book 1)


Being a substitute teacher is good for me.
It’s sensible.
Abandoning my plans for a career in the film industry and a life full of fun, albeit slightly reckless, actions was the responsible thing to do.
That’s who I am now.
That’s who I’ve become.
Mr. Boring. Mr. Predictable. Mr. Anal Retentive.
At least that’s what I thought until one irresistible student breathes life back into the version of me I’ve been desperately trying to suffocate.
Being with Ainsley isn’t a want. It’s a need.
And I’m willing do anything to fulfill it.


I’ve spent my entire life ashamed of who I am.
Who my mother is. What she does.
Being forced to attend a private school where people endlessly whisper about it is only bearable because I know exactly what’s in my future.
I know exactly where I’m going.
I know exactly what to do to get there.
Or at least I thought I did.
One class with him and suddenly my entire world was missing one very important piece.
Being with Nate isn’t just about sex.
It’s about loving life in a way I never imagined.
The situation isn’t ideal, but I’ll do whatever it takes to be with him.

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Assassin In My Bed

By Samantha Cade / Genre: Mystery & Thrillers

Assassin In My Bed

She’s a marked woman

Penny Waters has a seven million dollar bounty on her head.

VC Solutions, a powerful cooperate conglomerate, knows someone stole their classified documents, they just don’t know who. But it’s only a matter of time. Once they track her down, they’ll unleash the fierce assassin hired to kill her.

Unless Penny gets to him first.

Just one last kill, and he can go on with his life

Zane Celick is convinced that his only worth in life is to kill. Sure, he’s good at it, but every pull of the trigger comes at a high moral cost. When VC Solutions offers him seven million dollars to assassinate a cyber terrorist, Zane sees a way out. With that kind of money, he could retire for good. When he falls hard for a beautiful woman, he’s more eager than ever to take out this last kill, collect his millions, and stride into his bright future.

Two exquisitely damaged people, bound by explosive secrets

From the moment Zane and Penny meet, the sizzling chemistry between them can’t be denied. Penny was only trying to spy on her assassin, only now, she finds herself caught in a romance so forbidden she can’t resist.

But their budding relationship is tainted by the secrets they keep. Secrets, that when revealed, will blow up in both of their faces.

Free as of 12/23/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Until Us (The Black Harts MC)

By Amanda Kaitlyn / Genre: American, Contemporary Fiction

Until Us (The Black Harts MC)


She’s young.

She’s beautiful.

She’s irresistible.

And she’s a virgin.

I’m not supposed to go there.

Especially with my VP’s baby girl.

But, when she offers herself to me, how the **** can I say no?


I’m in love with him.

He doesn’t know it, but soon, he will.

I’ve waited years for this moment.

And it’s finally here.

“Stone Cold” Hart is the president of my daddy’s Motorcycle Club.

He doesn’t show emotion.

He’s not supposed to.

But when he’s with me, he’s so different.




We were made for each other.

But that doesn’t mean being together will be easy.

My family doesn’t approve of us.

I’m going against everyone I love for him and it’s doubtful we’ll come out of it unscathed.

Finding our forever may just mean breaking us, before we’ve even begun.

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City of Angels

By K. Patrick / Genre: Contemporary Fiction

City of Angels

Michael is a 17 year old amateur boxer living in a group home in East Los Angeles. With the help of his trainer, a former prize fighter and ex-convict named Jerry, Michael has overcome early childhood tragedy to become one of the top amateur boxers in the nation and earned an invitation to the Olympic trials.

As he awaits his final bout, an unforeseen incident forces Michael to move into a new group home where he meets Maria, a house manager with a heart of gold, and Lizzie, a newly arrived 6 year old girl who is struggling to adjust to her new reality. Over time Michael, Maria, Lizzie, and the other residents of the home come together to form what they all want most in life: a family.

Just when everything seems perfect, their world is turned upside down. And this time, Michael can see no way to save himself or the family he has grown to love.

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Spot the Duck: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Children

By Gerald Hawksley / Genre: Ducks & Other Waterfowl, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Spot the Duck: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Children

Another silly rhyming children’s picture book from Gerald Hawksley.
Join Chuck as he searches for his duck. Meet Jen, who has lost her hen! And Matt, who has lost his cat! Jolly pictures and a silly, simple storyline make this an ideal first picture book to share with your baby or toddler. Or the simple words and easy story make it an ideal first reader, or bedtime story book.

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The Dump Cake Diet: The Ultimate Collection for Low-Calorie Dump Cake Recipes

By Jen Trivalli / Genre: Cakes, Baking, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

The Dump Cake Diet: The Ultimate Collection for Low-Calorie Dump Cake Recipes

This IS NOT your ordinary dessert recipe cookbook!

Inside you’ll find 25 decadently delicious dump cake recipes that will satisfy your senses from low-calorie irresistible recipes to gourmet delights. Whether it’s time for holiday recipes or summer treats, this low-calorie cookbook will help you indulge whenever you want, your way, without the guilt by making easy dump cakes that you can enjoy especially after dinner!

It’s So Delicious and Simple, even the most inexperienced cook can make:

  • Exotic Mango Lychee Dump Cake
  • Lip Smacking-ly Good Strawberry Mango Dump Cake
  • Sinful Black Forest Dump Cake
  • And much, much more!

Download your copy today and experience these tried and true dessert recipes! So effortless, these pair perfectly with dump dinner recipes or any quick and easy recipes that you desire. You will have your dump dinner, dump cake and eat it too!

Get your copy of this dump cake book for delicious dessert ideas everyone will love!

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