Stay Over (Kincaid Brothers Book 1)

By Kaylee Ryan / Genre: New Adult & College, Romance
Stay Over (Kincaid Brothers Book 1)


Overhearing my cousin’s best friend confessing that she’s never been satisfied wasn’t my fault… but offering to help her change that definitely was. Her brother is a friend of mine, and while this has a bad idea written all over it, it doesn’t stop us from becoming friends… with benefits.

Palmer is gorgeous, off-limits, and stubborn as hell. For the first time, I’m the one left wanting more.

I’m tired of watching her walk away. I’m ready for her to stay.


I never dreamed having my crush overhear my most embarrassing confession would land me in his bed… or that I would want to stay there.

But our secret relationship has rules. No strings. No expectations. No feelings. What’s that saying about rules? Oh yeah, they’re meant to be broken.

But when it comes to Brooks, I’m afraid if I’m not the one to walk away, it won’t be just the rules broken.

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The Hero and the Hacktivist (The Girl Band Book 4)

By Pippa Grant / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
The Hero and the Hacktivist (The Girl Band Book 4)

For anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of an unsolicited dick pic…

He has the muscles of Adonis, an ego bigger than the sun, and a very clear desire to get back in my pants. Which would be fantastic if he weren’t a SEAL and I wasn’t a criminal.

Although, I prefer the term avenger.

I’m a hacktivist, cleaning up the cesspool of cyberspace one scam artist and troll at a time, and I sometimes bend a few rules to get justice done.

He’s a military man with abs of glory, sworn to uphold the letter of the law no matter its shortcomings. And if he’d known who—or what—I was, I doubt he would’ve banged me at my best friend’s wedding reception.

Or come back for more.

Which is why he’s now the only thing standing between me and one very pissed off internet troll who’s figured out where I live.

I’m pretty sure he’ll get me out of this alive—and quite satisfied, thank you very much—but I’m also pretty sure this mission will end with me in handcuffs.

And not the good kind of handcuffs.

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Sick Heart (Sick World Book 1)

By JA Huss / Genre: Sea Adventures, Action & Adventure
Sick Heart (Sick World Book 1)

Cort van Breda has won 35 death matches as a fighter in an MMA circuit so deep underground there are no rules and only the winner gets out alive.
They call him the Sick Heart.
They say he’s a shameless monster.
They say he’s a ruthless killer.
They say he’s as twisted as the man who owns him.
They say a lot of things about Cort van Breda.
But in our world violence is money, and money is winning, and winning is life, and life is the only thing that matters.
Except… he wasn’t meant to win that last fight.
And I wasn’t meant to be his prize.
But he did.
And I am.
And now his sick heart owns me.

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Kolby: Army Ranger Romance Book Two (A Clean Army Ranger Romance 2)

By Bree Livingston / Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Romance
Kolby: Army Ranger Romance Book Two (A Clean Army Ranger Romance 2)

A radio celebrity and the bodyguard hired to protect her are trapped in the mountains as her stalker closes in.

Over the last year, Ivy Manning has become a household name. In a few short months, she went from small-time advice columnist to juggling book tours and talk show appearances. But her newfound fame isn’t without its dark side. A stalker is making dangerous threats, prompting Ivy’s management team to hire a bodyguard to protect her.

Playing bodyguard to a rich girl was not an assignment Kolby Rutherford ever wanted. Yet he’s about to get more one-on-one with the sexy celebrity than he bargained for. When a plane crash strands them in the mountains, they’re forced to lean on each other to survive. Can they escape the dangers found in the rugged terrain? Or will growing feelings put them both in a far more vulnerable situation?

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Fearless Enough (Love in Montana Book 1)

By Kelly Elliott / Genre: Western, Romance
Fearless Enough (Love in Montana Book 1)

Blayze Shaw could sum up his life in one word, fulfilling. He grew up in the shadow of his famous father, Brock Shaw, a multi-year PBR champion, but chose not to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Instead, choosing to work on the family’s cattle ranch in Hamilton, Montana. Everything in his life was exactly how he wanted it, and he was the happiest he’d ever been.

When a woman from his past resurfaces and is given the task of diving deep into his world for the answers he isn’t willing to share, Blayze’s perfect world is thrown into a tailspin. He wants to dislike her, but the more time they spend together bickering back and forth, the harder it is to fight his feelings.

Georgiana Crenshaw is chasing a career as a sports reporter and has something to prove to the top dogs at the network where she works. She hasn’t made it this far simply because of who her father is. Georgiana has succeeded solely due to hard work and determination. She dives in when given a chance to show she has what it takes to get the promotion she desperately wants. Told it will be the interview of a lifetime, Georgiana shows up at the airport with a go-get-’em attitude. Only when her father tells her who she’ll be interviewing does she have a moment of doubt.

But honestly, how hard could it be to interview an arrogant, self-centered, obnoxious, too handsome for his own good flirt, who gave Georgiana her first kiss behind the barn on his father’s ranch?

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Persuading the Earl (The Country House Romantic Mysteries Book 1)

By Audrey Harrison / Genre: Historical, Romance
Persuading the Earl (The Country House Romantic Mysteries Book 1)

A fast-paced Regency Romance with a dash of mystery and a young woman who is determined to right a wrong.

Lord Douglas, Richard Fox, has been spurned once, and he is not planning to repeat that painful experience. His meddling aunt, however, is intent on marrying off her wayward son, and if she can achieve the same for her nephew, Richard, then so be it.

Miss Amelia Beckett is convinced that she and her friends were invited to this house party to make up the numbers. After all, what gentleman would choose from the wallflower benches when there are so many fresh young things to woo instead? Since her accident, Amelia is resigned to spinsterhood, so she will simply enjoy the event on her own terms.

Richard is disconcerted by Amelia’s spirit and courage, while Amelia is delighted to prick the earl’s disdainful bubble only to find an honorable gentleman underneath. But when they are discovered in an embrace, their future takes an unexpected and unwelcome turn.

Bound together by a series of scandalous events, Richard and Amelia must uncover a crime whilst navigating a relationship fraught with unspoken fears and hidden passions. None of this is helped by a social milieu that includes the unscrupulous woman who broke the earl’s heart.

Can the brooding earl and the spirited wallflower be persuaded to take a chance on love?

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You’ve Got an Earl (Determined Debutantes Book 2)

By Bianca Blythe / Genre: Regency, Romance
You've Got an Earl (Determined Debutantes Book 2)

An earl mistakes a debutante for the woman hired to play his faux secret beloved.

Percival, the Earl of Plymouth, is in trouble. Terrible trouble. His aunt is eager for him to marry. Since Percival has no desire to be thrust onto the marriage mart, he may have told her he has a secret beloved. Fortunately, Percival’s best friend Sebastian volunteers to find Percival someone inappropriate with whom to pretend to have an amorous relationship. After all, Percival’s aunt won’t desire a scandalous future countess.

Sabrina Holt has adored Percival ever since she first laid eyes on him. When she wanders into Percival’s library during a ball, and he begins to kiss her, she knows he’s felt the same way as she has for all these years.

Percival is pleasantly surprised at his friend’s pick. The woman in the library’s lips feel perfect, and his aunt is appropriately shocked to discover them.

Unfortunately, Sabrina is not the woman his friend hired for him to be caught with. If only Sabrina weren’t the wrong faux beloved, and if only Percival weren’t tempted to give her his heart.

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Song of Ebony: A Snow White Retelling (The Singer Tales Book 1)

By Deborah Grace Whit / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales, Literature & Fiction
Song of Ebony: A Snow White Retelling (The Singer Tales Book 1)

In a city trapped in the treetops, one princess’s song will change everything

Crown Princess Bianca has always been unusual, from her snow-white hair to the strange way her words dance. But just like every other Selvanan, she’s restricted to the trees, unable to set foot on the deadly soil. That is, until her stepmother betrays her on the eve of her coronation, sending Bianca to the ground to die. Except the jungle floor is not what Bianca expected—from supposedly mythical elves to magic gone wild, it seems there’s much she didn’t know about both her kingdom and herself.

Prince Farrin never intended to get trapped in Selvana forever. He only came to find a cure for his brother’s terrible affliction. But after two years, he’s no closer to his goal. And his continued survival depends on his ability to navigate both the treacherous Selvanan jungle and the ways of the bargain-loving miniature elves.

When he crosses paths with an exiled princess, his course takes an abrupt change. It’s not just because he’s rattled by his all-consuming determination to keep the princess safe. More Selvanans than Bianca will pay with their lives if the pair can’t find a way to outwit her enemies and harness the power of Bianca’s voice.

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Miss Riddell and the Heiress: An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery (Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries Book 6)

By P.C. James / Genre: Amateur Sleuths, Mystery, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Miss Riddell and the Heiress: An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery (Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries Book 6)

A lost fortune. A desperate hunt for answers. Can a persistent investigator unearth the truth and save a life?

Sydney, Australia, 1977. Miss Riddell just survived a mind-numbing audit. So when she’s approached by an Australian woman seeking to prove she’s entitled to inherit an affluent English estate, the amateur sleuth is tickled by the chance to crack an easy case. But when she heads to England and discovers the aristocratic claim has no substance, she didn’t expect her dissatisfied client to follow… or the danger she would attract.

Helping the Aussie further her cause, Miss Riddell believes there’s nothing left to uncover until she saves the woman from a hit and run. And with her keen eye spotting threats lurking in the shadows, the talented accountant is determined to expose a secret worthy of murder…

Can Miss Riddell unravel a sinister scheme before someone’s greed sends the poor soul to her grave?

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Shadow Wolf: A Pack Kiba Novel

By Belle Harper / Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Teen & Young Adult
Shadow Wolf: A Pack Kiba Novel

For eighteen years Clare Briggs has worked hard to get into the best college. It has always been her parents’ dream. But what’s her dream?

Clare is a freshman at her dream college. She has a love for animals and dreamed of the day she would become a veterinarian. Her parents were strict growing up, never really letting her have many freedoms, so she should be happy now? Right?

But she has this feeling deep inside. She thought she was home sick, but this is more than that. It’s not home that she is missing.

Jett Lovell and Mekhi Edwards.

She has dreams of the two boys she barley remembers from high school. Yet, these dreams leave her hot and bothered, needing a cold shower every morning.

That is until she meets Frankie Nameer. He came out of nowhere like a knight in shining armor… well he wasn’t wearing armor. In fact he wasnt wearing anything at all. She finds a deep connection with him, a shared interested in caring for animals. But he never talks about his past or family. What is he hiding from her?

Summer break has her returning home… and questioning if the reoccurring dreams were real? No one could dream these things, but how could she forget them too? Only reliving them every night as she closes her eyes.

She is drawn to Kiba, a place she remembers clearly, yet she has never been before. She knows she must go there, they’re waiting for her. She can feel it deep inside, an urge to find them.

Then she sees them waiting for her. Did they have the same dreams? Did they know that she would come?

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Cinders of Glass (Bewitching Fairy Tales Book 4)

By Celeste Baxend / Genre: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Cinders of Glass (Bewitching Fairy Tales Book 4)

A traitor in hiding. A prince whose charm is a calculated façade. A conspiracy that can condemn them all.

If there’s only one thing Liora knows about life, it’s this: family is everything. Liora doesn’t mind the drudgery of selling her stepsister’s enchanted matches in the market. Someone has to, and it’s how Liora can provide for them. It’s just not very exciting—until the royal family visits the market and everything goes sideways.

Liora is grateful that Prince Cynrik doesn’t remember her. The best thing for her and her stepfamily is to stay far away from the royals. But when Prince Cynrik asks for her help, how can she say no? But if she fails to keep her identity hidden, how far will the royal family go this time?

Prince Cynrik has a carefully crafted reputation, and it has never once failed him… up until it causes his brother to threaten him with an arranged marriage. The only way out of it is to prove he’s capable of doing something useful; the catch is he has to do it alone.

When a freak accident seems to be not-so-accidental, getting help can’t hurt as long as his brother doesn’t find out about it. Besides, who would imagine that a prince would need the help of a girl who sold matches to solve a conspiracy? And… just how deep does it go?

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Starlight and Mistletoe: A Sweet, Small-town Christmas Romance (Christmas in Willow Falls Book 4)

By Michelle Pennington / Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Starlight and Mistletoe: A Sweet, Small-town Christmas Romance (Christmas in Willow Falls Book 4)

He’s back home for Christmas, but she doesn’t dare let him back in her heart.
Being a divorced, single mother at twenty-one makes it hard to believe in luxuries like hope and somedays.

Can’t life just give her a break? December should mean presents and decorated trees with cocoa by the fire…not a sick babysitter, studying for finals, and bills that have to be paid.

The return of her first love to Willow falls is just the complication she doesn’t need. Matt left town to chase a career in country music, and now that he’s finding fame, he’s further away from her than ever before. But how can she resist the chance to see him again when he invites her to his concert? Or when he wants to see her again—even when she knows nothing but heartbreak will come of it?

She knows all too well how much it hurts to chase a star that’s out of reach.

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Façade (The Royal Chronicles Book 1)

By Camille Peters / Genre: Folklore, Mythology & Folk Tales
Façade (The Royal Chronicles Book 1)

Princess Evelyn has spent her entire life striving to be the proper princess expected of her…only to suddenly discover that she’s not a princess at all, merely a decoy unknowingly masquerading as the heir to the enchanted throne.

With her identity stripped away and her future uncertain, Evelyn struggles to find her purpose and discovers it in a most unexpected source when she stumbles upon whispers that the true princess’s betrothed is plotting to use his upcoming marriage to steal her kingdom’s rare and precious magic. Desperate to prove that her life has meaning other than being an unwitting decoy, Evelyn comes up with a plan to marry the prince before he learns that she’s a fake in order to protect the kingdom she still cares for.

Prince Ryland has his own reasons for agreeing to the hasty union, for the magic in the princess’s royal bloodline is his last chance to save his kingdom from ruin. However, his careful schemes don’t exactly go according to plan when his unconventional wife proves thoroughly uncooperative and seems to be hiding secrets of her own.

As the two navigate the façades, deceit, and dangers threatening them, the lines between enemies and lovers soon begin to blur…yet their growing love comes at a price. In her effort to protect her kingdom, Evelyn might have just put herself and all her people in grave danger.

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Martin Makes a Dinosaur Cake (Red Beetle Children’s Picture Books Ages 3-8)

By Lisette Starr / Genre: K-12, partition_000, partition_070
Martin Makes a Dinosaur Cake (Red Beetle Children's Picture Books Ages 3-8)

A delightful rhyming story with fun illustrations and a great positive message!”
A fun read out loud book to teach kids about determination, problem solving and not judging a book by its cover.

Martin loves his grandma, so when her birthday cake gets destroyed he is determined to fix things. When he finds all the bakeries in town are closed, Martin decides to make her a Dinosaur Cake. His sister thinks the dinosaur cake is ugly and is not sure about eating it, but his grandma knows that you “shouldn’t judge a dinosaur cake by its icing.”

Combining wonderfully vibrant illustrations with the power of rhythm and rhyme,”Martin Makes a Dinosaur Cake”is a perfect bedtime story and a must read for kids starting their reading journey. From toddlers to pre-schoolers, to elementary school, your kids will want to read their Red Beetle Children’s Picture books again and again, and you’ll enjoy reading them with them!

Free as of 07/28/23 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Paleo Diet Recipes: Amazingly Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Paleo Cookbook)

By Sara Banks / Genre: Weight Loss, Diets & Weight Loss, Health, Fitness & Dieting
Paleo Diet Recipes: Amazingly Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss (Paleo Cookbook)

Lose Weight and Feel Great With My Amazingly Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes!


If you want to shed excess weight and fat and want to feel absolutely amazing then the Paleo Diet is for you!.

The Paleo Diet provides many amazing health benefits for your body including more energy, reduced risk of disease and of course weight loss and fat loss. Whatever your motivation is for better health you can be assured that following the Paleo Diet is a great way to address many of your health concerns.

Try my personal collection of Paleo Diet recipes that are easy to make, taste great and will help you lose weight just as I have.

Inside this book “Paleo Diet Recipes – Amazingly Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes for Weight Loss” you will learn more about why the Paleo Diet is one of the leading diets worldwide that gets you the weight loss results you desire.

You will also get all of my personal top recipes for weight loss covering a wide range of food.

My recipe book has everything you need to get you going on your way to amazing health and weight loss.

So download it now to get started!
I hope you enjoy the recipes!

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