Nitro’s Torment: Sydney Storm MC

By Nina Levine / Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Nitro's Torment: Sydney Storm MC

The Sydney Storm MC are back and war is coming.

Nitro’s Torment takes the Storm MC to a new level. Dark, gritty and fast-paced, this book is an adrenaline ride right to the very last page.

Tatum Lee is a pain in my ass.
She’s stubborn, full of attitude, and she doesn’t like to do what she’s told.
And yet, at a time when I should be focusing on the war my club is at, she consumes my mind because she’s also fearless and fierce, and I’ve never met a woman like her.

The thing about war, though, is the minute you let your focus drop, your enemy rises up and attacks. And sometimes they bring you to your knees in ways you never imagined.

The other thing about war? You learn just what you’re capable of doing to protect those you love.

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Bad Teacher (Unprofessional Bad Boys Book 1)

By Clarissa Wild / Genre: Coming of Age

Bad Teacher (Unprofessional Bad Boys Book 1)

My name is Thomas and I’m always hard.
No really, that’s my last name. Thomas Hard, the pleasure is all mine … literally.
I can’t help it that my name suits me well.
You know what else suits me well? That girl sitting across the bar, with her lips right where I tell them to be. I want her, and when I want something, it’s gonna be mine.
One night. No names. No phone numbers. Just me, her, and pure pleasure.
Except, that one girl turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life.
Because I broke my cardinal rule …
Never b*ng a student.

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Beyond Reckless (A Lost Kings MC Novel): Teller’s Story, Part One

By Autumn Jones Lake / Genre: Romance, Action & Adventure

Beyond Reckless (A Lost Kings MC Novel): Teller's Story, Part One

Blood doesn’t make you family, loyalty does.As the treasurer of the Lost Kings MC, I have a reputation for two things—telling it like it is and handling my responsibilities. At the age of ten I was already my baby sister’s sworn protector. At eighteen, I patched into the Lost Kings MC and took a major role in shaping our club’s future.The Lost Kings MC runs through my blood and I’d die for my club.Three years ago, I thought I’d met the perfect woman, only to have her reject everything I am—a Lost King.One bullet is a lifetime supply.Now, after an accident that left me almost crippled, I’m struggling through the darkness. Even though I’m lashing out at everyone I love, my baby niece, little sister, and my Lost Kings MC family are the only things holding me together. Eventually, my big mouth and my reckless actions are bound to drive everyone away.Then, in the most unlikely place, I cross paths with her again.Love soothes our inner demons.The spark’s still there—for both of us, even if she won’t admit it and even with my many demons still hot on my tail. Turns out, she’s not who I thought she was.But she is the true ride or die girl I need by my side.Love is worth the chaos.As our relationship grows, I stop lashing out at my brothers, only to start lying to them instead. When they find out who I’m falling in love with, it will create a storm of chaos for my club. But if there’s one thing my turbulent life has taught me, it’s that sometimes love is worth the chaos.

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Brother’s Keeper I: Declan

By Stephanie St. Klaire / Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction

Brother's Keeper I: Declan

You met them in the McKenzie Ridge Series, get to know them in Brother’s Keeper…

This broody bunch of Irish Alpha’s with heart are the brother’s you want on your side when things go wrong…
This edge of your seat series will make you laugh just before it takes you through twists and turns you won’t see coming and will give you all the feels along the way…
The O’Reilly Brothers are your next binge read series – they’re unputdownable…

Brother’s Keeper I: Declan –

The only thing that can taint money, privilege, and endless access to the finer things in life is murder.

Lydia exchanges her life of luxury for a life on the run when she discovers her real estate tycoon husband is nothing more than a cold-blooded killer with endless resources. The only person who can keep her alive is the last person she wants to trust.

Declan O’Reilly was on his way to retiring from a life undercover when his final case took a potentially fatal turn. Blowing his cover to protect the only reason he stayed on the case to begin with becomes a challenge when money and power corrupt the very agency he was sworn to trust.

Going off the grid, where nobody can find them, Dec learns his desire to protect Lydia is more than just a job…

He risks it all to protect the one thing he thought he could never have…

She fights to discover what she’s really made of only to find its what he saw in her all along…

Not once, but twice, fate offers a maniacal twist that can tear them apart, as much as it can drive them together while trying to outrun the extensive reach of a diabolical criminal.

Sometimes you have to break rules to protect what you love.

Can Brother’s Keeper Security help them find their way, or does it just put more lives on the line?

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Werewolf Mage (A Harem Gamelit Adventure)

By Harry Nix / Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror

Werewolf Mage (A Harem Gamelit Adventure)

As far as he knew, Alex Lowe was an ordinary guy. Ah, but that may have been the spell on him that is about to break.
Turns out he’s one of a kind: the only living Werewolf Mage. As soon as that news gets out, psychotic mages are after him, giant weredogs want to rip him to pieces, a hot wolf girl is now his mate and she has plans on getting him a hot blonde witch to join his fledgling pack.
All he wanted to do was program a game with his two friends and suddenly he’s fighting for his life while protecting his hotter than hot women and figuring out how to write his own spells without killing himself.

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Deadlocked Dollhouse (Locked House Hauntings Book 1)

By Mixi J Applebottom / Genre: Occult, Horror

Deadlocked Dollhouse (Locked House Hauntings Book 1)

A cursed dollhouse. Seven stages until murder. What can this father do?

Mark’s always been a bit insecure as a father, his own childhood sucked. He’s been terrified he will ruin his perfect daughters. So he buys them presents and hopes he won’t screw them up.

They certainly won’t forget this dollhouse.

He doesn’t know how to stop it, and all he wanted to do was be a good father.He was worried that they’d grow up to hate him, now he’s worried they won’t grow up at all.

You’ll love this terrifying countdown, can he stop himself?

Try Mixi J Applebottom’s latest novel.

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The Spy Game (A Tanner Novel Book 21)

By Remington Kane / Genre: Assassinations, Mystery & Thrillers

The Spy Game (A Tanner Novel Book 21)

From REMINGTON KANE – THE SPY GAME – A Tanner Novel – Book 21
After someone he loves is threatened, Tanner agrees to go on a mission for the CIA, although he fully intends to deliver payback for the treachery they employed in enlisting his aid. Meanwhile, Sara is on a mission of her own with the help of a friend. It’s espionage, Tanner-style.

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New Orleans Magic: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (The Voodoo Dolls Book 1)

By J.L. Hendricks / Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales

New Orleans Magic: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (The Voodoo Dolls Book 1)

Music, wolves, and vamps! Oh, my!

Jenna is the lead singer of The Voodoo Dolls, an indie-rock band who also runs a tourist shop in New Orlean’s French Quarter.

The Dolls always believed magic wasn’t real, and their gimmicks were harmless. Until a vampire tried to use a death spell on Jenna and the whole world of magic and shifters opened up to her and her three adopted sisters.

Now two old friends from high school have appeared on their doorstep, desperate to find their missing sister. The Dolls aren’t private investigators, but with the questionable help of a shady vampire, and a wolf shifter who has more than just a little allure, the Dolls risk their lives, and necks, to save the lost sister and prove to themselves the world they now live in is a force for good.

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Heir Of The Blood King (Adventures of Adam Book 1)

By W.O. Cassity / Genre: Fantasy & Magic, Action & Adventure, Children’s eBooks

Heir Of The Blood King (Adventures of Adam Book 1)

No one can escape their destiny in a world controlled by the Fates. Ancient prophecies are the means by which the gods maintain order. Whether pauper or king, each life becomes a pawn in a dangerous game of control, where moving pieces determines the course of all living beings. The Blood King’s sudden death in the night triggers a foreboding prophecy of dark times, as it is foretold that his unknown Heir would awaken to the dark magic of his blood and enslave the Eleven Kingdoms. Soldiers bring destruction to the countryside seeking the Heir Of The Blood King.

Adam escapes the fires of the peaceful village of Riverside in the night when the soldiers laid waste to his adopted home. With his fate uncertain, the unskilled orphan must fight for his freedom against dangerous enemies who give pursuit as he searches for the answers to his past. Adam is also faced with the challenges of survival against the untamed wilderness and its dark denizens as he tries to avoid a destiny he does not want.

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Vegan: High Protein Vegan Cookbook of Dairy Free Vegan Recipes for Raw Vegans and Vegetarians

By Sam Kuma / Genre: Vegan & Vegetarian, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Vegan: High Protein Vegan Cookbook of Dairy Free Vegan Recipes for Raw Vegans and Vegetarians

Do you want to become vegan but concerned about a diet with lack of protein? Are you just looking for vegan protein sources?
Then, read below:

The vegan diet is easily one of the healthiest diets in the world and for good reason. Not only does it help in cutting down on the existing fat in your body but also enhances your disease fighting capacity. It is designed to provide people with a complete solution to their weight loss issues and aid with the slimming down process.

However, when people hear of Vegan diet, they always ask, ‘where do I get my protein intake from?’ but the fact is plant-based products have ample proteins, and if you cook your food with the right ingredients – plant based proteins are more than enough to build a lean body.

This book is designed so that you can follow a protein-rich vegan diet without having to struggle for new recipes. The recipes in this book are easy to cook, 100% vegan and rich in protein. These recipes are designed for both novice and expert cooks and make use of all the best vegan ingredients that one can buy from the market.

The diet incorporates the use of protein rich foods such as chickpeas, quinoa, soya and rice bran, which help in building lean muscles. Below is a summary of the different recipe types we have listed:

  • High Protein Vegan Smoothies
  • High Protein Vegan Salads
  • High Protein Vegan Soups
  • High Protein Vegan Deserts
  • High Protein Vegan Stir Fry

Bonus: Vegan Lifestyle book Included

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