Fluency (Confluence Book 1)

By Jennifer Foehner Wells / Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

Fluency (Confluence Book 1)

NASA discovered the alien ship lurking in the asteroid belt in the 1960s. They kept the Target under intense surveillance for decades, letting the public believe they were exploring the solar system, while they worked feverishly to refine the technology needed to reach it.

The ship itself remained silent, drifting.

Dr. Jane Holloway is content documenting nearly-extinct languages and had never contemplated becoming an astronaut. But when NASA recruits her to join a team of military scientists for an expedition to the Target, it’s an adventure she can’t refuse.

The ship isn’t vacant, as they presumed.

A disembodied voice rumbles inside Jane’s head, “You are home.”

Jane fights the growing doubts of her colleagues as she attempts to decipher what the alien wants from her. As the derelict ship devolves into chaos and the crew gets cut off from their escape route, Jane must decide if she can trust the alien’s help to survive.

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A Spell Of Trouble (Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

By Leighann Dobbs / Genre: Animals, Cozy, Mystery & Thrillers

A Spell Of Trouble (Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

When town trouble maker, Louella Drummond, drops dead in front of Isolde Quinn’s pet store just minutes after threatening both Issy and her cousin Graeme, the police in the small lakeside town of Silver Hollow assume it’s from natural causes.

… Until it’s discovered that Louella was murdered.

Not just any murder, though. Murder by paranormal means. Dark magic that could only have been performed by a powerful witch. And every law-abiding paranormal knows that dark magic is forbidden and carries strict punishment at the hands of “the committee” – the mysterious entity that provides law and order within the paranormal community.

Being witches, Issy and her three cousins fear they are at the top of the suspect list. To make matters worse, a secret division of the FBI has gotten wind of the happenings in Silver Hollow and sent two agents to ferret out paranormal activity. Even worse than that, Issy is annoyingly attracted to one of them!

Armed with their unconventional posse of familiars, Issy and her cousins dodge the efforts of the ‘real” police and the special FBI agents while following a twisty path of clues that lead to a shocking betrayal.

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By Sheralyn Pratt / Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction


For centuries, the elite of the world have sought the Pimpernel everywhere. Some want to kill him, others want to hire him, but Jack Cavanaugh knows that the love/hate relationship comes with the job title.

At present, Jack is trying to dismantle an investment scheme centered in Las Vegas, but “trying” is the operative word. It’s been a month since he put the face of the scheme behind bars, yet the scam is still going strong. As Jack tries to uncover who has stepped in as the new head, what miniscule evidence there is all seems to point him back to Claire Ramsey, an introverted PhD student studying at UNLV.

If ever there as an unlikely head of an investment scheme, Claire’s it. She has a genius IQ, but from all Jack has seen, Claire’s intelligence is as much a blessing as a curse when paired up with her acute OCD. Claire can barely make conversation with the cute guy down the hall, which makes it hard to believe she could be the charismatic salesperson who is getting international businessmen to invest $5—50 million a pop.

So what is Jack missing? What is the real story behind Claire Ramsey? And once Jack learns it, will he be able to walk away?

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Eden’s Root

By Rachel Fisher / Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction

Eden's Root

It is 2033, and the world hovers on the edge of explosion as unexplained crop deaths lead to severe global food shortages. In the United States, the Sickness is taking lives slowly, creeping its way into every family. Fi Kelly has already faced the Sickness in her own family, toughening her beyond her years. But a shocking confession from her dying father will push her toughness to its absolute limits. Saddled with an impossible secret and the mission of saving her little sister, Fi sets out to transform herself into the warrior that she must become to survive the coming collapse. Along the way, she will discover that evil can be accidental and that love can be intentional.

Author’s Note – For the full explanation of how Eden’s Root came to be, please visit the BIO page. Suffice it to say that many pieces of my life came together. I have very strong opinions about food that formed the ‘root’ (apologies) of the story. Through literally hundreds of conversations with people about food and the food supply, I realized that this was something I wanted to express, but I didn’t want to get on top of a soapbox to do it. I also knew I was uniquely prepared to tell disaster tales that were rooted in biology, because I had been thinking about that sort of thing for so long. Forgive the dark side of me, but the idea of man’s invincibility always irked me. I used to try to persuade friends that, “No, we are not going to destroy the Earth…just ourselves.” To me, someone majoring in ecology and evolution, that was just a FACT.

I have always been fascinated by BOOM and BUST populations, like yeast within a petri dish. These populations grow exponentially until they ‘bust’ due to lack of food and also through drowning in their own toxins. This means that a yeast cell ‘born’ in the early stage of the cycle will experience a world of abundance and opportunity, and a yeast cell ‘born’ in the late stage will experience a world of suffering and loss. I always wondered what it would be like to be the yeast cell ‘born’ just on the cusp of the disaster…in a stable world about to go horribly wrong.

And so it was with that in mind that my beloved little ‘yeast cell’, Fi Kelly, was born. Fortunately for Fi, and for the world, she is a most extraordinary person. She will give you the inside look at what it’s like in the Petri Dish when Things Fall Apart…

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The Christmas Secret: Will an 1880 Christmas Eve Wedding Be Cancelled by Revelations in an Old Diary?

By Wanda E. Brunstetter / Genre: Holidays

The Christmas Secret: Will an 1880 Christmas Eve Wedding Be Cancelled by Revelations in an Old Diary?

A Family Secret May Destroy a Couple’s Hope for Marriage
Beloved, bestselling author of Amish fiction, Wanda E. Brunstetter tells a heartrending story from 1880 Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth Canning discovers an awful secret in her deceased mother’s diary. Believing her chances for a happy marriage are spoiled, she leaves her fiancé a letter and flees town thinking all hope of a marriage to David is lost. Praying that distance will heal her broken heart, she takes refuge in her grandparents’ Pennsylvania home.

Anticipating a Christmas Eve wedding with Elizabeth, David Stinner is confused by her letter and desperate to find her. Can David root out the truth about the past and bring back his bride? Or is the truth destined to bring an ultimate end to their romance?

Free as of 12/12/17 for Kindle. Click here to find out if this book is still FREE.

Working on My Brother’s Best Friend

By Sharon Cummin / Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Working on My Brother's Best Friend

It had been five years since my twin brother Gabe had moved to California when I got the call that changed my life forever.

He was my family, the only one I had, and he was gone.

I sat in the cold, dark funeral home while people moved around me. I could hear them talking, but all I could do was think. So many questions ran through my mind as I looked down at my hands in my lap. How could I have let him go? How could I have lost five years with him? Why hadn’t I gone?

There were two reasons. One was to take care of my grandparents. They’d both passed in the five years he’d been gone. The other was the one person I couldn’t stand, my brother’s best friend, Doug. He’d gone with him to help him start his company.

I’d been under my covers in the same clothes for two days when my phone rang. It was my brother’s lawyer letting me know that I needed to be in California the following morning. If I didn’t show up, my brother’s company would stop running. It was in his will. My plane ticket was waiting, there was no getting out of it.

It took all I had to get out of bed and shower off the funk I was feeling, but I did it. I did it for my brother, his company, and the people that worked there.

When I walked into the room to wait for the rest of the people to arrive, I thought about Gabe and how proud I was of what he had accomplished. He’d taken his passion and turned into something amazing. When the door opened and his best friend walked in, it took all I had to remain in that room. I couldn’t wait for the others to walk in and fill the space between us, but that never happened. There were no others. It was just the two of us.

Then it happened, the lawyer began to speak, and I thought I was going to lose it.

Gabe left everything, including the company, to his best friend and me evenly.

But that wasn’t all, not even close. There were rules we had to follow before the papers would be signed and everything would be split.

1. We had to work together at the company for six months.
2. We both had to live in my brother’s house the entire time.

I was done. There was no way. My brother always had been a jokester, and that by far was his best joke ever.

I was ready to leave when his lawyer added one last thing.

If either of us treated the other badly during that time, the company would be sold and everything would be given away.

I couldn’t let that happen.

Just in the hour I was there, I’d already learned that my brother had kept things from me. I hadn’t told him everything about my life either.

What else didn’t I know about him?

There was only one problem, and his name was Doug.

Could we be that close for that long without ruining everything my brother had built?

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Delicate Beauty (A Lovely Dearest Series Book 1)

By Nikki Bolvair / Genre: Paranormal, Romance

Delicate Beauty (A Lovely Dearest Series Book 1)

This is a 30k Novella!

Trisha was as unique as they come. With her inky black hair and violet purple eyes, she turned heads where ever she went. Since she was a little girl, it was her lifelong dream to enter into the agency and follow in her parent’s footsteps as an FBI spy.
Unfortunately, with her looks and her talent for hacking and strategic planning she got assigned to an agent as a handler.
When one of her missions is comprised, Trisha finds herself running away from the dangers she had learned as well as running away from twin soldiers Triton and Tristan. Someone within the agency has flipped sides…but who?
Unfortunately, when you run, there’s a downfall… the stopping.
And when that happens, you’re more likely, to get caught.
She should have never stopped.

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Diary Of A Wimpy Ash 1 (Animal Diary)

By Red Smith / Genre: Pets, More Animals, Animals, Children’s eBooks

Diary Of A Wimpy Ash 1 (Animal Diary)

Praise for Diary of a Wimpy Ash:

“Super Cool Book… Both Young and Old! Loved it!”
“This was my first time reading one of these books and I am hooked!”
“I loved how this book brought the imagination of a kid into a real life battle” – Tracey B.

Not Every Trainer Starts as a Warrior

Ash is a lot of things…. weak, frail, wimpish, feeble, soft, cowardly, and more than anything… he’s a Trainer who can’t catch. So naturally, he became known as a wimp.

His Friends stayed away from him.

His Neighbors don’t want to be seen near him.

Ash just wants to be left alone.

But what was the most awful thing about his journey to becoming a Great Trainer? Scott Tenorman. He might describe himself as an anti-wimp, but that would be an understatement. He caused Ash Huge amounts of PAIN.

When his dad who is a Legendary Trainer finally decided to pay Ash a visit, Ash finally had a way of transforming himself into a Master Trainer.

Becoming a Master isn’t easy. It means a lot of Training and Studying catching Techniques and Strategies harder than ever before!

Can Ash transform himself into a Great Trainer before his dad leaves for good – and finally stand up to Scott himself?

Who would enjoy this Series?

People who love catching Weird but cute Alien creatures for fun.

Get started reading Book 1 of Diary of a Wimpy ASH with just one click. FREEwith your Kindle Unlimited subscription and look for it under Humor and Entertainment.

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Pressure Cooker Cookbook: No Time To Slow Cook? 45 Easy And Rewarding Pressure Cooker Recipes That Will Take Your Meat From Tough To Tender In a Fraction … Cooking, Make Ahead Meals, Freezer Meals)

By Rebecca Herbertson / Genre: Quick & Easy, Cookbooks, Food & Wine

Pressure Cooker Cookbook: No Time To Slow Cook? 45 Easy And Rewarding Pressure Cooker Recipes That Will Take Your Meat From Tough To Tender In a Fraction ... Cooking, Make Ahead Meals, Freezer Meals)

45 Easy And Rewarding Pressure Cooker Recipes That Will Take Your Meat From Tough To Tender In a Fraction Of The Time

Today’s pressure cookers aren’t the scary pressure cookers your mom used. Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker.
You’ve probably heard people talking about a pressure cooker, whether it’s your friend who is always on the forefront of new culinary trends, a hip new chef experimenting in molecular gastronomy, or someone at your most recent dinner party telling you about this weird “slow cooker” they just heard about. In recent years, these devices once relegated to restaurant kitchens have started to become more commonly used in home kitchens.

Inside this book are 45 appetizing meat dishes that are seared, tenderized and simmered in the pressure cooker. These meat entrées made with beef, pork, chicken, seafood and other protein are combined with the freshest vegetables, herbs, spices and marinades to create bold flavors that will satisfy the palate. You will be surprised on how fast and easy it is to create mouthwatering dishes in one pot.

Moreover, following the recipes in this book will allow you to enjoy tender, fall-of-the-bone meat in less than an hour. Pressure cooking saves time, effort and brings the meals to your dining table quicker.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Quick Cook Chili con Carne
  • Quick and Easy Pot Roast
  • Quick Cook Spaghetti Bolognese
  • 15-Minute Tomato Meatballs
  • Pork Loin with Fennel and Mustard Sauce
  • 20-Minute Pork Chops with Cabbage
  • Tender Pork Roast with Herbs
  • Turkey Cola Drumsticks
  • Smoking Hot Shrimp
  • Herbed Apricot Chicken
  • One-Pot Tuna Pasta with Marinara Sauce
  • Pressurized Chicken Barbecue
  • Much, much more!

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