Free eBook: My Genes Made Me Do It!

Free eBook “My Genes Made Me Do It! – A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation” by Neil and Briar Whitehead.

Book Description

The book argues for a roughly 10%/90% nature/nurture effect in homosexuality while asserting that any genetic effect is very indirect eg: any physical characteristic making a person feel gender-atypical. The book shows that homosexual orientation is not biologically driven or fixed but that change toward heterosexuality frequently occurs naturally without any therapeutic interventions. It contains arguments not found elsewhere. Using orthodox science and summarising over 10,000 scientific publications and papers, it is nevertheless very accessible to the average reader.


  • Can genes create sexual preferences?
  • The genetic implications of SSA population percentage
  • Are heterosexuals born that way?
  • How strong are our instincts?
  • What produces the sexual identity of intersexes?
  • What do different cultures tell us about homosexuality?
  • Pre-natal hormones? Stress? Immune attack?
  • Are brains gay?
  • The “discovery” of the “gay gene”
  • Twin Studies: the strongest evidence
  • Path Analysis – social factors do lead to homosexuality
  • Can sexual orientation change?

Book Details

Author(s): Neil and Briar Whitehead
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 288
Link: Download

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