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Book Description

Innovation Management is a relatively new discipline. Without the history of other business functions, such as Marketing and Accounting, business leaders often find themselves at a loss when they are asked to create an innovation effort from scratch. This is a book which aims to provide everything needed to get started. In 10 bite-sized chunks, The Little Innovation Book provides the foundations for an innovation effort specific to your firm. With those foundations in place, there is nothing to prevent your organisation out-innovating your competition, driving new value where previously none existed.


  • Create an Innovation Strategy First
  • Define what Innovation Means
  • Make Sure the Role of Innovators is Clear
  • Have a Connection to the Money
  • Address the Three Big Myths
  • Manage the Technologists
  • Answer the 3 Key Questions
  • Drown the Puppy
  • Share Everything
  • Manage the People

Book Details

Author(s): James A. Gardner
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online

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