State of the eUnion: Government 2.0 and Onwards

Download “State of the eUnion: Government 2.0 and Onwards” for free in pdf format. This book is a compilation of essays from 34 Gov 2.0 thought leaders. Call it Democracy 2.0.

Book Description

All of this requires leadership. Which is why the book “State of the eUnion” is so important and timely. John Gøtze and Christian Bering Pedersen have assembled a stellar cast of thinkers and practitioners who are pioneering the new possibilities for new paradigms in government and governance. Beginning with thoughtful definitional papers about Government 2.0, the book explores the topic of “Open Government” which as much as any topic is central to the new thinking. It then delves into the issues of democratization and citizen engagement with stimulating and satisfying contributions based on real world experience. Every government leader, every elected official and every government employee should read this book and get involved in one of the most exciting challenges of our times – transforming government for effectiveness, relevance and success, enabled by a new medium of communications and required for the emerging citizens of the 21st century. The stakes are very high.

Book Details

Author(s): John Gøtze and Christian Bering Pedersen
Format(s): PDF (1.13 MB)
Number of pages: 332
Link: Download.

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