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Free ebook Branding: For You, Your Blog, Your Product, Service, Vision … and Pretty Much Anything by Shane Navratil.

Book Description

It’s true that great branding can’t help you as much as bad branding can hurt you. And much of the worth of any brand is how well it’s promoted. So a brand with mediocre appeal can hit a home run with enough cash and promotion behind it. Truly great branding has a way of going viral. Of getting other people to stand behind it and promote it. It’s on-message. It clicks. People just “get it”. In the end, great branding can save you a lot of money and a lot of work.

It’s a name, it’s a logo. It’s a message and a mood. Branding is a little bit art, and a little bit science. Let’s get into it..


  • How Branding Works
  • Defining Your Brand
  • Designing Your Brand
  • Promoting Your Brand
  • Branding Resources

Book Details

Author(s): Zoomstart
Format(s): PDF (688 KB)
Number of pages: 29
Link: Download this free ebook.

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