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I’ve been in the mortgage and credit industry for 14 years, and what had become very clear to me is that there are certain errors that 99% of Americans make. Also, the knowledge that the average American has around their credit is so poor, that it’s costing the average person hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a month.

For example, did you know that 80% of Americans have an error on their credit report? And that 25% of those errors are so bad that if you applied for credit today, you would be turned down? Did you know that according to a Federal Reserve Board study, 43% of the credit cards in your pocket are not reporting the proper information to the credit bureaus?

I’m sure you know that your interest rates are determined by your credit score. So why is it so hard to figure out how to raise your credit score? The banks don’t tell you. The credit bureaus don’t tell you.

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Author(s): Philip Tirone
Format(s): PDF (723 KB)
Number of pages: 32
Link: Download.

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