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“Coming of Age” is a free booklet that describes the use of some of the newer emerging web technologies such as blogs, podcasts, wikis, RSS and social tagging in Education. It features case studies and how-to articles by leading practitioners in the world of education to inspire teachers to want to try some of these “new tools” for themselves and with their classes, and then to provide practical advice and guidance on how to do so.

Book Description

“Coming of Age” is the concept of Terry Freedman who runs the informative ICT in education web site. Terry has guided a group of 14 collaborators from around the world into providing many examples and practical advice on how to take advantage of these tools. He has almost literally ‘worked his socks off’ in order to create this exciting document so ‘do him a favor’ and read it, and then pass it on.


  • Book Review: Redefining Literacy For The 2St Century
  • Effective E-Learning Through Collaboration
  • What Are Rss Feeds And Why Haven’T I Heard About It?(Rss Feeds From An Educator’S Perspective)
  • Blogging: Shift Of Control
  • Photo-Sharing And Clip-Art
  • Factoring Web Logs To Their Fundamentals
  • Virtual Support Via The Blogosphere
  • The International Edublog Awards
  • Blogs You Must Read!
  • Elgg And Blogging In Primary Education
  • Using Blogs In School
  • Thinking About Creativity, Thinking About Blogs!
  • Book Review: Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’S Guide To The Blogosphere
  • Book Review: New Tools For Learning
  • Diary Of A Potential Podcasting Junkie
  • Finding Good Podcasts
  • Podcasting Resources
  • Podcasting
  • Finding And Subscribing To A Podcast Via Itunes
  • Obtaining Information About A Podcast In Itunes
  • Giving Students A Second Listen
  • Podcasting: A Review Of Recording Devices
  • Other Useful Websites
  • Create An Rss Feed For Your Podcast
  • List Your Podcast And Find Others’
  • Podcasting And Wikis
  • Recording A Podcast On A Computer
  • Uses Of Podcasting In Schools
  • Video Blogging: Terry Freedman Interviews Paul Knight
  • Video Blogging In Schools
  • Wikis: An Introduction
  • Wikipedia Vs Britannica
  • Setting Up A Wiki
  • Wikiville: An Interview With John Bidder
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forums, Instant Messaging And Other Ways To Participate

Book Details

Author(s): Terry Freedman
Format(s): PDF (1.90 MB)
Number of pages: 92
Link: Download.

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