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Digital cinematography is changing so rapidly these days that a printed book on the subject will likely be outdated by the time it reaches store shelves; this is especially true when it comes to the rapid release cycle of DSLRs. Up-todate information can be found on online forums, but forums lack the organizing principles of a book, and as a result it can take a ludicrously long time to piece together reliable information (I spent months forum-surfing to assemble my own camera package). Thus, this guide: I hope it saves readers money they would’ve otherwise spent on an out-of-date book, and I hope it saves forums from so many newbie — sorry, “n00b” — questions.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Cinematography Concepts
  • Choosing A DSLR
  • Saving Money
  • Stuck Pixels
  • Aliasing And Moiré
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Overheating
  • Lenses: Using Primes, Choosing A Brand
  • Lenses: Adapting, Purchasing
  • Lenses: Focal Lengths, Depth Of Field
  • Lenses: Renting, Converting
  • Storage (For The Shoot)
  • Support System
  • Power
  • Audio
  • Magic Lantern Firmware
  • GH1 Firmware
  • Matte Box
  • Filtration, Variable ND
  • LCD Viewfinder
  • Field Monitor
  • Picture Style Editor
  • Post-Production Overview
  • Storage (For The Edit)
  • Transferring, Viewing, Transcoding
  • Audio Sync, Drift
  • Noise Reduction
  • Color Grading

Book Details

Author(s): Koo
Format(s): PDF (12.14 MB)
Number of pages: 114
Link: Download.

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