Prices and Production and Other Works On Money, the Business Cycle, and the Gold Standard

You can download this 592 page eBook “Prices and Production and Other Works On Money, the Business Cycle, and the Gold Standard” by Friedrich A. Hayek from Mises Institute for free.

Book Description

Hayek was not only a leading champion of liberty in the 20th century. As this massive book reveals, he was also a great economist whose elaboration on monetary theory and the business cycle made him the leading foe of Keynesian theory and policy in the English-speaking world. Here are collected his most important works on these topics: re-typeset, indexed for the first time, and beautifully bound in a 536- page hardbound book for the ages.

These works have been tragically out of print for many years. Together they constitute a complete presentation of Hayekian money and business cycle theory. Even more, they work together as an excellent elucidation of Austrian macroeconomic theory, which is why this book has already been adopted in some classrooms.

The timing could not be better. The entire world economy is now suffering from the effects of bad monetary policy, and with results that Hayek explains in great detail. With “counter-cyclical” policy again revealed as unworkable, and while the politicians plot to make matters worse, the contents of this book has direct bearing on present and future of monetary policy.

Book Details

Author(s): Friedrich A. Hayek
Format(s): PDF (2.10 MB)
Number of pages: 594
Link: Download.

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