The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro

This free ebook provides an insider’s perspective on getting the results that make you a rapid e-learning pro. In it, Tom Kuhlmann will share with you the proven methods and techniques he has developed after 15 years of building e-learning courses.

Book Description

One of the great benefits of rapid e-learning is it lets you create e-learning courses much faster and easier than ever before. However, going faster and making your job easier are not the only factors. While many e-learning developers do a good job focusing their attention on the design process, they often neglect the real needs of the organization, customers, and learner. This means that the course might not deliver the results you want it to. As a rapid e-learning pro, your job is to produce meaningful business results. You do this by balancing the needs of everyone involved–the organization, the customer, and the learner—by leveraging e-learning technology.


  • What does my organization need?
  • What does my customer need?
  • What do the learners need?
  • How do I leverage the tools and technology?

Book Details

Author(s): Tom Kuhlmann
Format(s): PDF (1.34 MB)
Number of pages: 46
Link: Download

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