Free eBook: Dragonfly Photography

Free eBook “Dragonfly Photography” by Vic Berardi. This eBook is not meant to be a complete guide on the subject of photographing dragonflies, but it includes many great tips for dealing with the unique challenges of dragonfly photography.

Book Description

What you’ll learn from the book:

* What equipment you’ll need, why you need it, and why even a point-and-shoot camera can be good enough for getting great dragonfly photos
* How to ensure you get the sharpest photo possible, while finding a good balance between depth of field, aperture and shutter speed
* How to get a good exposure, and the benefits of certain lighting conditions
* How to create pleasing compositions of dragonflies
* Why it’s important to understand the behavior and biology of dragonflies
* Where to learn more about dragonflies


  • Introduction
  • Equipment
  • Sharpness 7
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Behavior

Book Details

Author(s): Vic Berardi
Format(s): PDF (13.25 MB)
Number of pages: 18
Link: Download.

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